Some Reds That Have Been Part Of My Week

Hi everyone!

It has been a hectic week so far here at Casa Chaos. I know, it’s only Wednesday. Good grief! So, instead of posting about new thrift finds or something like that, I am showing you all the little red glimpses that I have been dealing with this week.

First up, we finally got together with friends and exchanged our Christmas presents this past weekend. One of the gifts we received was this nice red and black set of bowls.

reds 022 Oh, and Border’s and Target gift cards. yippee (Thanks Mike and Sherry!)

reds 010

After we exchanged gifts we all headed to SteviB’s for a little pizza buffet action.

nav_04 My cheapo day planner is my lifeline everyday! I know, most of you probably do all your calendar stuff online. I do some but, I really am a hands on kinda gal!

reds 003

Just a little sneak peek at the project I have slowly been working on at night while watching TV.

reds 009

Another project we have been working on. Getting all the gazillion books I have that we have read all boxed up to take to the flea market this week. I used to sell on Ebay, but for small priced items like books, the cost is way to much. so, I have been saving all the plastic grocery bags to have ready to use at the flea market.

reds 002

Thank goodness for sugar free Gatorade! Since my bout with exhaustion and dehydration, I am having a hard time maintaining electrolytes. Gatorade is a great way to get them but, all the sugar calories is so not good.

reds 007

Loads and loads of laundry! Freakin’ frackin’ laundry generating Gremlins!

reds 001 Thinking of goodie treats to make for Valentine’s Day.

reds 015Bundling up every time we step outside in single digit temps!

reds 016Catching up on magazine reading.

reds 017 

So, those are just a few of my reds so far this week! How about you?




  1. I'm loving it!!~ I really love your new blog design and fresh:)

  2. Yikes, you're surrounded by red! I love those red and black bowls, can't wait to see that project all finished, and have fun spending those gift cards!
    Happy REDnesday!

  3. Loved those cute red dishes. And we're pretty bundled up too though my senior mom and I did manage a little walk this weekend. And we've been enjoying gardening magazines with bright red plants on the cover! Thank for a lovely visit for Rednesday! ;)

  4. Lots of touches of red this week. I'm a hands on write on a calendar/book person myself. Good luck with selling those books!

  5. Diane , Your red dishes are so pretty!!

  6. You have realy been one busy lady. I love the bowls. You have a lot of good ideas for using red.

  7. Wow! You are one busy mama! Good luck at the flea market!

  8. I hope it's only Tuesday, cuz if it's Wednesday...I was suppose to go to work. I love all your reds. Normally I am not a big lover of reds but I do love your new red & black bowls and any red gift card is fantastic. I do incorporate alot of red for Valentines Day though.

  9. I'm dying here (freakin frackin laundry)and Casa Chaos! LOL!!! I used to refer to my house as Camp Run-A-Muck! Love the bowls! And just for the record, I still write EVERYTHING down too!!! I have a calender on my phone that will set off reminders....don't use it! and Girlie...go ahead and give me your know I'd look for you some girlie boots. ;) Have a wonderful evening!!

  10. I love all of it because the photos were great and RED IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!

  11. Lots of red from you this it! I , too, use a desk calendar and do not do it online. I need to hold it in my hand.I am curious to see more of the sneak peek of your Valentine’s project. It looks like it is going to be something precious. Happy Rednesday to you and the family.

  12. I love your everyday reds. Can't wait to see your project!

  13. Hi Diann! So good to be back chatting with sweeties like you! I just laughed when I read Casa Chaos. Those bowls are wonderful! I can't wait to see your finished project.

  14. Thanks for coming by my Post and leaving a comment. Red is such a vibrant happy color, but when I heard it also stimulates the appetite I had to somewhat ban it from my kitchen *wink*... guess that's why so many Fast Food joints have it as a staple in their decor!? *LOL* But I do have some fab Retro Red pieces that I adore and bring out every so often.

  15. There are a lot of reds in this world. It is fun to be observant.


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