A Few Sweet Thrifty Pinks

Hi everyone!

So, how was your week? Are you starting to see signs of Spring in your neck of the woods? We had some warmer weather this week which melted a lot of the snow. That was nice but, us Michiganders are not buying the warmer weather trend. We know better. We will still get snow and freezing weather but, this was a nice little pick me up.

I recently picked up a couple of cute fun pink things while out thrifting. These first two are not normal Diann purchases but, they came home with me anyway. I think you will see why.

I just could not refuse this ceramic chicken salt/pepper/napkin holder. Someone made it and it is just too adorable. I paid $2.50 for it. I know, a high ticket item for Diann!

Feb 2011 bargains 068Feb 2011 bargains 069 How cute is this chicken?

Feb 2011 bargains 070 Feb 2011 bargains 071

Another odd buy for me and high ticket item of $2.75 is this sweet little Lefton Figurine. I RARELY buy figurines. The few that I have were given to me by my Great Grandma and she had made them. I have a few birds and what nots but, that is about it. I generally decorate with things that are usable. But, this little girl just called out to me.

Feb 2011 bargains 073Feb 2011 bargains 074She is just so sweet. Sadly, a lot of broken off ruffles but, I still liked her.

Feb 2011 bargains 075Feb 2011 bargains 076

Now this pretty platter won’t surprise anyone that I bought it. It was .50 cents and is going to be used decoratively on the wall.

Feb 2011 bargains 077Feb 2011 bargains 078Feb 2011 bargains 079

Those were my favorite pinks for this past week. How about you? Did you find any pink treasures?

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  1. Looks like you did good today. Love the salt and pepper chicken the most.

  2. I love that chicken. Great to have one piece for the napkins and salt and pepper shakers. Saves room on the table. The little girl is adorable. You got a great deal on the platter it is lovely. ~~Sherry~~

  3. beautiful and charming treasures...wonderful Diann!

  4. I really do like that chicken and it would fit in my house.
    I have had been able to get to the thrifting store yet. I never seen any need ideal finds when I go.
    I am waiting for spring garage sales to start here. I love them things.
    Have a great day.

  5. The chicken salt and pepper hold is too cute. Great finds today.

  6. That S&P chicken is too cute! I love the pinkness of it. The little girl figure has such charm, really adorable and I'm like you I don't buy those much at all. Now of course I LOVE the platter not just because it's Pink and pretty but did you see the name of the pattern??? LINDA! Yep, great find my friend. hugs, Linda

  7. ahh the salt and pepper chicken is so fun! Ive never seen one like it! Would make me smile to have it in my kitchen :o)
    Scarlett x

  8. I love this chicken with salt, pepper and napkins, Diann.

  9. Even though I'm in the throes of de-cluttering I would have bought that chicken in a heartbeat. Just too cute!!!

  10. Oooh, I LOVE that platter! Such cute pink finds, that chicken is hilarious! LOVE it!

  11. Diane I would have over paid for that pink chicken!! Love it!!

  12. okay, so I normally don't like chickens, but that is one CUTE PINK CHICK!!! I'd have bought that one too. LOVE IT!!!! I love all of your pink pretties!!! If it's pink, it's got to be good....am I right? LOL!!!

  13. These are so so cute, love that chicken with the egg salt and pepper!! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  14. Oh my! I want that sweet little pink hen! Too cute! You always find the best stuff.

  15. I have one of those chickens Diann, lovin' the pink! Mine is yellow and red. Unfortunately I was moving it and one of the eggs fell off and broke. I'm keeping it for now, maybe I'll get lucky and find another egg:@)

  16. That salt and pepper chicken is so unusual. What a find. Cute little girl figure also. The ruffles are so cute. Happy PS

  17. The little girl figurine does call out to be taken home, doesn't she.
    We had a thaw but like you I know it is only a teaser.

  18. What a darling chicken....and the little girl! I would have come home very, very happy!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  19. I know why you bought them... they have just the right touches of pink! Love 'em!

    Bella Rosa ANtiques

  20. Happy Pink Saturday Dian Sweetie...
    Great fins. I love the little chicken, and I think I would have splurged on her too. Love the egg salt and pepper shakers on each side. Just look at her precious little face. Does she not cluck at your very heart?

    That little girl, broken ruffles or not, is exquisite. I love her dress the way that it goes up in the front. Makes me think of Little Bo Peep. She is so sweet.

    Can't wait to see where you add the platter. I know it will be gorgeous. Have a beautiful weekend sweet friend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  21. You found some lovely treasure, but I sure love the chicken and the eggs. That is so cute.
    Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  22. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Yes! Spring is around the corner...lots of signs of it here in Toronto.

    Love the girl figurine so cute!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  23. Spring is playing peek-a-boo with us!

    Love your little lady ... all your treasures are great finds. Lucky you.

    Happy PS Saturday ~
    TTFN ~

  24. Diann, that chicken is the cutest thing! Of course you had to buy that. I love the way he holds the napkins with his tail feathers, and the eggs are such cute s/p shakers. Your little girl figure is precious, and that tray will look so pretty hanging on the wall. Yeah, you're a real big-time spender! I can't believe these bargains. Thank you for linking them to Favorite Things. laurie

  25. Sweet finds. Looks like you were in the pink.


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