For the Love of Craigslist!

Hi everyone!

It's the weekend and that means two of my favorite bloggy ladies are having their weekend parties! Of course, I am sure you already know both of them but, if you don't......YOU SHOULD!!

First up we have the ever awesome Laurie from "Bargain Hunting and Chatting with Laurie". Every weekend she hosts A Few of My Favorite Things.

Next we have the ever charming Debbie at "Debbiedoos". And she hosts, GaRage Salen' every weekend.

These two ladies have a wonderful thing in common besides being utterly fabulous! They both have an amazing sense of humor. I think that is why I just adore both of them!

Okay, on to the post!

Craigslist. It is the first place I check when I get online in the morning. I have the "Free Stuff" page on my favorites list. I have to confess, I rarely look at any other pages on Craigslist, just the freebies.

We have gotten a lot of awesome things off Craigslist for free. A great deal of all the shelving in our home came from Craigslist freebie page as well as, landscaping items, plants, canning items, building supplies, crafting items, books, packing material, dressers, toys and kids clothes. The list goes on.

Well, last week there was an ad in the freebies area that a local resale shop was going out of business and had a room of "Free Stuff". Not to mention, everything else in the store was reduced to extremely low prices. Well, that was just too enticing not to check out!!

I must say, by the time we got there, most of the stuff was pretty picked over. But, I was looking for crafting things. And I found several items for projects. I love to find free stuff to craft with because if the craft doesn't work out, I am not anything in out of pocket expense.

What is really awesome is to find something you need and get it free. Some of you might remember this metal lamp I got at a thrift store that ended up costing me $3.49. It is just a cool vintage lamp.

It was in great condition. I didn't realize how dirty it was until I started scrubbing it. I love Magic Erasers! LOL

But, I needed a chimney for it. Well, I went to Lowe's and they had them, Home Depot did not. But, the cheapest one was $5.99. Okay, I guess that's not too bad, but, I am really, and I do mean really on a tight budget these days. So, I was so excited to find this in the freebie area.

A glass chimney in a metal black pail. Not sure what I will do with the pail but, woohoo on the free chimney! Now my fun retro metal lamp is in it's new home. Costing a big $3.49! I am so pleased!

I also have wanted to make a little dish stand. A lot of bloggers are making these and calling them cupcake stands. I doubt mine will ever see a cupcake on top of it but, I think they are pretty and could be used in different ways. So, when I found this glass candlestick and little saucer and they were free, I thought here is my chance to make one. So, with just a bit of glue, I have a little pretty stand.

I also got this set of wood fruit and the wood pedestal bowl. I think this is just a fun retro piece and I am going to use it in my Fall decor.

I got several other freebie things which I will probably share with you at a later time.

I also browsed the clothing section and the owner told me that every piece of clothing, regardless of what it was, was a $1.00 each. I wrote a post a couple of months ago about trying to rebuild my wardrobe on the cheap (my old clothes don't fit any more, too large). So, I browsed around. I ended up getting 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of slacks, a pair of 100% black leather pants, 2 jackets, 1 blazer and 1 dress with matching jacket. All of these items still had the original retail tags on them.

Here is my tip of the day: When you find leather clothes for super cheap, keep in mind of possible crafting projects! Think outside of the box and don't think of it as a piece of clothing, think of it as a lot of leather to cut up and use other ways! I do this with a lot of fabrics. I don't always look for something for me to wear. Instead, check out the fabric or buttons for other projects.

He also had his jewelry all for .50 cents. So, I bought a few pairs of earrings.

After we left, Troy surprised me with some Fall goodies he got super cheap for me.

So, the moral of today's post is, you just never know what you might find for free on Craigsslist. some days there is nothing and then you might see a treasure pop up!


  1. I'm hooked! I will start looking on CraigsList for freebies!! You once again got some awesome deals. Love you lamp and glad you found the glass for it free!!!!

  2. Lots of great finds! And I love the leather hint!

  3. I love Craigslist. My grandson and his wife have furnished most of their apartment with freebies from Craigslist. The only thing they bought new was their mattress and box spring and a sofa sleeper.

  4. I have seen the free section on craiglist...once for dirt another time for nothing great. I love that lamp, it looks super charming! Cute wood fruit too. Thanks so much Diann for saying such nice things about me:) COUGH COUGH you really do not know me at all...HA I have y'all fooled big time:):)!!~
    Thank you so much for joining is always fun to see what you score.

  5. Great tip about Craigslist. I check form things i want but never thought of the freebie page. I'll have to see if my Craigslist for my state has freebies.

  6. Wow Diann, I have never found anything on Craigs list. My BFF found a sewing machine once. I think I will be a little more active in looking :-)


  7. I think I better start out looking on Craigs List. I like your lamp, it's cute.


  8. Hi Girlfriend...

    Ohhh...I love, love, LOVE that vintage lamp,'s awesome! I'm glad that you were able to get it fixed! Ohhh...and that wooden pedestal bowl and fruit is sooo pretty! Yes, it'll look great for an autumn vignette or table centerpiece! Can't wait to see how you use it! You know, we live way out in the "boonies"...our nearest town is 30 mls. away and it's not very large. We do have Craig's List but there is never anything good on it! Shoot!

    Hope ya'll are having a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!!!

    Love ya,

  9. Diann, our free section of CL never has anything like this! What fun to go shopping for free and to get new clothing for $1 each (almost free!). Your stand made with the candle holder and plate turned out so pretty. I love those vintage metal lamps, and how lucky to get the chimney free! Your lovely words about me and my blog touched my heart. Thank you so much, and thank you for linking to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  10. You sure hit the Craigs List jackpot. I've been wanting to check that out, but I haven't yet. I must confess that my eyebrows went up when I read that you chose a pair of leather pants. Then I had to laugh at your explanation. I would never have thought of that.

  11. You really did hit the jackpot!! I have to admit that I have never checked Craigslist but I think I will now.
    And how nice of Troy to surprise you with some fall finds too.

  12. i know nothing about Craiglist but will check it out. you did pretty well finding inexpensive items. i love the old lamp. rose

  13. I look at Craigslist freebies every day....several times a day. I travel 100 miles for work 2-3 times a month, so I look at the freebie section for that city too. I have a Craigslist freebie end table (REAL wood! woo hoo!!) in the back of my car right now that is heading back home with me when I finish this job up tomorrow morning. It's crying out to be refinished and my fingers are itching to do some serious decoupaging. LOL!


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