Dining Room Table Centerpiece Redo

Hi everyone!

I decided it was time for a new dining table centerpiece redo. This cute pumpkin filled with fresh flowers is starting to look a little wilted and will get it's own redo soon.

A couple of days ago I went to Michael's. Now I will confess to you that I went for one little thing. I wanted a small styrofoam cone shape. Well, they had them but, they were way over priced for me. $2.99 for one 4" styrofoam cone. Not going to happen! But, of course, I looked around.

I have been avoiding Michael's for awhile because, well, the store has a way of stealing all my money! I don't know how it happens, but things just leap into my cart and the next thing I know I am walking out to the parking lot with a empty wallet!

Well, sure enough, my cart filled up again. However, tis time my wallet still had money in it after all my purchases. As I was walking around the store,I came across and endcap with a big sign stating everything was 90% off!

So, before I show you my project, I thought I would show you what was 90% off to give you a heads up in case you may want to check out your Michael's for these goodies.

This is actually what I have left after my centerpiece makeover.

The line is called "Tuscan Home" by Ashland.
The bunches of flowers were between $6.99-$9.99. So, I got them for between .69 cents -.99 cents!
Now, once again I know these are not Fall candles but, the colors are just right
These gold ones have raised flowers on them.

I thought all the colors were just fine for Fall. I know it was a line that came out for Spring, but, like I said, they work for me for Fall.

The tall dark brown ones have a basket weave to them.
The shorter ones were $6.99 and the taller ones were $8.99. That means I got them for .69 cents and .89 cents. Cheaper than the Dollar Store!!

I go two of these pretty floral filled ceramic vases. Just love the vases!

You can see the original price of $9.99 and of course, I got them each for .99 cents!

Then I just loved this pretty large green and gold butterfly. I wish there would have been more, I would have bought them! $3.49 = .34 cents!

And they only had one of these floral candle rings left as well. $3.99 = .39 cents.

So, those, plus the stuff I used on my centerpiece were my fun bargain surprises from Michaels!

Okay, on to the centerpiece.

I showed you the awesome wood boxes that my friend Linda sent me for my birthday on a post last week. Well, I just love the boxes and really wanted to show them off and do some kind of pretty Fall display with them.

I added some floral foam pieces to the inside of each box.

I started cutting all the different floral bunches apart and created the arrangement. I had a package of little gourds in my stash of stuff that I got last year at the dollar store. I used some of the cut off wire stems and punched them through the bottom of each little styro gourd to create my own gourd picks.

I added a tortoise shell candle holder on top of a pretty little brown and rust flowered plate. I added two unmatched heavy brass candlestickes with caramel tapers and caramel colored satin ribbon. Then I added the pretty floral garland that I also got 90% off and a couple of our white pumpkin gourds that we grew.

I just loved that double pumpkin!

You know my goal is to be thrifty, I have to be! So, I figured out my out of pocket expense for this centerpiece and it was $3.89. Everything else I had on hand. Not bad!

My little floral tip for the day: Don't throw away the extra floral stems or the extra floral stems with the leaves on them. Put them in your stash of faux flowers to use as fillers or to make your own picks in some other project.

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  1. Diann! Those are stunning! I never in my life would have thought to use them for flowers and as a centerpiece! I am so glad you love the boxes, but you have made them into something very special. I need some more candles and faux flowers so might check Michaels this week. My Mom has offered me a suitcase to bring home all my 'bargains' I keep finding!
    Hugs!!! Linda

  2. That is nothing short of amazing!!

  3. Love your boxes and your floral arrangements are gorgeous. So pretty on the tray and displayed with the candlesticks. Gorgeous. You really did well with your shopping too. Hugs, Marty

  4. Utterly charming! How I wish I had those darling boxes. :)

  5. This is my favorite centerpiece I have seen of yours. The three boxes are very interesting and different. Paying 10% is awesome. ♥O

  6. Great finds and I love your new center piece. I guess we all just need to shop with an open mind a little more. You did great!

  7. Diann,
    Very creative centerpiece. It is just beautiful!!!

  8. Love those boxes with your florals...what bargains you got on your trip to Michael's!

  9. You found some great bargains there! The centerpieces turned out so cute. Love the containers and the arrangements.

  10. Wow! you found some great bargains. Your centerpiece is beautiful, you are so creative!

  11. You always make it look so easy. I love what you do and put together and then take the time to explain the presentation, step by step. Lovely as always.

  12. Isn't it great fun, all the inspiration you can get at the craft store? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Your centerpiece is gorgeous. I loved the little boxes when you shoed them last week and you've really made them work in this setting.

  14. This is beautiful! You certainly have an art for display. Love those candles you found.

  15. What a pretty vignette - really like the arrangements in the boxes. I am trying to be good and stay out of places like Michaels and HL, now I may have to go. :D

  16. WOW! Your finished product is simply beautiful. I love it. I can't believe you got such great bargains at Michaels, but again, it's because you were willing to see things differently. I'll say it again - WOW!

  17. How sweet! Love how you used the 3 boxes. Can't wait to go check out my Michaels! What a deal!

  18. That is sure a great savings. You did a wonderful job making the center piece.
    Loved all of the photos.
    We don't have a Micheal's around here close.

  19. The center piece looks Great!

  20. I certainly know how it happens...all that money that's missing after a visit to Michael's. The difference is, you are so much more talented than I am! Amazing and beautiful...maybe you could come to SC and do this for me? LOL

  21. Wow, what a great job, and cheap too! Looks so nice in your little boxes. Thanks for sharing.


  22. That is fabulous. It is amazing what you created with so little money.

  23. Hello there dear Diann!

    At long last I am able to come by for a proper visit!..,Things have been unbelieveably busy here!

    That tea time vignette from last week's tea with those fabulous finds; the silver tea tray and the teapot, in the rich browns and vibrant Autumn colors were beyond fabulous!..,

    I am also so enjoying this new tabletop vignette with all of your cosy and rich Autumn colours as well!~ So pretty!

    Thanks so much for joining in with the Tuesday teatime fun!~ It's always such a pleasure having you partake!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee
    @ http;//theplumedpen.blogspot.com
    and also ..,
    @ http://silkenpurse.blogspot.com

  24. Well this looks like you will have a beautiful table for the season. I try not to go to those store for the same reason as you ended up buying more. I am bad at that and my cupboards are full,lol.
    My Tuesday link for for

  25. Diann,
    Your centerpiece looks outstanding...love those 90% off vases and candles! I think I need to check out my local Michaels.


  26. Wow! You were a quite the shopper! What amazing finds.

    Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sundays. Sorry I'm so late getting around to everyone, but it was a VERY busy weekend.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Oh my gosh...amazing! You did this all for $3.89! Wow you are good! Great ideas! Thank you for linking up to Centerpiece Wed and sharing these amazing deals and creative ideas with us.



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