Glitter Your Pumpkins!

Hi everyone!

Today is Sunday Favorites at Chari's place. This is where we revisit and old post. I thought I would repost this from last Fall.

Okay, I am totally going glitter crazy! I have been seeing posts and pictures of people adding a little glitter to their Fall decorations and well, if it sparkles, it's for me! LOL

This is really a thrifty little do it yourself project that is easy, fun and sparkley!

All you need is whatever items you want to glitterize (a special word I have been keeping a secret..LOL). I did 8 smaller pumpkins and 10 gourds. Cheap white craft glue. I got the package of 2 at the dollar store. A package of dollar store foam brushes. And glitter. I found this really fine scrapbooking glitter at JoAnns. Regular price was $4.99 but, I got it for half off.

I diluted the white craft glue 50/50 with water. you don't need a lot of glue or glitter for this project. So, you will have plenty of leftover supplies for other projects. I just brushed on the glue water mixture all over the pumpkins and then sprinkled with glitter. I used the copper color glitter. And there is no way to make a mistake with these. If you get too much glitter in one spot, just take your foam brush and smooth it out. The glitter that was on the paper or plate afterward, I just tossed it into the glue mixture.

Since my pumpkins are going way up on shelves above my windows I wanted to have some sparkle and sheen to them that would be picked up by the little while lights that I am adding to the shelves as well. As I look at the picture of this pumpkin, it looks like I sprinkled it wth cinnamon! LOL. It doesn't like that in person. I guess the camera just picks it up weird
Here is one of the pumpkins up on the shelf. You can see a little glittery sheen to it. I was very happy with the way they came out. Like I said, the pictures just didn't seem to capture the colors very good.

I also did some little white pumpkin gourds in the gold glitter.


  1. Oh, I just gotta get me some glitter! Love everything I see:@)

  2. I have only done one fall decorative thing. Just not in the "groove". hehehe

  3. Oh cute!! Are you going to glitter this year??

  4. ooh, I love glittery little white ones! Lezlee

  5. Way cool.

    One thing though - - - do they rot up on the shelf?

  6. Hi Diann,
    I love them dark glitter on the pumpkins. It
    makes them look rich! Love the white ones too. Isn't it fun to add a little sparkle to them!


  7. Diann, I think I'm going to give this to Allie as a project today! Love it!
    xoxo Pattie

  8. What an easy, simple way to add a little sparkle to your decorations. I can see adding glitter to some little decorative gourds also. Great idea.

  9. I love glitter on anything. Your pumpkins are so pretty!

  10. I am just loving the white pumpkins I am seeing everywhere. And yours with glitter. Even better.

  11. How fun girl...Love the white ones...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  12. Hi Diann...

    Girlfriend, your glittery pumpkins turned out awesome! I think you're right...since you were putting them up high on the shelf...the glitter gave the pumpkins just that extra sparkle...catching attention! By the way, I loved how you decorated your shelf...soooo pretty! Yes, I have seen a few posts where people are doing this...I want to try it too! This was a great post, Girlfriend...thank you so much for sharing it with us for Sunday Favorites this week!

    Warmest autumn wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design


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