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Hi everyone

About a year or so ago, I found myself with a new love ~ Aluminum. You heard me right. I said Aluminum! I keep finding these beautiful wrought or hammered aluminum serving pieces. They are so pretty and I really like to use them. The really awesome part is, I find them for generally only a dollar. You know that just makes my heart sing!

I showed you one of my recently thrifted aluminum pieces on my tablescape yesterday.

Wintery Table 1-11 003 I paid .80. cents for it at a thrift store. Right now this pretty little aluminum tray is in our small bathroom holding a couple of brushes and combs.

Wintery Table 1-11 014 This large tray was $1.00 at the same thrift store as the above little tray.

Jan Bargains 2011 084 Oh, she needs some cleaning up, that’s or sure. But, the flowers and the overall design is so pretty!

Jan Bargains 2011 085 One of the things I really love about these beautiful aluminum pieces is that they are so light. When I take food for an occasion to a family or friends house, I like to make sure I use pretty things to present the food. And aluminum servers are just perfect for that.

Jan Bargains 2011 086 This next set of aluminum serving pieces were sold as a set and had an original sticker price of “2 pieces for $4.99”. But, I got them for a $1.00 (for both) because it was “5 for $5.00 Day” at the Salvation Army I went to.

Jan Bargains 2011 087

These are wonderful. Really beautiful design. If you would like to learn how I clean my thrify aluminum pieces and what I did with this set of aluminum, check out this post.

Jan Bargains 2011 089

Jan Bargains 2011 090

I have to confess, every time I see a cloche I think of Miss Marty at A Stroll Thru Life. don’t you? She always has the best cloches! Well, when I spotted this one, I just fell in love with it! Perfect for Spring.

Jan Bargains 2011 093 Look at those pretty hand painted pansies!

Jan Bargains 2011 094 Want to see something even prettier than the pansies? Check out the price. Yup, $1.91!

Jan Bargains 2011 095

I saw this doily and just loved it! It is large and fits perfectly on a vintage round table I have. I could NOT pass it up! Even though I have a gazillion doilies and vintage linens.

Jan Bargains 2011 097 Isn’t that just so pretty? The colors are just wonderful!

Jan Bargains 2011 096 The pretty pink center.

Jan Bargains 2011 098 Now, I have to confess, I paid more more for this doily than any other doily or even vintage linen I have ever thrifted. It was $3.10 and I didn’t hesitate. This definitely was my big splurge!

Jan Bargains 2011 099 So, those were my pretty thrift finds for the week. Did you find anything you just fell in love with while thrifting lately?

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  1. Yay..that is such a super cute doily..charming! And i love anything and eveything in the silver colors..all metals...lovely..gorgeous lucky gal..great finds!!

  2. Diann...that doily and that cloche = fabulous finds!! You did well and I cannot wait to see what you do with them this spring.


  3. wow, you found some great pieces! And your doilies remind me of my mamaw...I have some of the doilies she made and treasure them, though I haven't looked at them lately. Thanks for bringing back some great memories, Diann.

  4. Ok, first of course I absolutely LOVE the cloche. So pretty and love the pansies painted on it. What a super find.
    Your aluminum pieces are fabulous. I never see aluminum, however as you've seen, I find a ton of silver. How do you clean and polish the aluminum? Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  5. Wow! You are a thrifting master! Love the cloche, and those aluminum trays are incredible.

  6. Diann, where do I start? I love it all. I am a fan of the aluminum pieces. I have several trays that I use all the time. The cloche is so sweet with the hand painting on it! My fav is the doily! The colors are amazing and I would have spent that amount on it also. Thanks for joining JFF! hugs, Linda

  7. Diane, I love every single item you found!! OMG you find the most amazing treasures!!

  8. My goodness, someone put a lot of time and work into that doily. How do you clean aluminum? I'd be interested in knowing. I run across aluminum, all the time. Since I think it was a thing of the 40's and 50's, and isn't made anymore, it will be sought after soon.~Ames

  9. I love all your treasures!!! What bargains too!!! WOW!! and the cloche and doily....very springy and gorgeous!!!! I'm going through thrifting withdrawals this week...cmon Saturday!! Have a super evening!!

  10. I DO love that doily! Hey, what do you use to clean your aluminum pieces?

  11. Hello Diann,

    I have a wee bit of an addiction to hammered aluminum too and have a hard time passing it up when I see it. I have been sporadically collecting it for years. What a pretty doily and cloche! I cannot wait to see how you use them in a tablescape of vignette.

    ~ Tracy

  12. I love your finds! Great eye! That doily is so appealing!

  13. I have to tell you that I adore the cloche and the doily! I don't even have one cloche. I have been looking for one at the thrift stores but no luck yet. And the doily has such pretty spring (happy) colors! I like the aluminum pieces as well. Nice designs!

  14. I love all of your treasures... and that cloche is gorgeous.

  15. I love the aluminum trays Diann. I have a few pieces somewhere. The doily is adorable and you did splurge!

  16. I collect poor mans silver (aluminum) as you stated the designs are so lovely. I display my aluminum pieces above my kitchen cabinets, but that doesn't mean I don't occasionally use a piece or two.
    Love the doily,all $3.00 of it!

  17. Google alert sent me to your site because of your mention of aluminum which has been my interest over 50 years. I won't bore you with the details but anyone who has an interest in aluminum can find out a lot about it and about me at my blog
    there is a page on cleaning, also.
    I'm bookmarking you great for all us who love finding unexpected treasures for pocket change

  18. Diann, your cloche is fabulous & I so love that doily. You have some lovely treasures.

    Happy PS weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  19. I am in the same boat! LOVE me some aluminum serving pieces and bake ware. I will trip all over my clumsy feet to get to any aluminum bake ware!

    Awesome finds, love the craftsmanship on the doily, just gorgeous.

  20. I learn so much reading all your lovely blog posts. the aluminum fascinates me and my mom used to have some that looked similar. great finds.

  21. Good finds. I have some pieces of aluminum that belonged to my mom. I never appreciated them until recently.
    Happy Pink Saturday! ~ Sarah

  22. Happy Pink Saturday Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share. You found so many lovely pieces today. You really did hit the mother lode as they say.

    I love your aluminum pieces. I have not been fortunate enough to find any as of yet, but I keep looking. You will be the first one to know when I do.

    That doily is just gorgeous. I love the assorted colors and I have never seen one like that either. I am afraid I would have had to splurge as well on the one. The condition is mint and it is so beautiful. I can't wait to see it on your table. I know it will be beautiful.

    A gorgeous share again sweet friend. Have a glorious Saturday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  23. What lovelies! I think those aluminum pieces are really pretty with all of the details on them. The crocheted doily is wonderful too! That cloche! I love it with all of the handpainted flowers on it. It will be perfect for spring!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  24. Adore the pansies on the doily. HPS!
    Joyce M

  25. It's funny that "aluminum" doesn't sound very chic, but it does make some pretty cute shabby pieces! That doily is adorable - fabulous retro colors! Thanks so much for stopping by my page today! -diane

  26. Beautiful post thank you for sharing,HPS.

  27. love your fun finds! Happy Pink Saturday

  28. This looks so lovely. I look forward to you stopping by at My Dream Canvas:-)

  29. I bought a lot of hammered aluminum in Winter Park, FL at estate sales and then resold it. I sure wish I had some now. Yours are beautiful.

    I'm still visiting around for Pink Saturday. Have a wonderful week.

  30. Diann, I love aluminum pieces too. I guess there was a lot of it made, since the prices on it have remained so good (also another reason I, like you, love it). You have some wonderful pieces. I missed your tablescape, so I'll go see it while I'm here. What a find on that unique and beautiful cloche! I can't wait to see what you put under it. Can't believe how the colors on that pretty doily have remained so bright. You've done some great thrifting lately. Thank you for joining Favorite Things. laurie

  31. I love the doilies!!!especially the one with the pink center! I am a new follower...Pinkim!


  32. You need to take me shopping with you, Diann. You find the coolest things at the greates prices....Christine


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