Quiet Time to get My Thanksgiving Ducks in a Row

No, I am not having duck for Thanksgiving! I am just taking a moment to check my list of what I am making and what I need. I thought I would show you my table centerpiece that I made with the floral arrangements from yesterday. But, first, I have to fess up. I made a non-thrifty purchase! ::GASP!!::
...The Guilt...
...The Shame...
...The Shock...
...The Frivolity...
...The Joy...
...The Smile...
..The Happiness...

LOL, those were my feelings. But, now I am just happy I bought it. Just a little gift for myself. No second hand. No clearance. Not even on sale! It is just something I have wanted for a long time. Here it is....

Oooh, isn't she pretty? This teacup holds almost 2 full cups! I have wanted a large teacup forever and just said, "what the heck! I love this one! I'm buying it!" This is the very first brand spankin' new teacup and saucer set I have ever bought! I saw it a Home Goods Store and decided she was coming home with me! And this is the most I have ever spent on a teacup and saucer. $6.99! None of my antique ones cost this much.

Sometimes you just want a large cup of tea. You don't really want a pot full of tea and you don't want to use your everyday coffee mugs. You want to drink your tea from a pretty china teacup. Well, this is the one!

And this is just a little hint to Santa if he is reading....they have a beautiful teapot to match this teacup and saucer! That would be at Home Goods Store. Oh, and the last time I checked, they only had ONE left!

Okay, while I am sitting here enjoying my tea and new cup along with some cookies while I go over my Thanksgiving dinner list, why don't you check out the centerpiece I have on my table right now.

I started with this recent thrift find table runner. I paid $1.15 for it. I just really liked the colors, the embroidery and the fringe. I know, not the table runner you would think of for a Fall centerpiece. But, I thought it would work nicely.

With the exception of the leaves and little gems in the tray (those were from The Dollar Tree and the real gourds which were free), everything else on this table was thrifted second hand.

This retro wood bowl/stand and wood fruit were free from a going out of business sale.

(by the way, after I saw the picture of this bowl, I changed the arrangement. That one gourd was offending me! LOL)

I've had the little bird cage for awhile. I got it for.50 cents at a yard sale. The cross inside is a Christmas ornament I got clearanced a few years ago for .50 cents. I have never put it away. I love it. the leaf plate was an after holiday sale at the dollar store for .25 cents because it has a chip in it.

The ceramic pumpkins were part of a bunch of Fall items purchased at a re-sale store. Individually, I think we figured out .50 cents each.

I got the little filigree gold plate at a thrift store for $1.00 and the leaf candle was part of the group of Fall items from above. .50 cents.

And you know that I got the two vases for $1.79 (the pair) and the faux flowers for $2.00. So, the whole things was under $10.00 to put together.

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  1. Hi Diann,
    You have yourself a sweet little teacup and I do hope someone gets you the teapot for Christmas. Wouldn't that be grand! Your cookies look yummy and I'm guessing they're shortbread? Mmmmm! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. Gorgeous post Diann..another dazzler! Love the tea cup..gorgeous!!

  3. I LOVE your new teacup&saucer AND "Good for you" on buying for yourself... Home Goods STILL was a good buy though!!! and I SURE hope Santa is tuned in for the Teapot...Hmmm, better still, "I think you should GO GET IT"!!!
    Hugs to you,

  4. You deserve it! I love Home Goods, too!


  5. Diann, enjoy your new tea cup it is beautiful! Glad you treated yourself, gotta love HG:@)

  6. I am so glad you bought that lovely teacup for yourself. Your table centerpiece looks great too. I hope you get the Teapot too!

  7. That is a beautiful teacup and you certainly deserve it. You've saved more than that many times over with your thrifty purchases.

  8. The large tea cup is beautiful and I really thought the price was going to be more than what you paid. I must have coffee in a huge coffee mug. You deserve the teapot as well! Happy Thanksgiving♥O

  9. Diann, Your teacup is so pretty..I have a weakness for anything floral! Love your centerpiece arrangement and that you got it so thriftyly! You saved so much on your centerpiece that you offset the spurlge of that beautiful teacup and saucer! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Miss Bloomers

  10. Beautiful teacup Diann. I think even though it wasn't what you considered non thrifty. I think at $6.99 it was a pretty good price. I hope your Thanksgiving is all you want it to be. Blessing to you and your family.

  11. Your new cup and saucer is beautiful and we need a little treat every so often.
    Hoope you receive the matching teapot for Christmas.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. beautiful teacup Diann. don't we feel good once we bought a gift for ourselves?!.. :-) thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  13. Until you mentioned the "offensive" gourd I had not given it any thought. (lol)
    The runner looks festive so is good for any celebration, the colors will also work well for the next holiday or two.
    And sometimes pleasure value over rules thrifty pricetag. However I have to say it was not extravagantly priced either. So you done good!

  14. Hello Diann,
    sometimes it needs a special treat for oneself. And your tea cup is a beautiful treat and you will enjoy that for ever. I wish for you St. Claus would read your message! I am sure, he will!
    Have a nice time.
    Greetings, Johanna

  15. Hi Diann,
    Well..I think you got a steal at $6.99 for a larger teacup? WOW...and the pattern is just beautiful! You have some lovely vignettes for thanksgiving as well!
    Happy Tea!

  16. I love the teacup and I am glad that you decided to treat yourself. We have to do that from time to time.
    Hope Santa is reading your post also.
    Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving Day.

  17. Oh My goodness Diann we are indeed very close! That lil shop is in Plymouth close to Old Towne..if you ever think you may try coming this way I'd love to meet up with you! It was a neat lil consignment shop!


  18. I have those same Christmas cross ornaments..on sale on Boxing Day (day after Christmas here in Canada). I got about 10 of them.lol. I just love them..oh that runner is SOOOOO beautiful. Now that's a tea cup. I rarely like to drink out of mine because it's one gulp and I'm done, LOL..Now I could drink from that no problem..awesome.holding two cups..hm..I need a cup of tea now,,LOL

  19. It looks very pretty. I love the table runner. And, the tea cup is fantastic!


    Be still my beating heart...

    Only kiiiiiiiding

    The cup is gorgeous.

  21. Love the runner, I would have so bought it if I saw it...glad you fixed THAT gourd; it was totally hanging the wrong way for sure. As for the tea cup; as everyone has said, sometimes you just have to bite the old bullet and treat yourself to something you love and will enjoy. So, you told us all and we think you are O.K. Isn't it funny how we thrifters don't feel right spending full price? But, sometimes, the right thing to do is to treat yourself. You are so worth it.

  22. Diann, your teacup is gorgeous! And I don't think you paid too much for it. I love the Home Goods store. They have so many beautiful things. Happy Thanksgiving.



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