Tip of the Week #1

Hi everyone!

I used to have a little weekly post called “Tip of the week”. They are just small little everyday helpful tips that you may or may not think about. I have decided to bring this back. These little tips are not part of any blog party. Just a quick little post. Generally in the Thrifty area.

Today’s Tip.

As with most holiday, the grocery stores start having good sales on certain items that relate to that holiday. This is the best time to stock up on these items. And the next big grocery store holiday for sale items is …Super Bowl!


That’s right, Super Bowl. You are going to start seeing good “Loss Leaders” that will be game day type of party food start to pop up. Super Bowl 2011 is on February 6 this year. This is a good time to start checking out coupons, whether in the paper or online, for foods associated with game day food. Think snacks, chicken wings, brats, hotdogs etc.


Even though you may not have a Super Bowl party, this is the time to stock up a little bit by taking advantage of these sale items!

If you have a thrifty little tip you would like to share, please feel free to email it to me and I can share with everyone else (credit you of course!)


  1. I saw the first picture and thought your tip was going to be about how to clean footballs.

    I like this one much better.

    Lets have a super bowl party every weekend, you could use a different supersized bowl for goodies each week.

  2. We're not sports folks, but sure like to eat! :)
    This is a great tip. I'm giggling at Troy's comment about cleaning a football! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Good tip and I definitely take advantage of the coupons.

  4. You are so right Diann about now being the time to stock up on the specials that the store will be running for the Superbowl! I figure most will be chips and dips. Right now Target has some coupons for their chips online. I spent a little time this morning printing out coupons for the week. I found a few coupons for chips and even a few for pop.

    Have a Great Day!

  5. Diann I love this tip! Much more useful to me then cleaning footballs..TROY> lol. Lots of snacks but I didn't think about hotdogs and brats...let me go check those coupons now.

  6. LOL @ Troy! Great tip Diann, isn't that a cute festive food arrangement too? Love it!!

  7. I love Super Bowl Sunday. No - we never watch sports on TV but, like you said, it's a great time to buy a bunch of c**p you probably shouldn't eat but what the heck. Gotta live at least once a year.

    @Troy - I thought she was going to tell us footballs were on sale and we should stock up! heh


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