Bargain Books~Love Them!

Hi Everyone!

I don't know about you but, I love books. I don't love the retail price of books! Especially hardcover books! So, I scour flea markets, yard sales and thrift stores for fun books.

Sometimes I just like to read them and look at the pictures. Like cookbooks, sometimes I never make a recipe from a book but, I love reading it.

I got these books early in December at a thrift store and I paid .99 cents each for them.

This first book by Better Homes and Gardens called "Silly Snacks" is just so fun. The Princess loves looking at all the bright, silly cheerful pictures. And we plan on making a lot of the recipes in here. The illustrations are wonderful.

And with an original retail price of $15.95, paying .99 cents works for me!

This next one is call "The Creative Christmas Kitchen". I really enjoy holiday cookbooks/craft books but, geez they are so out of my budget!

The next two books are Herb related. Troy and I grow our own herbs and do a lot of things with them. Plus we have a small cottage business with our herbs and herb items. So, I am always picking up these beautiful hard covered books relating to herbs when I find them at bargain prices. They are great reference books for us.

The first one is called "Alternative Medicine". It covers a lot of the healing herbs and how to use them. Troy gets asked on a regular basis what herbs are suppose to be good for what ailments.

And this one really caught my eye because I have been really trying to work with some herbs for myself. For example, using them in teas for relaxation and de-stressing. This book is called "Woman's Book of Healing Herbs". Originally a $29.95 book.

I hope you enjoyed stopping by and seeing some of my favorite bargains today!

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  1. Great finds! My daughter found two Southern Living Christmas books for $1.00 each at a yard sale. We have really enjoyed looking through them.


  2. I would enjoy browsing through those books too, Diann. I hope 2011 has been good to you and your famiyl so far...Christine

  3. I like old books too. Goodwill sometimes has some good ones.

  4. You sure did find some great bargains with those books! I would have bought them too if I had found them. I especially would have gotten the herb book because I believe that there is healing powers in the herbs. I take the pill form of a few things. They work wonders for me. I've never tried using herbs in teas and things.

    Have a Great Day!

  5. I have never met a bargain book I could live without. I LOVE books! I sometimes find colones at our store at the dump for 25 cents (heaven!). I am even happy to get a good deal at the book store...a book for $2.99 makes me smile!

  6. Oh, Diann. I am exactly like you. There are so many books in this house it's not funny but more and more keep coming in. I'm also like Holly....I never ever EVER met a bargain book I could live without. I think I'd be very happy living in a library.I could just stick my bed behind the tallest shelves. ha! Susan

  7. Diann I love the fun cookbook, you and the Princess will have a good time cooking from it! I love my books...I bought 3 more today at the thrifts...I will probably never read all I have but I can't help it! Thanks for joining JFF!!! hugs, Linda

  8. I always look at the books when thrifting especially the old craft books, I get so many ideas....Love the price!


  9. Great finds, Diann! You can get the best deals on used books!

  10. Wow, I am lovin' the Christmas book, might have to track that one down it looks so interesting!

  11. We used to have a couple thrift stores locally offering books from 25 cents to a dollar. Now you can rarely find anything under a dollar, but $2 or $3 is still better than MSRP.
    What I don't like is they are never included in discount days. I stock up in summer from other sources.
    Had never seen that Silly Snack book. Really nice find.

  12. I love books but never pay retail for them. At Goodwill hardcover books are normally $1.96 but I buy them on Wednesdays when I get 30% off. I love your book with the Christmas recipes.

  13. Oh how I love a good bargain. You found some fabulous books'll be busy for a long, long time. Thanks for sharing. I came over from Junkin Finds Friday.

  14. I am with you are not wanting to pay reatail.Don't you just love a good book, and a great price on top of it too!I think all your books were great deals! Enjoy!~Ames

  15. I love the old books also. When I go to the thrift store I always check out the book section. . . Great finds. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment. Hope to see you again. Have a great day.

  16. I love love book fun..and love anything herbs!! yay..fantastic post!

  17. I love books too. I love cookbooks, love to read them and actually use them sometimes.

    I never pay full price for books. I belong to the book of the month club 2-9.95 a book and no shipping. I have discount cards from a couple bookstores, order from and go to the used bookstore a lot. Love my books.

  18. Totally a book junkie've found some wonderful finds :)


  19. I, too, enjoy reading cookbooks...they can be a wealth of information. Diann, what is the country you will be doing your meal this year?

  20. Oops, forgot to wish you and Troy a very Happy New Year!

  21. Diann, I am always so excited when I find a beautiful book at a wonderful price. You really found some nice ones. Love the BC snack book. I bet your little princess can't wait to get into the kitchen with you and create some of these. The illustrations are so much fun. Getting any hard cover book at that price would be fun. The photos in the Christmas cookbook look so pretty. Even if you never cook anything from that book, I bet you'll get some inspiration from it.
    How big is your herb garden? Is it a lot of work? Thank you for joining Favorite Things. laurie


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