Sunday Favorite

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been a bit MIA lately. The Princess has a cold and she has been sharing it with me.

Today is Sunday Favorite and so I thought I could at least revisit an old post and join Chari's party. This post was from about this time last year. Enjoy and have a great day!

With a can of Dollar Store Black Spray Paint, changing up inexpensive finds is so easy!

A month or so ago, I mentioned I hit some clearanced items at Family Dollar and General Dollar. I liked the pieces but, they weren't just right for me. so, out came the black spray paint.

These two little wall hangings were clearanced for $1.29 each. I really liked the little medallions and even the light green background (our furniture is green). However, the faux silver frames were definitely not working for me.

So, a simple paint job was in order.

And the finished hangings

And then these two little wooden candlesticks were purchased at a Dollar Store. Rather plain and blah.

Spray painted black

And then with a little Autumn bling which I also found at the dollar store (candles and 2 sets of dollar store beaded bracelets), a complete simple change.

These little black shelves were also clearanced for $2.00. I didn't have to do anything to them but, let me tell ya, cheap shelves are cheap shelves! LOL They look fine but, they are a royal pain to put up. Troy finally made a small wood cleat to hang them on.

Up on the wall (sorry about the beige walls but, this is a rental)

A little holiday decor

The pumpkin gourds are real

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  1. You found some cute clearance items last year! Love the big change black paint can make. I hope you and the princess are feeling better soon!!!!! Hugs!

  2. Now this is why you have such cute stuff and I only have junk! I've learned to spray paint, but I never would have thought to add the bracelets for just that right touch.

  3. Hi Girlfriend...

    Wowzer...what a pretty autumn looks fabulous! I would have never guessed that you were able to put this together for virtually pennies! Girlfriend, you are the Queen of Thrift! I love it!!! You know, I bought similar art from the Dollar Store as well. I thought the frames were really pretty and I had three fruit prints that were needing I bought them for the frames! I liked that you painted all of your goodies black just looks fabulous with all the warm, autumn colors!

    Great post, Diann! Thanks so much for sharing it with us today for Sunday Favorites!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. I too am MIA because of stressful life situations. Had we not had the worst summer losing my sweets mom I would say this is a close tie! Having to move is the pits and not finding anyone honest to deal with is worse! Prayers are always welcomed. I hope the princess is feeling better and you too! The change in weather always comes with stuffy or runny noses and such! TLC! Take care to all three of you and I totally love the blakc look you created. SO chic! Anne

  5. Very nicely done.


  6. Those candle holders are just darling!! Glad you replayed this one!

  7. Like to see the most economical pieces looking like a million with a bit of creativity. Job well done.

  8. Your fall decor looks beautiful! The extra shot of color made a big differnce~

  9. Spray paint is simply amazing.
    But it takes a good eye to see the possibilities in those dollar store bargains!

  10. Funny, I've been hearing all my life about the indispensable "little black dress". You make me see the wisdom of the indispensable can of black paint!


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