The Warmth of Rich gold~Tablescape

Hi everyone!

Today's tablescape is kind of a cheat for me. I already showed you the centerpiece I made earlier this week. It fit's these dishes so perfectly that I decided to use it on today's table.

I had planned to do this table last week but, a nasty bug hit our home. So, I didn't do a tablescape last week. I wanted to show you the beautiful dinnerware that I got from the CSN Stores. Oh, I just love them!

You might remember back in May, I had a review and giveaway for this gorgeous Certified International Regency golden teapot. I did a tablescape with it HERE.

I also did a teascape with it HERE.

Well, I just fell in love with this teapot and the richness of the colors. When I revisited where I selected the teapot from, I saw the gorgeous line of matching dishes! I knew I HAD to have them!!

Well, I got lucky! I won a couple of CSN gift cards from 2 other bloggers giveaway and I saved them. Then I was asked to do another CSN product review. Woohoo! With just a little bit of money from my own wallet, I was able to purchase most of the set. I still have 2 items I want to get but, I am so thrilled with what I have.

I knew I loved the gold but, I also loved the rich cranberry color this line came in. So, I decided to mix and match the two colors. I am so happy I did because the cranberry color is just stunning!! The two other pieces I want to get will be in the cranberry color to even out the two colors. And the two colors are absolutely perfect for this time of the year!

Although I am only showing you two place settings, I have a total of 4 place settings in all the beautiful pieces.

I wish I could really show you just how rich this toffee color gold is. It is just so beautiful!

Like I said, I left my centerpiece on the table along with the plaid fall tablecloth. So, I started with some gold weave place mats.

I liked the gold but, it wasn't the right shade for these dishes. So, I grabbed a pair of dollar store ivory lace place mats and just layered them on top.

Down went the gorgeous dinner plate.

Check out that beautiful cranberry salad plate!

Oh, serious Ooh la la!

Large gold bowls.These dishes are a wonderful heavy weight, which really adds to the opulence of them.

And the gold mugs

The creamer and sugar. I just had to have these to go with the teapot. speaking of the teapot...where is it? DOH!! I totally forgot to pull it out and add it to this table! Can you believe that! This whole dish collection started with that little teapot and I completely forgot to use it for this table!

I added the matching gold napkins and a beaded gold napkin ring (thanks Linda!)and crystal wine glasses and drinking glasses.

So, those are my new dishes that I have been slowly getting from the CSN Stores, specifically I am in love with them and seriously, could not give them a higher review if I tried!

Now, you still have a chance to win the $60.00 CSN gift card~! Tonight (Wednesday) is the last chance to do so. The giveaway ends tonight at midnight (EST).

Head over here to enter!

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  1. Diann, Your dishes are so, so pretty! I'm happy for you. Your planning and stroke of good fortune worked out perfectly.
    Blessings, Beth

  2. Diann I love the dishes you have chosen. The gold is so rich and then add the cranberry! Perfect combo. How fun to have new dishes to set a table with. Looks fabulous with your centerpiece. All your special touches make this one of your best tables!!

  3. So pretty with my favorite centerpiece.

  4. those are fantastic dishes, love the color and design!

  5. The scrollwork and rich colors make for such wonderful dishes! Your tablecloth is the perfect backdrop for them!

  6. Yummy elegance is what this should be called! Those dishes are just yummy! Love your whole tablescape!


  7. Wow, the progression led me to a fantastic table setting. Brown is not ever a color of choice for me ( is brown a color?) , yet you pulled it all together to make a lovely, warm, table setting .Very good for this season~

  8. Very pretty. I like the way you led us along with the pictures. First the table was sort of bare and then you added more and more. At the end I felt like I was in an Autumn wonderland.
    This is my first time participating. I can see that next week I'm going to have to get a lot more fancy.

  9. Very lovely set! I love CSN too....I'm doing a review from there soon as it comes in anyway! lol Love their stuff!
    I do love my arbor and have wanted a gazebo longer than an arbor, so you read my mind! lol I think we're going to save up for a covered porch on the back of our house next though...we just have one of the canopy thingies with the cloth tops out there right works, but I want something bigger that I can hang a porch swing from! :)
    Thanks for linking up, as usual...I just love you! :)
    HUGS and enjoy your day

  10. How pretty! What a lovely tablescape!!

  11. Very pretty. The dishes would work well for a Tuscan table setting too. I love rich fall colors. tami from the high street cottage

  12. This is such a lovely tablescape for fall! The dishes ARE beautiful!

  13. GORGEOUS! that cranberry & gold- just stunning...One day I will have all the nice things necessary to set a beautiful table like you (& others here in blogland) You all have such great taste and wonderful style. I just admire y'all and envy your table scapes. =0)

  14. Absolutely love this tablescape! You did a great job! Love the gold accents! Thanks for sharing..

  15. Amazing dishes! You outdid yourself!

  16. Lovely table. You are ready for Fall!

  17. Your dishes are seriously gorgeous! I love the two colors combined together. Just perfect!

  18. Hi Diann...

    Girlfriend...I love, love, LOVE your new dishes! But of course, you knew that I would...right? That beautiful caramel colored gold and cranberry looks fabulous together! Such a stunning color combination...very rich! I'm just sooo happy for you, sweet friend! You deserve these pretty dishes!!! I remember when you showed us the teapot...I thought it was soo pretty! Well my dear, your table is stunning! Thank you so much for sharing it with us...and your new dishes!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  19. Beautiful combinations of colors and textures. It is really fun to get something you flip over isn't it?

  20. Those dishes really ARE pretty! I love the unusual shape and the contrasting border. You'll be able to use those in lots of pretty tablescapes!

  21. Well, of course you fell in love with this pottery. It is so lovely! I'm guessing that it will make some stunningly wonderful appearances around Thanksgiving, too! You've don a beautiful job on your tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  22. The dishes are amazing--love the color combination. The teapot centerpiece was great--both times!


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