Some Pretty Red and Whites

Hi everyone!

Wednesday are Red and White party days thanks to these two lovely bloggers....

Sue for Rednesday

Kathleen for White Wednesday

So, let's just get to it!

This first new to me white find is my favorite find of the week! I had seen it at the thrift store I talked about yesterday and had really wanted it then. However, $6.99 was out of my price range. It was a good price, don't get me wrong but, just not a "Diann thrifty price"! But, on Saturday's 50% off day, it became a Diann thrifty price at $3.49!!

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Sorry about not cleaning it first. I was just so excited about it I started taking pictures! LOL Isn't she beautiful? A new soup tureen (yeah, I know I need another white soup tureen like a hole in the head). All the pretty swirly designs are just gorgeous and it even had the ladle with it! This is not any sought after manufacturer or ironstone. It is just a lovely tureen.

Now, this beauty has a secret!

10-10 bargains 051

Don't ya just love it! I have never seen or had an electric soup tureen. This was such a fun surprise to me. I will be using this tureen a lot!

I had also spotted this beautiful fruit basket cookie jar. I loved all the vibrant colors of the fruit.

10-10 bargains 05610-10 bargains 054 10-10 bargains 057

Now I want to show you some of the birthday presents I got from my wonderful friend Linda!

10-10 bargains 058I know, I really should have ironed them before taking a picture. She sent me two of these gorgeous placemats with two matching napkins. Aren’t they just so pretty!

10-10 bargains 059Oh and look at this gorgeous red  transferware plate she sent me! 

10-10 bargains 060 10-10 bargains 061

And this is just too cute! It is a ceramic teacup with a hole in the middle to use as a candle topper.

10-10 bargains 06510-10 bargains 064

Linda also filled these adorable wooden tea boxes with all kinds of treasures!!

10-10 bargains 066

10-10 bargains 067

10-10 bargains 068

Those are just a few of the awesome birthday presents she sent me. She is such an amazing friend and so incredibly generous!! I love everything and again, thank you so much Linda!!

Maybe you would like to find some beautiful red or white treasure to add to you home. And maybe I can help you with that!  How about $60.00 guilt free spending money at CSN Stores!


Head over to this post and enter my $60.00  CSN Store gift Card Giveaway!!


  1. Love that electric soup toureen. That is a great find. Your friend is really a great friend. The items she sent are lovely, especially the little tea boxes.

  2. Diann,
    What a great soup tureen!! And I love the red transferware plate!!
    So many pretties in this post!!


  3. Happy Birthday -- what wonderful treasures. The electric soup tureen sounds like a wonderful find.

  4. That soup tureen is a fab find! Love how you can plug it in to keep the soup warm! I am so happy you like your Birthday treasures. It was so much fun to gather them up for you!! Lots of Love!! Linda

  5. I've never seen an electric soup tureen either. What a treasure. The design on it is fabulous. Love that cookie jar too, and your gifts are fabulous. Wow, you have tons of new and wonderful things to play with. Love it all. Hugs, Marty

  6. Oh Diann, what an awesome deal with that tureen..amazing. Loving the placemats/napkins and the red transfer plate..oh my..She blessed you with so many beautiful things...beautiful birthday treasures indeed

  7. WOW what a great soup tureen! It's a beauty!


  8. Love the red transfereware plate and the soup tureen is lovely. That it is electric is a huge bonus. hugs♥olive

  9. Love the plate and tureen, great that it is electric to keep the soup warm.

  10. Yay,more lovely treasures! I am always smitten with red transferware! Beautiful! oh what a sweet friend..enjoy! have alot of generous are a shining star!

  11. Beautiful, you'll have to stop by my blog for a peek at some of my red and white transferware. I'll be adding more photos soon. The plate is stunning, have a good one.

  12. So many great details and finds-love the first one the best!

  13. what wonderful treasures. I love the fact the soup toureen is electrical how great for serving at the table

  14. Wow, you do have a wonderful friend. I love the red and white transferware and the placemats and napkins.

  15. Thank you visiting you has been a pleasure

  16. Red is my favorite color! Love the place mats, napkins and plate in particular! Oh,and your blog, of course!

  17. you did well in your purchase. wow! what nice gifts you received for your birthday, from a good friend. rose

  18. Love the electric soup tureen! What fabulous birthday gifts! Linda sounds like a wonderful friend!

    ~ Tracy


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