More Roses and Tea

Hi everyone!

After going through my stash of Valentine things from last year, I found more faux roses. I decided to fill one of my white tureens. This beautiful tureen came from a thrift store. It was marked $5.00. I thought $5.00 for a tureen with the ladle and lid was a decent price. And I do love my white tureens! As the cashier was wrapping up my newly found treasure, she dropped and broke the lid beyond repair! Oh, I was so upset. The manager came over and asked if I still wanted the tureen and ladle for $1.00. I said yes. So, this is my only white tureen without a lid. But, perfect to decorate with.

Here is my white tureen before:

rose tea 001

Now after:

rose tea 003 rose tea 002 rose tea 004 I think the tureen turned out pretty. Okay, on to the tea. I had planned on doing a “blooming tea” today, but when I started this project, I changed my mine. It seemed more appropriate to do a Rose Tea.

This is just a simple tea. I decided to use this pretty rose teacup and saucer.

rose tea 007 The full roses are just so beautiful. And I love teacups that have a little of the design inside the cup. Don’t you?


rose tea 008 Even the saucer has such pretty details and beautiful color.

rose tea 010 rose tea 009 I used a saucer from a different teacup set to hold our cookies for our tea today.

rose tea 005 This beautiful creamer and sugar bowl set have gorgeous roses on them as well. They are quite large. I got this set a long time ago at an antique store in Ohio.

rose tea 006 There is no markings on the bottom of either piece.rose tea 015 Let’s enjoy our tea.

rose tea 014 rose tea 013 As you can see, today’s tea is very simple. You know me, I generally add lots of pretty doodads to my teascapes. But, today I just wanted to showcase all the pretty roses.

rose tea 018 rose tea 020 rose tea 021 rose tea 022 And of course, I am sure I probably don’t need to say this, but everything here was thrifted. Well, not the cookies. LOL

I hope you enjoyed your visit today! Have a wonderful afternoon!

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  1. What a great idea. I have a similar soup tureen. Mine was a birthday gift from my step son and daught in law. It's pretty and I don't really put soup in it. I should find something else to put in it

  2. Hi Sweetie...
    What a tea gorgeous share today. I love the roses arranged in that tureen. They look simply beautiful. Elegant actually with the creamy white. What a shame the lid was broken, but at least we now know that it can be salvageable if we see one with no lid. Another purpose, and it looks perfect with your rose tea set. So pretty.

    Thank you for sharing today. I have so enjoyed my visit here at The Thrifty Groove. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Oh, you did such a beautiful job on the roses and tureen! Love it!

  4. ALL such pretties and I am embarrased to say I never thought of using a tureen for flowers. Looks gorgeous :)


  5. Hello,
    love the tureen with the faux roses. So happy and cheerful. And the china is gorgeous. Thank you for having me for tea.
    Greetings, Johanna

  6. Very pretty Linda! I love your pretty rose tea cups. We must be on the same wave length! LOL! I also really love the arrangement in your tureen. It looks so cute!

  7. Hello Diann,
    Your Margaret teacup is lovely; love it! Such beautiful roses on it. I do love roses! The cream and sugar are very pretty as well. How upsetting it must have been for you to have lost the cover of the tureen! I can just imagine how you felt! You have made a stunning centerpiece of it however! I don't own a tureen YET! I'm still keeping my eye out for one. Thank you for joining me today for tea. You have two entries for the Giveaway! Have a wonderful week, my friend.


  8. Oh I love the idea of using the soup toureen as a vase for flowers! Your arrangement is beautiful!

  9. I do believe you're right Diann...we DO have the same likes and loves, we definitely are kindred spirits, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your rose tea settings, so pretty!!! and let me just have inspired me to decorate for Valentine's for the first time ever!! That is..if I can thrift some goodies and I will be using what I have too thanks to you!!! ;)

  10. Oh, sorry about the lid to the tureen but you sure did find a beautiful purpose for it. Beautiful photos of so many pretty pieces :) Lovely post!

  11. Such a pretty shape to that tureen and with the roses it looks great! I love your teacup today.

  12. such pretty teacups! and the tureen is lovely too! love the table setting! sweet!

  13. These teacups are so pretty.

  14. Diann,
    Best $1 bargain I have even seen. Endless possibilities for decorating as you has shown with the lovely roses filling your tureen. It adds just the right touch of softness and the white tureen does not distract the beauty of all the lovely roses on the china. So very pretty.

  15. That is so pretty! I found you through Get Your Craft On.

  16. Love your teacup and roses! Beautiful. ;)

  17. Such lovely rose things...aren't there so many different cups with roses yet all are beautiful?

  18. I love the colors of your rosy teacups! Although I'm not ready for Valentine's day yet.

  19. You have set a beautiful romantic tea! I adore your tea cup and saucer! The roses on it are really lovely. Your sugar and creamer too are just stunning.
    All your china is so pretty, and your soup tureen with the roses such a fab idea!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  20. Being partial to roses - I quite thoroughly enjoyed your teascape.

    As for thrifting - Is there any other way to shop?


  21. $5 is my magic number when it comes to thrifting. Thanks for sharing this...such a lovely tea party setting, starting with the tureen with its floral arrangement. well done.

  22. OH! So sorry to hear about the lid - it is a wonderful tureen - that you have the ladle too is marvelous - makes a wonderful vase for your roses!

  23. Hi Diann, You are a chamion thrifter! What gorgeous tea cups and plates, and the tureen with the roses looks so pretty.
    Blessings, Beth

  24. Hi Diann: Your tea cups are just beautiful. I love the sugar and creamer. Thank you for sharing them with us. You treasures are lovely. Blessings, Martha

  25. Hard to beat roses!!!! Lovely! Happy Tea Day!

  26. Your floral arrangement in the tureen is beautiful and so is all your pretty rose covered china. The cream and sugar set is stunning with the gold handles and trim.

  27. How lovely your soup tureen is filled with flowers! I know your heart broken, but it has a wonderful use, as many things! I just love, love your teacup, and the creamer and sugar! So lovely! Thank you for joining me for Tea Time!


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