Menu Plan Monday

Hi everyone!

It is time to plan our menu for the week. Friday night, being the party animal that I am, I spent reading magazines, new cookbooks and some herbal books.

Spring is fast approaching and I want to try and develop some new herb products for our herbal business. I am the “Health and Beauty” department of our herb business. Hopefully I won’t mix up my herbal concoction recipes and my meal planning recipes! LOL

misc 036I went through the AllYou magazine to see if I could find any coupons I might want.

misc 035I decided to go through a new cookbook that I haven’t had time to go through. I bought it at the Christmas Tree Shops. I made most of this week’s menu from this casserole cookbook. I will be making a lot of new to me recipes. Oh boy! A week of new food adventure. LOL

misc 034  I had also bought another cookbook at the same time I got the casserole cookbook. This one is from the crew at the Today Show. I found a dessert recipe in there that I want to modify to make it sugar free. I’ll let ya know how that turns out!

misc 037Okay, on to what I decided to make this week:


“Italian Bake”


Garlic Bread

Coconut Pudding



“Delightful Chicken SoufflĂ©”

“Glory Potatoes”

Fresh Cucumber Salad

Jello Fruit Parfaits



“Meatball Casserole”





“Round Steak Bake”

“Not Just Buttered Rice”

Fresh Fruit Salad



Tonight we are going to have finger foods. We need to try out some of our new herb dip blends. (veggie dips, bread oil dips and a couple of other things)



Out To Dinner!




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  1. Coconut pudding sure caught my eye Diann-yum! Hope you'll post the chicken souffle recipe if you like it! Have a great week:@)

  2. I need to get out my cookbooks for sure! I have promised myself a new recipe every week and have missed a few weeks. I want to try chopped pizza this week.

  3. I'm getting better about doing the menus and it has limited a bit of our eating out. Good suggestions there.


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