A Small Change

Okay, I know you guys realize that I am on a super tight budget. And even if you aren't a regular reader, you probably could guess that from my blog title. So, most of my home decor comes second hand. Through thrift stores, flea markets, yard sale etc. But, once in awhile I actually find really great bargains at retail stores.

I have had the same valances in my living room for at least 100 years! Okay, so it feels that way. I made them out of bargain bin fabric 12 years ago. Nothing special, just plain simple valances. At the time I our home was decorated in a woodsy feel. So, when I found this bark fabric for super cheap, it just fit. Most importantly, it fit my budget.

See, I told you! Very simple and blah!

Last winter I bought new drapes for our dining room window (got a GC for JCP!). I love the heaviness and warm rich color of them. The same wall that our dining room window is on, our sliding glass door is also on.

Here is the pattern of my dining room drapes.

I would have loved to carry out these drapes into the living room as well but, I just couldn't afford it.

When we were at our trailer winterizing it last month, I did a little local shopping. I found these valances.

They had the same feel as the dining room drapes. So, I was thrilled to find them. And, at a thrifty price! I found them at The Family Dollar. They had been clearanced and then clearanced again. Check out the price I paid.

Yup, $2.40 per valance! I bought 3 of them. I could not buy the fabric for that price! Now I need to watch for Spring like valances to change these out next year. I love the warm heavier fabric in the cold months and then, the lighter fresher look when Spring rolls around. And at these kind of prices, I can afford to change them back and forth!

Just a side note. The two heavy wood shelves over my doorwall and window were made by my dad and hubby. This piece of wood was the mantel in my parents house when I was a kid.

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  1. What an amazing price for those! And they look perfect with your dining room drapes. Good find!!

  2. I do love those clearance prices!! Great valances!

  3. Good job. I love to catch a bargain.
    Betty My Cozy Corner

  4. Diann...those are beautiful! What an amazing price! They are so perfect for fall and winter. Love the colors!

  5. The valances are great but I love the fact that the wood came from your childhood home. That's great.

  6. Congrats on the new valances, they look great!

  7. Diane you have a way of sniffing out the bargains!! Those valances are great!!
    I love to change things out for spring fall and summer! I get bored with things really fast!

  8. You obviously have a great eye for bargains....why not hop over to the uk and come shopping with me!!


  9. I LOVE making my own curtains, because I take pride in doing so, but a bargain's a bargain!! I would have picked these valances up myself! Very pretty, and so glad you found them! Perfect for the fall and winter months! ~tina

  10. aww..nothing like a good bargain! Makes my heart sing!

  11. Can't beat the price! They match up to the others really well. Love the style.

  12. Drapes can be so expensive! I'm thrilled for you, that you found valances that go so perfectly with the dining room drapes. They're so rich looking, and very cozy for winter!

  13. First, I really love that your husband and dad incorporated that wood into your home. That's such a great touch.

    And what a great score on the valances!! They do have the same feel as the drapes. I never go into Family Dollar. I'm going to start now!

    I'm glad to have found this thrifty blog.

  14. You're so right...buying them would have surely cost you more. They're darling. Great find!

  15. you have done good with cost and material. looks good rose


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