A Fall Excursion

Whenever we are at the campground, we have to visit the petting zoo. The princess looks forward to it. The petting zoo is actually a farm/apple orchard. This past weekend was a major weekend at the farm for families. They had pony rides, hay wagon rides, parties going on everywhere. There were a lot of people there. The smell of fresh baked caramel donuts, hot apple cider and fresh baked bread was everywhere! So, I thought I would share some Reds I saw around for Rednesday!

While Troy took the princess to visit the animals, I ventured into the gift shop. First, I snapped some pictures of my surroundings.

Welcome to Anderson & Girls!

The Gift Store

The Ice Cream Shop

The Petting Zoo

Okay, let's head into the gift shop. First, check out some of the cuteness on the porch.

Apples galore! Jonagolds are my favs!

Some halloween things

A Little Fall decor

The second floor of the shop

The third attic part of the shop.

I hope you enjoyed my little excursion with me!


  1. Thanks for taking me along with you...I had a great time! Happy Fall!


  2. What a fun store. Love all the different floors and the items for sale. I could spend lots of time looking at all the cute vignettes!

  3. Diann...what a fun day! When ours were little we always enjoyed the annual trip to the apple orchard. Always a fuzzy-all-over kind of day :)


  4. Oh wow, what a fantastic post!!! And how fun it must have been to go there...beautiful!!!
    Happy Rednesday!!

  5. I would have much rather been with you than the petting zoo. This is a wonderful place that looks like it would have something for everyone.

  6. I loved it. Wish I could have actually touched a few things though. Thank you for the tour.

  7. Wonderful. What a great family outing!

  8. Looks like a great time and a great place. I love just strolling along and checking out everything. I like petting zoos too!


  9. What a fun excursion! My kind of weekend. Sweet family memories. Love that little shop with all the apples!

  10. I'm surprised you are still camping. We've closed up and winterized our campers. That is a great place you have nearby to visit. The gift store and all are some place I'd enjoy for sure.

  11. What a fun excursion! I love this time of year.

  12. Looks like a fun place to visit! I am sure I would have trouble finding something to buy ;)
    Joy at Books and Life

  13. Of course it was fun to join you on your little excursion, but I have to say that all I noticed was the yo-yo print fabric on the basket advertising brown sugar savers. I do love my yo-yo's.

  14. It looks and sounds like you had a great time! I love the pumpkin family on the porch, and I feel like I can actually smell all of those yummy apples!
    Happy REDnesday!


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