Holiday Journey Pt. 2

Well, I have actually got some things done last week in regards to the upcoming holidays. Woohoo!

I went through my pantry and after making my Thanksgiving dinner menu, I pulled all my shelf stable items together in a box to have ready for Thanksgiving day. I made a list of all the ingredients I will need and with the exception of just 3 items, all my pantry needs are in the box. I will only have to get some fresh items and the turkey of course. I also pulled together all the serving dishes, linens and dishes I plan to use and added them to another Thanksgiving box. Now my Thanksgiving prep is pretty much ready for the big day! Yay!

I started this post last Friday and this past weekend I picked up the 3 pantry items I needed for dinner

Last weekend I also did some more bargain shopping and found some awesome gifts for some of the people on my list. This year, our gift giving budget is pretty low but, I swear, know one will ever know by looking at the gifts! Love that! I found some wonderful gifts in the clearance aisle at the Home Goods Store also.

I have been working on a couple of small Christmas gifts from thrifty treasures I have found. I will be able to show a couple of them when I get them done. You know how you seem to always have those people that are kind of on the "fringes" of your life. You don't see them all the time but, they are still important in some way to you. Well, I have a couple of people like that. Two to be exact. My brother's girlfriend and my nephews girl friend. Both sweet girls and they always get the princess some little thing. This past year, I made sure to take some photos of the princess and each of these ladies and have gone through my thrifted frames and have done little redo's to them. These will be gifts to the ladies from the princess. She always refers to them as "Her Big Girlfriends". LOL But, I wanted to give them a little something as well. I'll show you what small gift I came up with later this week.

The big Christmas thing I have been trying to get done this past week is to box up and wrap the gifts I already have. I won't do the pretty ribbon and bows until we get our tree up but, at least I will have this part of it done. So, at night, after the princess has gone to bed, I have been wrapping a few gifts at a time. Don't you find wrapping the gifts kind of a humdrum part of the presents? I love to do all the ribbons and bows but, the simple wrapping part seems to wear me out. LOL Not too mention, it sure is easier to do this when know one is around because you really need to spread out to do it.

This will be the first time that "Santa" will visit our home. The princess is just starting to get the idea of what Santa is about. So, I will reserve "Santa wrapping paper" for her gifts. The other day we went to The Dollar Tree and she fell in love with the fun Christmas wrapping paper they carry. So, we bought some rolls. Now, really I should have bought these when I was by myself and used them for her gifts since they are all fun kids style wrapping paper. But, hey, I am new to this so, I did it backwards. I will use paper that I got clearanced last year for her gifts.

If you haven't checked out the Dollar Tree Christmas wrapping paper yet, they really do have some cute kids paper!

I have about 90% of my presents wrapped now. I need to find some unusual size boxes to wrap the last few. I still have lots of presents to get yet, but I have a good start!

So, how is your holiday prep coming along?


  1. What?! 90% of your gifts wrapped? Oh, I'm a slacker! I don't have 90% of my gifts even bought. I did make a little dent in things today. And I have the stocking stuffers all bought.
    You've been a very busy girl!

  2. wow, sounds like you've got it together girl! For boxes, did you know you can order free boxes from the post office online? Your mailman will even bring them to your house. Now, you are supposed to use them to mail stuff, and I may or may not use all of them for that purpose {shhhh, don't tell}. Also, for our Santa gifts, I always pick the toys that are the hardest to get out of the packages & put together {B/c you KNOW that's what they always want to play with first!} At our house Santa doesn't wrap his presents, they are already opened, put together & ready under the tree! One less thing to fret about Christmas morning! :)

  3. Wow girl you are really on top of things. I love Home Goods, and I'm always looking at their clearance section.


  4. Suffice is to say you are way ahead my thrifty friend. Our 19 yo has not presented her requests. She is only permitted two usually. I barely buy for anybody else. I exchange oranaments with my sister. My hubs and I do not do anything that can be wrapped. Jeez I sound like Scrooge.

  5. Tammy,
    you are NOT a slacker girl! you havehad a very busy summer with the move and all! I got most of my gifts during the summer while out thrifting and checking out clearance sales.

    Thanks for the heads up regarding th PO boxes. Some of the princesses items will not be wrapped. I think I will do about 50/50.

    I so have to monitor myself when i go in that store! I went again last night and picked up a couple of cute Halloween things that were 75% off. I love that store!

    You do not sound like a Scrooge at all to me. You have simplified your holidays that's all!

  6. Yay,,you are fanatstic and fabulous as always..good for you..having everything organized and ready and on the go..rock on!!
    Enjoy the holidays...

  7. Diann I am so happy you are so ahead of the game right now. I have some gifts bought (thrifted) but I need to get them out and organized so I can see what I still need to find. I'm only doing small gifts this year for most of my friends. I've done Santa both ways...wrapped and unwrapped. I think the kids enjoyed wrapped more...they could focus on one gift at a time instead of being overwhelmed by all of it! Maybe half and half will work also.

  8. you are a train getting all of this done. i'm still buying gifts. haven't wrapped. rose


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