All New Thrift Finds Table

Hi everyone!

In the last few weeks I have found some fun thrift finds for tablescaping. And the other day as I was going through all my treasures, I realized that I think I could put together a table just using these newly acquired items. What’s different with this table is some of my thrifted items came from regular retail stores. Just some good clearance sales. So, we have a mix of new things and 2nd hand things but, all thrifty!

Okay, forewarning, this is going to be kind of long because I am going to show all my treasures as if this was just a “new thrift finds” post. Then we will put it all together. Okay?

In random order, here are my goodies.

Feb 2011 bargains 040I always check out the faux fruit, flowers and vines when I am at 2nd hand stores. Now these are far from good quality ones but, I knew they would be fun to play with. These kinds of things are so freakin’ expensive to buy at full price. this large bag was $1.50. When I opened them up, Holy Dirt Batman! I started sneezing from the dust and crud on them. Troy actually took them from me and washed and dried them. Thank you sweetheart!

Feb 2011 bargains 041 Feb 2011 bargains 042 Speaking of Troy, one day last week when he was at our little shop at the flea market, he wandered around and found this set of 6 brand new napkins for $1.00. Great colors and awesome texture.

Feb 2011 bargains 043Next up are these new dishes from Walmart. they were all originally $3.00 each. They are from the Fall line of merchandise and finally got clearanced to a price I could live with which was $1.00 each. I have been checking on these since right after Thanksgiving! I don’t know if it is nationwide with Walmart, but our store has been reducing the clearance prices ridiculously! the first clearance tag was from $3.00 to $2.75. Really? I don’t even waste my time for that kind of puny markdown. Oh No! I feel a rant….breathing…breathing some more…..under control. Moving along.

Feb 2011 bargains 049Feb 2011 bargains 051 I got these two napkins and two napkin rings at the thrift store on half of day. So, instead of $1.59, I paid .80 cents for the 4 pieces.

Feb 2011 bargains 052 Feb 2011 bargains 055 I got this old wood tea box (that’s what I am calling it. Not really sure what it’s use was originally for) at a thrift store for $1.31. It’s roughed up a bit. I have several different redos in mind for it, I just have to choose one and go with it.

Feb 2011 bargains 056 Feb 2011 bargains 057 I bought 4 of these chargers new from Walmart when they finally hit $1.00 each.

Feb 2011 bargains 058 Feb 2011 bargains 059 Oh, you know me and my love for trays! This wood tray is a nice large one and the “Give us this day our daily bread” is a fav of mine. It too needs a redo and maybe a dark dry brush of some sort over the design to pick it up more. it was from the half off thrift store sale. I bought it for $1.75.

Feb 2011 bargains 061Feb 2011 bargains 062 I bought two of these new green glasses at The Christmas Tree Shops. Now THIS store knows how to clearance! I love you Christmas Tree Store people!!

Feb 2011 bargains 063 Okay, I bought this picture at the thrift store just because it made me smile and was $1.00. It’s actually already in my dining room.

Feb 2011 bargains 064 Troy found a set of nine of these dessert/wine glasses because he knew I was looking for some about this size to make more pedestals. He paid $1.00 for the set.

Okay, those were my recent thrift finds. Do you feel a tablescape from all of them? A sense of belonging together? The same color hues? I really had not planned on this being a tablescape at this point. I had a few other scapes in mind. But, once I took all the pictures, I looked at all the stuff on the table and everything just fell into place and I HAD to go with it right then and there!

So, are you ready to play around and try some different tablescapes with these new finds? Let’s see how they could be put together.

thrift find tablescape 005

thrift find tablescape 006

thrift find tablescape 008

thrift find tablescape 010

thrift find tablescape 011

Remember, nothing needs to be perfectly placed. Random is good!

thrift find tablescape 012 thrift find tablescape 013 Sorry, I had totally forgot to take a picture of this creamy white and gold pitcher I got for $1.00 at the thrift store.

thrift find tablescape 014 thrift find tablescape 018 thrift find tablescape 025 thrift find tablescape 032 thrift find tablescape 033 thrift find tablescape 039 Let’s start doing some more subtle changes and play around with all these finds.

thrift find tablescape 042 thrift find tablescape 044 thrift find tablescape 045 thrift find tablescape 047 thrift find tablescape 050 thrift find tablescape 055 thrift find tablescape 057 thrift find tablescape 066 thrift find tablescape 071 thrift find tablescape 075 I hope you enjoyed this Playing with thrift finds tablescaping post. It’s all about playing and having fun. Try different things. Let your imagination run away with you. It’s therapeutic!

All of my thrift finds came up to $21.36. However, I did not use all the plates, chargers, faux fruit and stemmed glasses. But, I added them to the price anyway to show what I actually spent. A little fun frugal tidbit, the tealights were surprise freebies found in the bottom of the box with the stemmed glasses (total of 12 of them).

There are no rules. Well, I do have a couple of rules:

** Have fun with it

** NEVER think you have to use expensive items or new items or matchy items.

**And even a new thrift find can be fun to play with before it gets it’s intended redo. Chips, scratches, dents…whatever, they are all just fine when you do fun tablescapes!

** Whatever makes you smile, is a beautiful tablescape no matter what you think it should be or what others think it should be!


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  1. You made this seem so easy and fun! I love how it all came together. Funny how you get things in a theme for color scheme without planning to and voila there it is! Love the WalMart plates and chargers. I never find stuff marked down at our WM...oh maybe that quarter you mentioned (PLEASE) no rant, no rant! OK, breathe...anyway love it all, and it's FUN!! hugs, Linda

  2. Hi, Just discovered your blog - love it! Scarlett x

  3. We have a new christmas tree shoppees store so upon your okay I will check their clearance items. I have not been in there yet! Love the tablescape.

  4. You must have a better Wal**mart than we do. I have never seen any of that stuff on sale.
    You did a wonderful job putting it all together.
    Have a great day.

  5. Diane you amaze me at your creativity!! This is so pretty!

  6. what fun! the table looks gorgeous, and I love all the change ups you showed!

  7. Pretty stuff! I love those plate from Wal-Mart, but I waited to find them at a thrift store as well!


  8. Wow, you really scored! I love the faux fruit, that was quite a bargain. Stopping by from Missy's Treasures and Trinkets party:)

  9. Great finds, Diann! You found those brown charger plates for a buck each...I am going to check our area Walmart...I love those. I also like the salad plates...have them in the purple, love them, too.

  10. Diann, you did a great job of putting all of this together for several different looks. I really need to go shopping with you - and I think Troy too! Y'all are so good at finding such amazing bargains. I love that pitcher and those napkin rings are so good looking. Your Wal Mart dishes are beautiful, and I have some of those wonderful chargers. Our W-M had them marked down to $1.50, and I went ahead and bought them. Should have waited. Great post! laurie

  11. Can I please go thrifting with you? WOW Diann, those are some awesome finds!!! And WOW WOW WOW how you put them all together in all the beautiful photos!!! Awesomeness, and what a fun post!!! Hugs girlie!!

  12. Wow! You really find bargains everywhere, Diann. I have never seen Walmart sell that low. I love everything you and your hubby bought. Looks like you trained him real well!...Christine

  13. I love the after Christmas sales at WM. I got some great stuff this past year. Love the large silver acorns. Your tablescape is wonderful and fun. :)

  14. I have much to learn from you. The pieces are lovely by themselves but certainly came to life all together on the table.. Love the setting.

  15. Wow! You found that all in 1 week? It is perfect together. What a pretty table. great job!

  16. Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!

    I love all your thrifty finds. You have arranged them so beautifully!

  17. Love seeing how this came together - just beautiful!

  18. Beautiful thrifty finds! I love how it all came together :-)


  19. What a fun, fabulous table. That sign is the cutest thing and makes the table feel very whimsey. Loved it all.

  20. All of your treasures are fabulous and your tablescape is wonderful. I love how you mixed it all together and it looks just perfect. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  21. WOW...this was fun to read and look at your photos.....I feel as if I should buy a ticket for all the great thrift shopping advice you have given! You make it look easy, but you can't fool me.....this can only be done by a talented lady (with help from hubby, in your case)! And the talent pops out of the computer screen! Fantastic job here on your tablescape and accessories!!

  22. Oh my gosh--I love those dishes. Those colors are so beautiful together--had to relook at the photos several times! Thanks for sharing those great finds.

  23. Diann as I said before love your finds and the way you put the table together! Thanks for linking up to JFF this week! hugs, Linda

  24. Oh, you found some real treasures. Love them all. The pictures are gorgeous and really shows the beauty of your treasures. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  25. As usual Diann, you hit the jackpot! Great finds and deals. I love how they all pulled together and the different settings you created.

    ~ Tracy

  26. What great finds!! I recently snagged a couple bags of faux fruits and veggies at the thrift stores too- kinda crazy, but they are expensive at the reg. stores and the ones I found appear to be from a store display or something- perfect for tablescapes out in blogland! :) Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  27. I LOVE faux fruit! I have to stop myself from buying it every time I see it I'm just that nutty.

    Lovely thrift finds. Awesome.

  28. Very nice - your WalMart has some great clearance prices :)

  29. GREAT finds! oh, I love 'em! You know how to thrift!

  30. I found that EXACT wood Bread basket a few weeks ago. I had been trying to figure out what to do with it. I knew I wanted to paint it but wasn't sure what to do. I am knew to the world of thrift and not always sure how to make something look better. I would LOVE to see what you're going to do with it. I may have already messed mine up a bit. I started working on it yesterday and not exactly happy with the way it looks. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! BTW I painted it red.. then sanded and came back with some dry brushed black. YUCK! Thats how I got HERE to your blog.. I did a search for a wooden bread basket :) THANKS!!!!!


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