Hi Everyone!

Wow, just a post on my blog about nothing having to do with linking up to parties or anything like that. LOL I haven't just wrote a post in forever!

As you may have notice, I have been an absentee blogger for a few days. Nothing monumental, just life. LOL I spent Tuesday with my mom. We went out to lunch and then to a thrift store and a couple of clothing stores. We had a fun day.

I'll have you know, that when we went to the thrift store, I did NOT buy even one dish or household item!! Woohoo! That has to be a first for me! I was so proud of myself. What I did get was the Princess's Halloween costume. She is going to be a pony. I got myself a mossy green sweater set. And the Princess a Halloween long sleeve Tee. That's it!

Wednesday was a get some thing done around here kind of day. I did those chores that only get done once in awhile. Scooted the fridge out and cleaned the coils, went over the walls and ceiling with a dust mop, cleaned the window sills. Yup, all those ever so exciting chores!

Yesterday, the maintenance guy came out to fix a few things that were broken around here. Number one thing....the DISHWASHER! Oye, a week without a dishwasher has not been fun! I did learn a little tidbit to share with you regarding flushing out your dishwasher system of built up grease. I have always done the whole vinegar rinse occasionally. However, the maintenance guy said they use Simple Green. It clears out all the grease and is safe for the dishwasher and your dishes in case there is some still in the system. He just dumped some in the bottom of the unit and ran the rinse cycle some to get it completely through.

I also worked on our Christmas budget for this year. I have several gifts already but, the budget includes a lot more than just gift giving. We host an International Christmas dinner each year for my parents. This is our biggest expense of the year. We go all out. Each year, we choose a different country and research out that country's Christmas traditions and standard dinner menu. Last year, it was Italy. You can see our Christmas table Here and our menu Here. This year is Russia. This should be interesting! So, we have been researching the menu and traditions. Until we get the menu nailed down, it is hard to budget so, we are getting it done now. I also buy an Christmas ornament made in that country for my parents and for us. So, I have been searching online for Russian Christmas ornaments. I may have to make a trip to Frankenmuth soon to visit Bronners.

Also, I went through my pantry to see what I have regarding baking and cooking needs for Thanksgiving. I made a list of what I am going to cook and what I have and what I need to get. Now that I have my lists, I can start looking for coupons and sales on these needed items.

Today we need to get some boring stuff around here done and then clean out the back of our truck. Tomorrow we are heading up to our trailer to winterize it and get everything out of it that needs to come home for the winter. Last year when we did this, I hit a huge storage unit sale and ended up coming home with waaay too much stuff! LOL

So, that is what has been going on the last few days here at Casa Chaos! LOL What have you been doing this week?


  1. Hi Diann...wow..lots going on at casa chaos! Always good to hear what you have been up to!
    Have afabulous wkd!

  2. Sounds like you have gotten a ton of things done and so organized. Unreal. I need to get with the program. I havn't even started Christmas yet. Your Internation theme sounds so fun. I can't wait to see what you do for Russia. Hugs, Marty

  3. I does sound like you are one busy gal.
    I am to see you did post about it.
    It sounds like you are so organized.
    I have not even started my Christmas shopping yet.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. I was wondering where you were last night. I got home yesterday (evening) and today I've been doing some chores. Sara and Blake will be here to visit tonight and then I've got to get my holiday plans going. You sound so organized! I haven't been posting much since I was in Texas and hope to get back to my parties soon!

  5. Since the weather turned really cold, I just felt the need to winterize. LOL. But I didn't even have a fall. Sigh. Have a good day.

  6. Sounds like you have been busy. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Diann, you make me feel so lazy! I cannot remember the last time I pulled my refrigerator out and cleaned. Thanks for reminding me that I need to do that. Your foreign country Christmas dinners sound so fun. What a great idea! I can't wait to see pictures of the Russian dinner. How cute that precious little girl is going to be trick-or-treating as a pony! laurie


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