When Retail is Cheaper Than 2nd Hand!

Hi everyone!

Don’t you love when you hit some amazing clearance sales and get items cheaper than the thrift store? Oh, I sure do! Of course, these days, some of the big thrift stores everyday prices are more expensive that everyday retail. But, let’s not go there! We all know how I like to rant on that subject!

Last week my mom and I did a little retail therapy and headed up to The Christmas Tree Shops.  And we hit some amazing clearance deals!  So, I thought I would share some of my purchases.

I got a bunch of clearanced Christmas items but,  I am sure you all are fairly burn out on Christmas stuff by now so, I won’t show those. However, these were Christmas but, I am going to use them throughout the year.

Silver and red faux mercury glass candle holders. Valentine’s Day decor?  Or that could be used as cute little bud vases. You bet! .25 cents each.

Jan Bargains 2011 050

Jan Bargains 2011 051

I got 3 sets of these napkin ring sets. Fourth of July anyone?

Jan Bargains 2011 045 Price: .49 cents for a set of four!

Jan Bargains 2011 046 I loved these large turkey plates.

Jan Bargains 2011 053Regular Price: $4.99 each. Do you see that final Clearance price?  .68 cents.  I got two of them. Even though the regular retail of $4.99 each isn’t that bad, I still can’t really afford to pay $10.00 for 2 fun plates. This is the way I get all these kinds of specialty plates.


Jan Bargains 2011 054 I thought these dinner plates were very pretty. I only bought two of them.

Jan Bargains 2011 055 That’s right, .98 cents each.

Jan Bargains 2011 056 And two of these colorful salad plates.

Jan Bargains 2011 063 .78 cents each, a bargain!

Jan Bargains 2011 064 Now, these were just cute whimsical baseball canapé dishes. I thought  a summer tablescape with them would be fun.

Jan Bargains 2011 065 Could you have passed them up for .28 cents?

Jan Bargains 2011 066 I really like to have a variety of little notecards on hand. They make perfect “Thank you” cards . I generally pick them up at Michael’s when their “$1.00” items for half off.

Jan Bargains 2011 047 So what can you buy for a penny these days? A notecard!

Jan Bargains 2011 048

Well, I have a lot more goodies to show but, that will have to be another day.

Please forgive my pictures being a little larger than the blogging space. I am still trying to get my photo sizing correct over in Live Writer. And my changes aren’t complete yet here at The Thrifty Groove. I am trying to learn how to add a navigation tab bar. Still haven’t quite figured it out. LOL And I need to do a header yet. All kinds of fun changes. :)

I hope you enjoyed your visit and everyone have a fantastic day!

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  1. Those prices are unreal, Diann! Love the turkey plates especially!

  2. Wow those were some great buys! Vanna

  3. Those are some amazing finds. Good for you! :) Nancy

  4. Great Bargins! Love the baseball dishes. Thanks for visiting my blog. I need to learn alot of things guess it will take time. We do not have a Christmas Tree store so I am really jealous.

    Cathy@Cathy's Cupboard Calamity

  5. You got some great deals!.. Thanks for sharing!..

  6. Hi Diann! I love all your dishes, especially the colorful salads. You got some amazing prices on all of these. I also really like you napkin rings too. That sounds like a great store, we don't have one of those around here. Your blog is looking really good to me, no apologies necessary! I like it!

  7. Great deals, It looks like you had a very fun shopping trip.

  8. I'm very jealous...we don't have these stores in my neck of the woods:( That turkey plate is so darn cute!


  9. WOW~~WOWZERS!!You find the best deals! Our deals even on half off day aren't that good:(

  10. Diann I am so jealous of you and The Christmas Tree shops. Those are some awesome markdowns and such cute plates. Oh I can see some fun tablescapes a comin! Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

  11. I SO wish that there was one of those stores around here! You got some amazing deals, and I see some really cute tablescapes in your future!

  12. Thanks for coming by my blog! Don't forget to guess a time to be entered into the giveaway!


  13. I love your bargains- who could pass on things that are that reasonably priced? Did you just recently start using Writer? If you want to use the larger pictures, you might want to consider switching to the minima stretch layout in Blogger. I find using Writer to be so much easier and more versatile than posting in Blogger. I've used it for almost 2 years. Hope you can get things worked out to your satisfaction. :-)
    ~ Sue

  14. I can't believe how cheap! Such a steal! I'd be buying it whether I needed it or not at those prices.

  15. Wow what great buys! And what is it with the thrift stores that think they can charge $2.99 for an item that sells for $1 at the Dollar Tree?? I just don't get it!!!!


  16. I need to find me one of those stores!!! You got some great deals, the napkin rings are adorable as is everything. Lucky you.

  17. Wow, what incredible deals. I've bought some holiday serving dishes at 75% off, but those prices are fantastic. I love the little baseball dishes. So cute!

  18. OMG, talk about a sale! That is better than a thrift store, I know, thrift store prices are some times laughable! those turkey platters and the plates wow! I wish I had one of those Christmas stores!


  19. Wow! You got some really good buys there, Glenda. I will have to find me CTS to shop too...Christine

  20. What great finds. Love those little postcards, so cute and great colors.

  21. You really did good! No Christmas Tree shops near me, and it is probably a good thing. :D
    Enjoy your weekend.

  22. Very nice...it is always so much fun when you are able to get neat finds :)

    Thank you for stopping by the cottage...nice to meet you! :)


  23. What great purchases you got. I have never heard of those stores.
    I really did like the lil baseball dishes.
    I hope that you have a great weekend.

  24. You always get the best deals Diann! I especially love the turkey plates, baseball shirts and the monkey's fist knot napkin rings. With the napkin rings I see a nautical table as well as a 4oJ table.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  25. Oh my gosh!!! What bargains! Gotta find out where this Christmas Tree Shop is! What fun I could have. If you could let me know..I would really appreciate it. I don't think I live too far from you

  26. oh boy, how I envy you! that were great deals! totally awesome! am sure you enjoy your purchase!

  27. My mother-in-law has been telling me I need to go there. I think I need to listen to her.

  28. You are the queen of awesome deals! Love those bud vases!

    I tried to buy some cocktail napkins at Goodwill (target gives them their old clearance items here). The Target price said 48 cents and they were charging 2.25 - go figure. I did NOT buy them.


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