Lovely Vintage Gifts

Hi everyone!

Way back when, my very first post that I linked up to Vintage Thingie Thursday was a small vintage brown tapestry handbag. My mom had bought it for me to just sit on my dresser and keep whatever little treasures I might want to keep.

The other day when we went to the swap meet/flea market, she bought this little vintage manicure set. It matches the purse wonderfully! It was made in Germany and it just so tiny and sweet.

10-10 bargains 080It definitely has wear and tear.

10-10 bargains 073

She also found this beautiful little Lefton China dish. Purple is my favorite color and she knew this would fit right into my small bathroom perfectly.

10-10 bargains 06910-10 bargains 071 It originally was an ashtray but, I will be using it as a soap dish.

10-10 bargains 078

And the other awesome treasure she got for me was this adorable little spice rack. the individual little spice jars are shaped like little books. The wood rack will probably get a paint job soon. I am going to hang it under one of the cabinets by the stove.

10-10 bargains 081 10-10 bargains 083CSN_Stores_Logo

So, are you ready to go shopping? do you want $60.00 in guilt free money to play with at the CSN Stores? Then head over to this post and enter to win my CSN Gift Card Giveaway!!

Please stop by and tell Suzanne and Missy hi at their parties today.


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  1. Wow...I love the spice rack...adorable!!! lovely!

  2. Oh those spice jars are adorable! I just have the ugly plastic jars they come in from the grocery store, lol. They hide in my cupboard. If I had pretty ones like yours, they'd be on full display at all times- love them!

  3. I love all your vintage goodies!


  4. The spice rack is gorgeous and in excellent shape!

  5. Thanks for sharing your vintage treasures.
    The vintage ashtrays are now being used for many different things now such as wine bottle coasters, soap dishes, ring holders, etc. - really like yours as a soap dish.

  6. Hello sweet friend! Thank you for linkin' up and showing my some linky love! lol :)
    I adore you little ash tray turned soap dish...I LOVE purple too! (pink is my all time favorite, but purple is right up there too!)
    You're so right about all the wonderful bloggy's just amazing how fantastic people are.......with such HUGE hearts too! I was so blessed with those flowers and my son's little plane. I promise you I just cried when I got those things!
    BUT I smiled real big when I found the corningware set! lol I looked on CSN tonight and that set of corningware was something like $50 bucks~! I was a happy girl! :)
    Thanks again for the link..I can always count on you to be at my party! :)
    Love you girlie!
    Missy :)

  7. I love the spice jars. They are great for decoration, but not a very practical group of spices (at least for me).

  8. What cute spice jars! Love them!! The violet dish is so pretty! Nice gifts! You have a wonderful Mom!!!

  9. You have a very generous mom....these little treasure are so sweet. The manicure kit is so antique looking...who cares if it shows the wear and tear of time. It is your now, and you will take good care of it. The adorable lavender ash tray/soap dish is so feminine with it pretty lavender flowers. I know you will love having it in your bathroom. Last but not least is theist of spice jars. They are to die for....the colors are right up my alley. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me your note about my daddy’s pencil holder. I love it, and I am so glad you do, too. Please come back for another visit and I will be back to see you.

  10. I LOVE the little spice jar books! So cute!!! And the little violet dish will make a perfect soap dish!

  11. I absolutely love the lefton dish, it is beautiful as a soap dish!!

  12. I enjoyed visiting with you today and seeing all your vintage goodies.

  13. Oh, I love your spice jars, those are so very cute! How fun to find the match to your purse, I just love that! Thanks for linking in today and sharing with us your great finds. Have a great VTT!

  14. Oh I just love all those pretties you shared here.. the jars are pretty and so is the lefton dish.. thanks for sharing.

  15. i remember owning a similar manicure set in the 60s, you don't see them around these days.

    btw i also happen to own a similar spice set except mine's got a chicken design not flowers like yours :)

  16. Fantastic finds, I love your new soap dish!

  17. I am so coveting that spice rack right now.

  18. I love the spice jars. So pretty.

  19. Such pretty treasures~ I love how the dish looks with soap! Just hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets...I am a new follower!

  20. i've seen the spice rack at one of our local antique stores. love the little flowered dish. great items. rose

  21. Fun finds, but the little spice books really caught my eye. ;-)

  22. The violet dish makes a very attractive soap dish, too pretty and delicate for an ashtray. Perhaps it was used for ladies card parties.
    I seem to recall a spice set like that at a friend's house when I was very young. I agree delightful to look at, but maybe not to use.

  23. How sweet that your mom thinks of you so often and knows you so well! All of your items are darling. I love it when I see interesting items used as soap dishes.

  24. Every thing is just so beautiful on your blog. Your mom has a good eye for treasures. Doylene

  25. What nice finds! I love that old handbag. Thanks for stopping by.


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