My Mom Loves to Play~with Paint!

Hi everyone!


Today is Miss Laurie's party, "A Few of My Favorite Things" and one of my favorite things is my mom's fun spirit. She loves to paint. If it can be painted, it will get painted. If she can catch it, it will be painted. Although her paintings are of wildlife, she has a major compulsion to paint silly whimsical things all over.

So, today I thought I would share with you some of the fun and silly little things she has painted on the screened in porch at our cabin.

First we have "Mr. Cabin Mouse". she painted a little doorway complete with welcome sign and doormat and Mr. Mouse himself. this is right next to the screen door.

 cabin 005

Above this screen door are just some pretty butterflies.

cabin 006

When my parents first completed the front porch, my mom had my dad hang a porch swing immediately. This was her number one things she wanted on the porch. It was just a plain simple wooden swing. do you think my mom could keep it that way? Not on your life! Out came the paints. and she played!

cabin 007cabin 008

I had thought I took a closer overall picture of the swing but, I guess I didn’t. It as a deer painted in he center surrounded by woods and grass.

cabin 011All along the porch rails she pained more butterflies and dragonflies.

cabin 009 

This 2 chair settee is where my dad and brothers always go through their tackle boxes and get their fishing gear all in order. And  the day after they go fishing, my mom always finds dropped tackle under it. So,  she decided to just add the tackle there permanently.

cabin 026You have to really be looking or them to notice them.  Oh, by the way, that large dark chunk of something on the table is a very old piece of wax that was my grandpa’s and is still used today. My grandpa used it to wax the heavy thread to repair tents and other canvas items.

Here are the little fishing tackle.

cabin 027A fishing lure.

cabin 028  Fishing line.

cabin 029Another fishing lure.

cabin 030And a bobber.

Those are a few of the fun little things she has painted.  Each time she visits the cabin, some new little thing is discreetly painted.  It’s kind of a treasure hunt for the rest of to spot what she has added whenever we go up there.

I hope you enjoyed some of my mom’s fun spirit. Have a wonderful day!


  1. awww, those are just too darn cute! I love the mouse hole! :)

  2. Your Mom is quite talented and I love all her whimsey paintings :)


  3. Love the little paintings here and there. Sounds like so much fun to find the new one!!

  4. I also love the mousehole! She is good!

  5. Oh your mom is so talented, Diann. I love her paintings and I think that is so cute and precious that she likes to paint all over the cabin. That makes the cabin even more special...Christine

  6. LOVE THAT! I want a mouse hole! Or a dollar painted on the floor.

  7. Your mother is quite the talented the fishing lure.

  8. Mom has an amazing sense of humor as well as some painting talent! Love her "mouse hole" and the fishing lures on the floor! What fun to share her artwork, Diann! :-)
    ~ Sue

  9. How fun is that. She has a great sense of humor. I know you all enjoy every one of her paintings. What a fun idea. Hugs, Marty

  10. Awesome! I love the swing. Such talent,I am jealous of her talent. Me,I have to trace or use stencils.

  11. What sweet paintings. Your mother is a very talented artist!

  12. my favorite is the mouse. mom has talent. rose

  13. Your mother is very creative. She's making memories that will last the family forever.

  14. What fun ideas! Your mom is a talented painter!

  15. Loved seeing your Mother's fun touches. She is very talented. Many years ago, I saw a mouse and mouse hole painted on the baseboard (think in a kitchen), in a magazine and I wanted one done in my kitchen. I had a lot of country and primitive decor at that time and thought it would fit in. Never did get it done.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  16. How cute is that! Your Mom is a very talented and creative lady.


  17. I love the fishing lures, etc. your Mom painted. What fun.

  18. What a wonderful gift that she has been given and how great that she passes it along for you and your family to enjoy. I think it's wonderful that you recognize your Mom's artistic talents and that you love her special touches of art throughout the cabin.


  19. Oh Diann, what fun! I love Mr. Cabin Mouse, and how cute to paint the lures, etc. on the floor! She is obviously a very talented, clever, and artistic person (so you come by all of it naturally). The swing is beautiful. I'd love to sit on this porch and just enjoy seeing all of the whimsy she has added to it. Thank you for linking this to Favorite Things. laurie

  20. How fun! I love the idea of everyone trying to figure out what was added. Too cute.


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