Amazing Bloggy Friends!

Hi everyone!

For today’s “Red and White” post I decided to share with you a gift from a blogging friend and a win from a blogging friend!

If you have blogged for any length of time, you have discovered that this is an amazing way to meet so any wonderful women (and men) that we would normally never get a chance to meet. I have been blogging for almost two years now and I still am amazed at the friendships I have gained. Who would have ever thought that there were so many people out there that we could connect with and have common bonds with? And it doesn’t matter your race, financial background or age. We get to know each other without any of being a part of it.

So, I would like to introduce 2 bloggers to you.

First, is Heidi from Craft Monkey. I can’t even remember how we first met. I think either I won a giveaway on her blog or she won one from my blog. Either way, we have kept in contact and become bloggy friends. We have a common thread to our lives. She has the most adorable little guy who is the same age as my little princess. Heidi also does some wonderful craft projects. She creates things that are different from a lot of the other projects you see out there. I still to this day love the taco packet magnets! Anyway, Heidi is just the sweetest and cutest young mom out there!

Awhile back Heidi sent me an email and said she had some odds and ends pieces of china she couldn’t use but, thought I would be able to use them and so she sent them to me! Last week I got the package in the mail. I was so excited to open this box because it was a complete mystery box. Don’t you just love those!!

OMG!! check out the awesome box of treasures Heidi sent me!!

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 001 Can you believe that? I was in teacup heaven opening each one of these treasures! And of course Heidi included a couple of treasures for the princess as well.

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 002Beautiful! I will showing them individually in upcoming tea party posts. I just love them all!

Heidi being the kind of person she is, shipped all the wonderful things in this cool  box! Not only that but, because she knew I would use it, she used painters tape to tape it all up which meant it didn’t destroy the box when I pulled it all off. What a cool idea!

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 003Thank you again Heidi! You rock girl!

Now I want to introduce you to Joy at Books and Life. Joy has lots of great book reviews on her blog. And she is about to have a new grandbaby any day now!

Joy had a sweet Valentine giveaway on her blog and I won! What was really awesome was, this package arrived on Valentine’s day! I had just Facebooked about it not being a very good Valentine day after several mishaps. And less than 30 minutes later, that all turned around with a knock on the door from the mailman!

Look at the fun Valentine treats I got!

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 004 Now how could opening up this not make you smile!

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 005 I have been wanting to try these Glade scented oil candles but, hadn’t budgeted it in yet. And this is a scent I would have choose! I can’t wait to try it.

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 007 I have to confess, I only shared two pieces of chocolate with the princess! The rest were all MINE! LOL

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 008 Oh, this perfume is heavenly. I love these little sprays. I can tuck one in my purse.

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 009

A new book. One of my favorite things!

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 006

And look at this adorable tag! Don’t you love receiving a homemade gift? I do!

Gifts-wins from bloggy friends 010

I did have a Happy Valentine’s day Joy! Thank you again so much!

See what I mean? Wonderful gifts from wonderful bloggers! Thank you girls!


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  1. Aw Diann, you know I love ya girl! Thanks for your sweet words, and I'm SO glad you are enjoying your tea cups! And WOW, what a great Valentine package {I wouldn't have shared much of the chocolate with my toddler either! haha}

  2. The valentines package is lovely. And the china, well it's perfectly pretty. Blogland is pretty wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Lisa x

  3. Wow,Thats just way too cool!What a gift.

  4. Oh lucky gal...GORGEOUSNESS..everything is the cups...what a treasures..and the goodies..enjoy!!

  5. You have to love the wonderful friends we make in blogland! Love all those sweet teacups! What a wonderful Valentine win also. I am going to visit both blogs. hugs, Linda

  6. What a beautiful post! It is amazing how many wonderful friends are here with us in "The Land of Blog"...
    Happy Valentine's Week to you,
    Hugs, Donna

  7. What amazing gifts!! You certainly are one lucky lady.:o)
    Happy Rednesday!
    The Tattered Tassel

  8. The cups are beautiful ,how sweet of her to send them ! Congrats on winning that wonderful give-away!

  9. SWEET!!! What fun was that to open and go through, both gifts!!! What sweethearts to send them to you!!! Love all those teacups!!! Love blogland you are so right about the friendships and common bonds, love it!!! Hope you're having a wonderful week!!!

  10. Hi Diann, I´m going to know the friends blogs(Heide)

  11. Diane, Your teacups are wonderful. How lucky you are to have a friend like Heidi! I had to laugh when you said Heidi thought you might be able to use dishes!! Since when could Diane not use extra dishes!! We are so much alike girl in that department. I love beautiful china!!

  12. You have truly been blessed by your blogging friends. Those are great gifts. I am like you, never in my life would I believe how many friends I have made from blogging. I will never meet them personally, but feel like I do anyway. Love your post.

  13. I love mismatched teacups! When the lovely Gracie and I host tea parties we let each guest take their cup home (washed first) filled with cookies and wrapped with tulle and a pretty ribbon!
    I am glad to hear your Valentine's Day turned around for you!


  14. You were some kind of blessed! What great gifts. Happy for you!

  15. Wow Diann, you sure received alot of blog love in the mail! That china is absolutely gorgeous, and your friend obviously knows you well!
    Happy REDnesday!

  16. Such a wonderful gift. The cups are beautiful. You have been truly blessed. ~~Sherry~~


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