Frugal Magazines

I love magazines! I hate the prices! Seriously, when did magazines start costing $5.00-$12.00 a magazine? Not a year subscription but, ONE SINGLE ISSUE!  I can take my hubby and princess out for dinner for the cost of one magazine! That is insane!


But oh, all those beautiful magazines! I stand in line at the checkout and just stare at all the beautiful covers!



I actually subscribe to quite a few magazines. But, I didn’t pay a dime for any of the subscriptions! I search them out online and find free subscription offers. No credit card numbers, no gimmicks, no trial period. Just flat out free.

But, there are tons of magazines I would love to have subscriptions to but, just can’t afford it. So, what to do just short of taking a lawn chair to your local bookstore or Walmart and plan to spend the day reading magazines?

First option is to head to the library and check out however many you want. There was a particular magazine that I really enjoyed and our library didn’t carry it. I put in a request for it and they found them at another library in our system and had it sent to my local library. Also, at my library, we can do this from home. I love that!

Also, our library sells bundles of past issues of different magazines for $1.00. I always stop in and check out which magazines they have to buy. Some, I really like to keep for reference like gardening magazines.

Next, I always keep my eyes open at thrift stores or yards sales for past issues of magazines. I have gotten a lot of fun magazines that way for very little money.

Also exchange magazines with friends, family, co-workers, neighbors or church members.

If you absolutely have to buy a new magazine, buy it from a store that offers a discount.

Once you are done with the magazines, donate them. Either to the thrift store, the library, local hospital etc. Lots of places would enjoy receiving them.


  1. Good tips, magazines are outrageously priced these days!

  2. GREAT post Diann!! All great ideas for us magazine-aholics. One more - I use the Coke Reward points (I don't buy Coke but they do at work and I retrieve the points from the trash) and subscribe to many magazines that way.


  3. You are right the price of magazines is CRAZY.

  4. I only have a couple of magazines I subscribe to and only when they have a really cheap price! Otherwise I'm buying from the thrift or checking out at the library like you! I'm going to have to start looking for those 'free' magazines!

  5. So true about the outrageous prices of magazines! I had forgotten about checking them out at the library. The only thing is I like to look at them over and over again. I pull out my magazines from the past and it's like reading it for the first time. Pass the word on if you see any more free deals! The subscriptions I get are gifts. When family asks what they can get me for Christmas, I tell them a magazine subscription.

  6. sometimes they are as much as a book..yikes. I feel like they are desparate for annual peeps so they are offering some great deals too if you wait for them. lol

  7. Wow how do you get magazine subscriptions for free?? We've found them for $5, but not for free. Yes the prices have gone out of range for most people, but someone must be buying them.


  8. I always check yard sales for magazines. I also get them from freecycle or craigslist. It often says you must take the whole stack/bag of magazines but that's fine with me. I keep what I want to read and freecycle the rest.

  9. I have a hard time getting rid of my magazines because I hate to throw them out. I keep Fine Gardening and one other for reference, and even that takes up a lot of space. The local thrift stores don't really want them. Thanks for the freecycle and Craigs list suggestions, I'll try that.

  10. Hi Diann! Half Price Bookstores carry masgazines around here, but not sure if they're in your area. Now if you like vintage..check out antique malls or shops. They carry 1930-today. I find the best Better Homes, Ladies Home Journals, from the 30's to the 60's usually for like a $1-$2 There are also a lot of budles of modern issues there too for like a stack at $5

  11. I am guilty of spending my last $5.00 on a magazine! Milk and bread or magazine!!! LOL!

    I keep promising myself that I won't pay full price and that I will wait to find one at the Thrifts, but I can't stand to wait.

    I admire your restraint!


  12. I'm with you, it is ridiculous....I know some are $15.99...I never thought of the library. Your right, it was like one day they tripled in price. You can buy a book for the price of a magazine.


  13. I work at a school and kids sale them as fund raisers...they may be cheaper other places, but if I feel like helping a kid out, at least I really get something I want, too, and not just some cheap fund raiser junk. With these hard times mags really offer good deals to keep subscribing to them. I love magazines, too. Lezlee

  14. I love your great magazine tips !I have gotten a lot of free mags online, too.

  15. I love magazines, too! Maybe it's the glossy paper. :) I get free subscriptions by answering online surveys for I earn points that I can redeem for magazine subscriptions (or other items, such as airline miles, discounts, etc.). You're limited to the titles they offer, but sometimes I find something I really like!

  16. I search for Decor magazines at yard sales or flea markets. I have kept a lot of my old ones as I really like them much better then the newer ones.


  17. I love that your commenters share their tips and tricks and resources too.
    I try on freecycle but often it semms I am not chosen. At thrifts they used to be 10 cents each but proces have risen to 25 cents often 50 cents per magazine, but that is so much better than $3.00 or more. Watch for Amazon deals around the holiday. I will buy a subscription for $5/yr or less if I really like the magazine. Certain ones never seem to be thrown out or regifted, including some specific gardening or craft related. I keep looking though!
    I have even asked at the Dr office if I can have certain magazines when they get old.
    And church sales are a great place to find bundles.

  18. Great post with good ideas.. I too love magazines but try to buy at thrift stores or my friends pass theirs on when done. So many of the magazines are loaded with ads for fashion, perfume and jewerly.. Seems a waste to pay for all of that.
    Have a safe weekend


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