A Fall "Do" and then a "Redo"

Hi everyone!

Fall is the most fun time to decorate in my opinion. Now don't get me, I love decorating at Christmas but, Fall you have almost 3 months to keep changing things up if you want to. And I do a lot of redo's during this time.

Of course there are also those times you do a little vignette and then realize that it is just not going to work for you for whatever reason. That is what this post is about.

We use this small square end table as our coffee table. We have a full coffee table but, it is in storage because when Troy got injured, I needed to clear out as much furniture as I could so he could get around with a walker. And I have never brought it back into our home.

You see this table all the time in my pictures of thrift finds. So, I decided to do a little fall vignette on it.

I really liked the way it looked on this tiny table. And it lastest exactly 3 days. Why? Because this table is used ALL the time. The princess has her tea parties here, has her snacks here, drinks are always sitting here and I use the table for picture taking a lot. Well, I forgot one of my best tips: For areas that the centerpiece or vignette needs to be moved frequently, make your display on some sort of tray!

So, after moving this little vignette a gazillion times, I decided a redo was in order!

Following the K.I.S.S rule. I redid it with mobility in mind.

So now, I can simply pick up the whole tray, move it and then move it back with no problem!

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  1. Yes, I do agree this is the best time of year. I really like your tweaks here and there. That is a really cute pumpkin display. Pretty tray too!

  2. i love fall. the colors of orange, red, yellow just shout out to be noticed. i think the tray idea is good. thanks rose

  3. Your vignette is great. Trays are wonderful things aren't they?

  4. Very nice vignette and I bet you are glad it is on a tray now. That moving back and forth would drive me nuts!! Love these colors!! I am so happy it's Fall!!

  5. Great idea on using the tray as moving the lovely decor would drive me absolutely bonkers!

  6. Just a quick note to say Thankyou for the cookie recipe, I made them straight away and they are simply Scrumptious.
    Love Jillx

  7. The tray looks great sitting on the pineapple doily. I have one exactly like that on my table. The fall colors are perfect with the pumpkin and the tray.

  8. Diann the tray made the whole vignette look much better!!

  9. Your Fall vignette looks fantastic Diann! I just read somewhere that you should keep your vignettes on a tray when they are on a coffee table, so that you can just pick it all up. I don't think I ever really need to pick up a magazine again, because I get so many great ideas right here in blogland!

  10. I love it...Sooo beautiful and delightful! very inpsiring. I love the white gourd..so charming..you have amagic touch as always!yay.. me too..i love decorating on trays or large platters...you can bring the magic anywhere! Beautiful and festive..! have a gorgeous Autumn day!

  11. I love your fall decor! Clever to put it all on a tray so it can be moved so easily. Good job!

  12. You're right. Sometimes the best ideas really are the simplest ones.

  13. Now, Mizz Dianne...you are one smart cookie. I LOVE it being able to be moved so quickly and ...easy!! I am going to do the exact same thing...I love learning these fine tips from all you bloggers. I run around from room to room changing things out and Mr. Sweet starts rolling those eyes again!! :)) Some day, they are going to get stuck back there...!
    When I was a little tiny girl, my mom would have a hissy fit if I crossed my eyes..."Don't do that...they will get stuck like that!"...little did she know it is great excerise for the eyes...:)

  14. Love the Fallen look! You did a good job.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Your fall display is beautiful. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Your fall vignette is so pretty! I like the contrast between the autumn colors and the white doilies.

  17. Love the use of the doilies and the beautiful tray with all the beautiful fall items. Stunning arrangement. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  18. There is something wonderful about every season - I love the crispness and fresh air of Fall! Love your tabletop decoration and that you changed it to be able to move it at will. Terrific,


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