Reflecting on 2010

Hi everyone!

I don't know about you but, New Years Eve is a chance to reflect on our past year. See it for what it was. What were the happy highlights? What were the unhappy highlights? And most importantly, what lessons did I learn during this past year?

2010 definitely taught me some lessons! But, oddly enough, the biggest and most important lesson I learned was over this past month.

I learned how important my role is in this world. Yup, I am a slow learner. I have been extremely sick for the last 3 weeks. Now, I have been "sick" in past of course. But, this was different. Instead of catching a "bug" of some sort that can be fixed by lots of rest, fluids and antibiotics. It sucks, you feel like crap and it is a nuisance. But, everyone goes through it and eventually you get better. That's not what happened to me.

My body shut down. BAM!! just like that. One minute I'm going a million miles a minute, multi-tasking as much as I could. And no warning, I am literally down for the count.

I discovered an interesting thing. When your body hits the point of pure exhaustion, it tries to protect itself by "shutting down". By that, I mean your body will do whatever it takes to make you stop. Completely stop. So, my body decided to make me stop by making every part of my body hurt and throwing my system into a major fever that took almost 4 days to overcome.

According to the Doctor, that is what happened. My body hit a point of pure exhaustion and dehydration and did what it had to do to protect itself. And all the different systems in my body that work so well together started fighting for their lives instead of working together. Everything was out of whack and fighting for survival.

I said earlier that there was no warning. After having some time to think about it and talking to the doctor, guess what? You know exactly what I am going to say don't you? There were LOTS of warnings. I just chose to ignore usual. My very typical attitude was, "I don't have time to be sick!".

A reoccurring conversation in our home:

Troy: "Diann, when was the last time you ate?"
Diann: "Ummm, I don't know. I will get something as soon as I finish this."
Troy: "Just sit down for a moment and I will get you something to eat."
Diann: "Troy! I said I would after I finish this!"
Troy: "You are going to get sick Diann. That project can wait."
Diann: "Sick? I don't have the time to get sick! I have too much to do!"

I bet I am not the only one out there that fits this scenario am I? I think as women, it is natural for us to take on the burdens of the world. We are the ones that hold it all together. We have huge responsibilities. We go from the minute we wake up until our heads hits the pillow.

During those weeks, my husband and little princess survived. All those things that I felt were so, so important, cleaning, cooking, waiting on them, well, they managed on their own. It might not have been pretty but, they were fine. However, what I finally realized was they were scared and frightened about losing me. Just me, Diann. Not Diann the maid. Not Diann the cook. But, Diann the wife, mama, friend, daughter and sister. They could care less about all the things I thought were my most important responsibilities. Things I thought made me invaluable.

Did you know that you can hire someone to do all the jobs that I do everyday. Anyone could do them. Wait one second! Why have I placed so much value on all these jobs that I thought only I could do? This whole time, I never realized that my greatest value is being Diann. There is no other me in this world.

As a Wife, I am the only one who can smile at my husband and he instantly knows everything is all right in his world. And guess what? No one else in this world can smile MY smile.

As a Mama, I am the only one that can snuggle up with the princess at night and read stories or sing to her with MY voice.

As a Daughter, Sister or Friend, I am the only what that can get silly and laugh MY laugh.

If I am gone from this life, someone will clean, someone will cook, someone will manage the bills, someone will do all the errands. But, no one will be able to smile my smile, listen to my voice or hear my laughter again. If I am gone, NONE of those things will be here any more. They can't be replaced. And that is what makes me special and important.

So, my lesson learned for 2010 is, I am important and my biggest responsibility is to make sure I take care of myself first because I am the only one who can.

And to you, all the amazing women I have met through blogging, I wish for you in 2011,take care of yourself. You are the only YOU there is. And the world needs you. Without you, a little spark of light fades away.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet each of you and share our lives through blogging! Each of you are unique and I value that.

I wish you all a year of happiness, healthiness, joyfulness and silliness!!

Hugs and smiles,


  1. Well said! So glad you're feeling better Diann! Wishing you and your family all the best in 2011:@)

  2. Diann I am so glad you realized how important you are! Just you! It is a hard thing for some of us to learn and your hard lesson was getting so sick. One of my goals this year is to take even better care of myself. No one else can do it but me! thanks for sharing you thoughts with all of us. Happy New Year dear friend.
    hugs, Linda

  3. I am glad that you are feeling better. So good for you for that. Everything you wrote, I could have written. I know it is hard for all that we do, which we think no one else could do, when all along we just need to remember to take care of ourselves. It is a hard lesson to learn. Hopefully your words will help others, myself included. Thank you. Hope that you have a happy new year. It can only get better right? Take care my friend.

  4. Now that I would say is a life defining moment. Happy New year Diann...and do listen to your body, and your hubs.

  5. Diann,
    I'm so glad your better -you couldn't have wrote a better post for the whole year!

  6. Hi Diann..wishing you all the best in relax and keep shining!

  7. Diann,
    I am glad you are feeling better! What a frightening thing to go through. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful 2011!!

  8. You are very important so get that rest! I always like to say we cannot be good for others if we are not first good to ourselves. May your New Year be a great one!

  9. Happy New Year Dear girlfriend~ Cheers to a Very Happy 2011 Hugs, Diane

  10. The perfect post to put things into perspective. So glad you're feeling better. Happy New Year

  11. Diane, I'm so sorry I had no idea you had been so sick! Out of being so sick, came this fabulous post! So well stated and so true! I'm so glad you are doing better. Take care of yourself, because I'm sure nobody could possibly take the place of someone as special as you! laurie

  12. Hello Diann,

    That is definitely a hard lesson to learn but a very valuable one. I too learned it the hard way. I sometimes fall back into the same habits (like I did the past few months) but now I heed the warning signs. Hence the recent breaks I have been taking.

    You are very correct my friend, there is only one you and you are a very special woman! So, please remember that the next time your roller coaster is starting to go too fast!



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