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I don't know if it is because I am old and have a toddler or what but, I really have a need to read to the princess classic bedtime stories. What a opening post line! LOL But, it is true. I am in my late 40's and I am raising a 2 year old. Not your typical toddler mommy.

We have some "new" books that we read to the princess and she loves them. But, we have been introducing some of what I consider the classics to her. Right now. The book she requests from me to read a lot lately is Dumbo. Now that is a classic story to me. LOL The Little Golden Books are still my favorites.

Last week I was rummaging around at a book sellers booth at the flea market and I found this wonderful book.

This book "Best Loved Selections of Children's Classics" was published in 1975. What's scary, is to me, 1975 sure doesn't feel vintage! Which means, I am vintage! LOL

Anyway, let's not go there!

Some of the stories included in this book are:
Wizard of Oz
Tom Sawyer
Rip Van Winkle
Black Beauty

It also includes poetry by:
. Shakespeare
and others

It was published by Parent's Magazine. And it includes in the beginning "Preface for Parents". you don't see that very often any more.

Since this book also includes a modified version (most of the stories aren't original full length) of A Christmas Carol, I think this will be the perfect book to read during the month of December.

We try to introduce the princess to at least one new book a week. This one will be a new story almost every night. Since we generally read her 3 stories a night, she will get a new one and get to pick out of her other favorites.

So, that was my fun little vintage find for the day. Now go and check out what vintage goodies others have found at Vintage Thingie Thursday! And check out other fun treasures at Treasures and Trinkets Thursday!


  1. i think it's great re the books. i love the Golden books and think they are great.rose

  2. I love the old stories.The classics are timeless!

  3. You can never go wrong with the classics. Great book. I know the princess will enjoy being introduced to so many favorites.


  4. I love books and have saved some from my children and now will share them with my new grandbaby! The Princess is lucky to get 3 stories a night! You are a 'vintage' Mom so be proud of it!!! :)

  5. I love vintage children's books. This one is great. Happy VTT!

  6. I love vintage children's books. This one is wonderful. The content is wonderful.

  7. I love that old book...such wonderful stories for you to read to your little one. I remember 1975 too...I was 7...doesn't seem that long ago does it? sigh...where does time go.
    I'm so glad you're reading your princess the classics, I'm afraid a lot of those stories will be forgotten if parents don't instill a love of reading in their good for you! :) We read every day here too...Carson is 9, but one of his favorite things in the world is to go to the library...makes my heart happy!
    Have a good week my friend. :)

  8. I like looking at old children's books. I think that the drawings in that book look very vintage.

  9. Nothing like childrens books! The Golden books are my favorites too. My mom still has the large collection from when we were kids. It's great that you are reading to your little princess, giving her a headstart in education. Readers become leaders.

  10. I always watch for the golden books at thrift stores. When I find them in good condition I buy them for my grandkids. The book you found is wonderful and I'm sure Princess will get much enjoyment out of the stories.

  11. diann, what a charming book! most childrens books do not have classic poetry in them today. this is a book you can be happy to hand down!

  12. Those are wonderful stories that should be shared. I'm glad you're doing just that :)

  13. Oh what a sweet book! That's so great that you read the classics to your little princess!


  14. Some of the vintage children books are worth a lot. This is a good one for you to read.

  15. I think it's wonderful to introduce our children to vintage books. I love sharing stories I loved as a child with my own boys. Their current favorites are "Benny and the Bear" and "Amelia Bedelia" LOL! Happy VTT and thanks for sharing today!

  16. Great find...I love vintage childrens books, too!

  17. What a great find, I love the illustrations!

    Happy VTT,

  18. This book is a beautiful treasure. A great book to read to your children. The stories are all the favorites and a great read. A lucky find.
    Hugs, Jeanne


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