Use What You Have For Romantic Touches

Hi everyone!

Last year at this time I challenged myself to decorate for Valentine’s Day, St. Paddy’s Day and Easter by really using what I had on hand. I gave myself a budget of $5.00 to add to what I had for each holiday. That was it. I am doing it again this year. I have so many pretty things that I decided to use different items and give them a little romance for Valentine’s Day.

Last year, after Valentines Day, I stopped at Michael’s and I found these faux rose bunches that were $2.99 and clearanced to .50 cents each. I snatched up 6 bunches and put them away. I just pulled them out the other day and decided to use them in my new teapot and teacups that I showed you last week (This Post). Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to bring out all those pretty pink floral dishes we have and use them for decorating.

So, this isn’t a big metamorphosis. Just a small quick pretty romantic touch.

I gathered my teapot, teacup and saucers along with the faux roses, some floral foam and a knife.

Valetines Day 11 020 Sorry these pictures are so dark. I did this in the evening. Add pieces of foam inside teapot and teacups and start adding roses.

Valetines Day 11 021 Easy peasy and so pretty!

Valetines Day 11 022 Valetines Day 11 024 I just picked up this pretty cut glass heart dish at a thrift store. I couldn’t beat it for .80 cents!

Valetines Day 11 001I just filled it with red hot candies and a rose votive.

Valetines Day 11 025   picture2life_43183_original Valetines Day 11 028 Valetines Day 11 029 Just a simple and pretty way to use the things you have and already love to add some Valentine romance to your decor.

Valetines Day 11 022-horz

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  1. Oh it looks so pretty and yes romantic too. You are way too clever. I love it. Now you have me thinking. Great find on the glass heart dish. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  2. That looks so pretty! I am not going to be looking for anything 'new' for this years Valentine decorations. I just pulled out the tub of decor and now will get busy making the house love-er-ly~

  3. Very cute Diann! Dont ya love a great deal?

  4. Awesome job...absolutely gorgeous!! You've given me ideas, and what fabulous buys too!! I have never decorated for Valentines because I didn't want to spend "extra" money!!! Thank You!!! Fabulous!!!

  5. Diane, What a great way to use everything you had on hand!! Your teapot is gorgeous with the roses inside it,

  6. WOW, you have a special touch and creativity. The teapot and roses are just lovely.

  7. Sweet Diann, I have nothing at all for Valentine's decor. Except chocolate...teehee.

  8. Very pretty! You are so creative!

  9. How very lovely in all the simplicity! Well done! Cathy

  10. Beautiful arrangements that certainly say Valentine's.

  11. So pretty!! You are very creative!

  12. Oh, it looks so pretty, and I love it that you used a thrift store find! :)

  13. So very pretty and especially at your $5 challenge. That takes real discipline and I probably should try it. Lovely mosaic.

  14. nothing says valentine day like red roses and red hots!!!! :D :D

  15. .0A very romantic looking Valentines Day!

  16. Your bargain roses look lovely in the tea things and are perfect for Valentine's Day.

  17. Beautiful!!! Some lovely ideas for decorating!!!

  18. very sweet! :) love the red hearts (candle) clever!
    love using what you have!

  19. I absolutely LOVE red roses! And the cutest thing? The heart dish with red hots and a candle! I would be afraid they would disappear whenever someone walked by! ♥

  20. So sweet and so pretty... and just the right price!
    Ladybug Creek

  21. You did a terrific job! Love the teapots, roses and the sweets with the candle!

  22. Hi Diann! Welcome to my blog! Link party's are so fun and I'm so happy to have you join in. I love decorating on a budget too. I like to save money and it forces you to be more creative. Like you, I spent just little bit to add some more. I like to find thrift store pieces like the pedestal milk glass dish which I can re-use over and over agian with just about anything. I really love your precious teapot and cups in your vignette and they are classic and will never go out of style, love that! Blessings, Mary :O)

  23. A very pretty vignette - you did good! :) I have not decorated for valentine's day.
    Thanks for stopping by and your nice comment.
    Have a great week.

  24. Diane, you did a wonderful job decorating for Valentine's day with these roses!

    I also like to reuse my holiday supplies from year to year and like you I always look for bargains after the holiday to put away for use the following year to keep costs down.

    I love how you used the roses in the soup tureen in a post today.


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