Our Thanksgiving

Hi everyone!

I know most of you who participate in Tablescape Thursday posted your thanksgiving table last week. I decided to wait until this week because I shut my computer down for the holiday and just enjoyed the day with my family.

After looking at my pictures, I realized that everything on this table was thrifted 2nd hand or bought new but clearanced with the exception of a couple of small Dollar Tree decorative items.

Warning: LOTS of pictures ahead!

Here was my centerpiece.

Building the place settings.

Pretty ivory place mats bought last year at 75% off for a set of 4 mats and 4 napkins at Walmart.

Mossy green chargers bought at Target after Christmas on clearance 75% off.

Plain white dinner plates. Bought 2nd hand at a thrift store a long time ago.

Johnson Bros. ironstone dinner plates bought 75% off after Thanksgiving last year at TJ Maxx.

The salad plate is from a set I bought last year at a thrift store. I didn't really care about the design in the middle. I just knew that the out edge in the dark brown and white dots would be beautiful in layering dishes. The set was from a thrift store.

I got a set of 3 of these gorgeous Ridgeway saucers for a $1.00 last summer at a flea market.

These pretty ironstone saucers came from a thrift store as well. I got 8 of them for $2.00.

A vintage FireKing coffee cup.

This was the princess's dinner plate since I only have 2 of the others.

Finished with vintage glassware.

Now onto the dinner!

Cranberry salad and I tried a new stuffing dish this year. I will post the recipe tomorrow.

Homemade rolls, corn I cut off the cob last summer and froze and some olives.

We brined our turkey 2 days ahead of time and I must say, that was without a doubt, the most moist and succulent turkey EVER!

My absolute favorite tureen!

I got this beautiful old Johnson Bros. covered dish a couple of years ago for $1.00 at an antique mall. Why so cheap? Because one of the handles is broken off.

Mozerrella salad.

BUTTER!....oops....er......Mashed potatoes.

Some candlelight.

So, that was our Thanksgiving dinner. A wonderful meal, my loving hubby and beautiful little girl made for a blessed Thanksgiving!

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  1. Diann, Your table is absolutely stunning! I love the Heritage Hall dinner plates (I also have 2 of them) and the transferware saucers. Love your tureen and your centerpiece too. Very appropriate and beautiful for Thanksgiving!
    Hugs, Beth

  2. Wonderful use of layering. I learned a lot from this post - and not on how to be thrifty. You show how using elements of different patterns work so well together.
    This year we had dinner at church with local navy young people who had no near family.
    Delicious food and games and conversation.

  3. Oh my, I love your table! I am totally drooling over all those dishes. So elegant! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day~

  4. I have the amber and green glasses. They were part of my Thanksgiving table last year. On your table they look absolutely beautiful. Oh and I also love the amber candlestick holders. You know me, I just love amber glass. I started brining my turkey a few years ago and it does make the best and moist turkey. It sounds like you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Wow! Your dishes are beautiful! Love them all. Bravo for you turning off the computer during Thanksgiving. I'm going to do that during Christmas. Sometimes we just need to put all our focus on family. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.

  6. It kind of concerns me how much fire power you have on that table. It does have a history.

  7. Just beautiful! Perfect colors for Thanksgiving, and I'm glad you enjoyed the day:@)

  8. Diann you once again put together a beautiful and thrifty table. I love the layers and the colors. Wonderful centerpiece! I know you had a great day. Glad to hear the turkey turned out well. I might have to try brining.

  9. What a perfect tablescape for the Thanksgiving holiday and great prices too!!!!

  10. OK, THIS is great, and I love it all the more because you didn't spend an arm and a leg on it to get it that way. I totally agree about those thrift store dishes with the great rim. I'm constantly on the lookout for just such things myself when I'm thrifting.

    This is lovely, and when you lit the candles it was even more so.

    I won't even MENTION the delicious looking food.

  11. very pretty table! Don't you just love the dollar store? Love the china (I am a huge fan of English china, etc.)

    Have a nice week,

  12. Diann you are so good. Not only did you shut down the electronics you made a very special meal and table setting fit for a KING, and Queen. Your food looked amazing.

  13. What a lovely table Diann. I love your dishes :-)


  14. Everything is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your day with us. I love the dishes - each one is lovely.

  15. oh wow what a glorious setting with beautiful dishes and divine food..PERFECT!!

  16. I always love your table settings. They are so elegant and make me smile because they look like they should be in a magazine but yet this was all thrifted. Just shows you don't have to be wealthy to enjoy this elegant tablescape.

  17. I just love every single piece of dishware that you have shared with us. Just gorgeous. That mozzarella salad looked sooooooooooo good.What a fiest...yum yum. Great bargain hunting girl.

  18. The butter, I mean mashed potatoes is my favorite dish along with the butter, I mean rolls! Very clever

    What a beautiful table. I love the combination of plates, they are each so beautiful, what a fun thing to get to unlayer each plate and see the surprise underneath. The brined turkey sounds amazing. You were smart to turn your computer off and enjoy the family! Happy Holidays (we will see how much blogging will get done this first Christmas blogging - I don't want to be stressed or not enjoy the family - balance!)

  19. What a wonderful table! The colors anf layering are perfect! The food looks so yummy too! Thanks for sharing!!!! I brined my turkey too, great minds think alike!

  20. Simply beautiful! It's hard to believe that you found all these gorgeous pieces the way you did. The table is stunning and the food looks delish! I'd say you outdid yourself ~ :)

  21. You may not be hungry when viewing your post, but afterwards you surly will be. Great pictures of some beautiful things.

  22. Everything looked awesome! I really am hungry now and seeing that salad made my mouth water. Have a great weekend!

  23. Yummy Diann. It really is a feast. The vintage dishes look like you paid a mint for them you clever thrifter.

  24. Diann, I'm so behind on my blog reading, and I'm glad I came back to see this post of your beautiful T'gvng table. I love the way you used all of the different china patterns, and coordinated them so beautifully! Your centerpiece is perfect T'giving abundance, and your food looks absolutely devine. A beautiful way to celebrate giving thanks. laurie

  25. Beautiful settings, you have such wonderful pieces.


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