What a Fun Thrifting Day & Sunday Favorite!

Today the princess and I headed out for a fun girl's day thrifting. I knew there wasn't going to be any garage sales, thrift stores or flea markets happening for the next couple of days (Sunday & Holiday) so, we took advantage of them today.

First thing this morning we went to a large outdoor flea market, then to a huge church garage sale, a storage unit garage sale and then 8 other garage sales! It was a busy day for us. But, the two of us had a blast!

It was too late when we got back to our trailer to take pictures of stuff. but, one of my little goodies was this Christopher Lowell's "You can do it! Small Spaces. Decorating to make every inch count" book. I paid .25 cents for it and I swear, it doesn't look like anyone even opened the cover.

Although the book was published in 2003, Christopher always has great tips. I used to love his show. It was one of the first decorating shows I would watch regularly. I miss his show!

So, anyway, I am calling it a night and making myself a cup of tea and going to go and relax and read this book.

Today is also Sunday Favorites and I am revisiting this post from last September. With the Fall weather we are having here at the camper, I thought a Fall decor post would be fun!

Just a Reminder!! The month of September is "Steal Diann's Thrift Finds" Giveaway!! Just check out this post to read all about it!

Don't you love flipping through magazines and seeing all the beautiful Autumn decor they have staged in this room or that room? I do. And then I look at the "buying guide" and see the prices and shoot coffee through my nose! I still like all the pretty things, I just can't afford to buy them. However, being thrifty also means finding alternatives doesn't it? Of course it does! We are a very creative group of people, us thrifty-ites. We don't let a price tag hold us back from what we like well, at least not from the "idea' of what we like. We just have to get creative and do a little investigating on our own.

Here is an example. I love Pottery Barn. Don't we all? But, I'm afraid my wallet doesn't have a great relationship with the store. I see things I love and my wallet says, "Not a chance sister! Move along!" And so I do just that. I find things I love and then search out alternatives. And here is one of those alternatives.....

This is a link to the page that has these little cute plates at Pottery Barn

Too cute huh? A set of 4 Acorn Salad Plates is $32.00...YIKES!

And I liked these Leaf Salad Plates, although I would have liked to have seen them in a more Autumn-ish color but, still cute. A set of 4 Leaf Salad Plates are $48.00! Now why are these more expensive than the Acorns, I dunno.

Obviously there was no way I was going to pay $80.00 for 4 Acorn Plates and 4 Leaf plates! But, a girl can still dream and want them. LOL

The other day I stopped by Family Dollar (I'm pretty sure it was Family Dollar, if not, it was Dollar General) and I was browsing around to see what was new and what was clearanced and lo and behold look what I found.......

Price? $1.00 a plate! And that's not all. Pottery Barn did not have these...

Ohhh...a set of salt & pepper shakers! Too cute! The set...$1.00!

But, that's not all folks.........
Leaf Plates too! $1.00 each of course!

And what the heck, I thought I would get these as well, also not available at Pottery Barn.....

Pumpkin Salad Plates and Salt & Pepper Shakers

I only bought 2 of the three different kinds of Autumn Salad Plates. There is only 2 of us who would use them. So, for the 3 different sets of 2 plates and 2 sets of Salt & pepper shakers I paid a grand total of $8.00 (+tax).

So browse around the stores. Get ideas and then get thrifty and creative and find alternatives. It doesn't have to be exactly like the original you saw. Just look for things that have the same feel or make you smile. And most importantly, have fun!!


  1. So excited that you and the Princess had fun today and found some wonderful bargains! She is quite the little shopper isn't she!! I also love Christopher Lowell and he was one of the first decorating shows I watched also (I continue to be amazed at our similarities) so enjoy that book!!!

  2. He was one of the first decorating shows I ever watched, along with Lynette Jennings. You always find the best stuff!!

  3. You are really wise, Diann! Great bvuys and they are really pretty. I am glad you and Princess had a great time thrifting. I miss doing that when my youngest daughter was small. She and I enjoyed doing it too...Christine

  4. Oh, I just love those little plates! I love fall, and love everything to do with it! i even had a fall themed wedding! haha I even used leaf plates very similiar to the ones you found for part of my candy buffet!


  5. Smart shopping! Not only did you get some beautiful things, you get the satisfaction of knowing you got a great buy.Sometimes I love the "hunt" as much as anything.
    I'm going to check the Dollar stores in my area. Those pumpkin plates are just too cute! Thanks for sharing, Annette

  6. "I Like YOUR plates MUCH better than the ones from Pottery Barn"... I too watched Christopher, and LOVED him...I especially LOVE the leaf plates with all that beautiful fall colors!!!

  7. Wow! The dollar store leaf plate are a much nicer color than the Pottery Barn leafs plates and the others are too cute and shakers to match. Great find. I love the church sales- found one this weekend too but didn't find as many garage sales as you. What fun.

  8. I need some of those little dishes, I'm hoping they come back out again this year-enjoy!

  9. I always loved Christopher Lowell's show. I'd rather have him on than some of the decorating shows that are on now.

    Those salad plates and matching salt and pepper shakers are really cute.

    I haven't been to a yard sale for a month. I doubt there will be many more this year.

  10. Mornin' Girlfriend...

    Ohh, I love Christopher Lowell! Same for me, his show was the very first decorating show that I watched on a daily basis! I sure wished that he was still on! He has great style and is so creative! What a great find, one of his books for just .25? Wow!!! That's awesome!!!

    Diann, I found those same little acorn plates and S&P shakers at the Family Dollar last year! They had mugs to match but were all sold out by the time I got there...boohoo! I used them all last autumn! They're great to set a mug on...or a teabag! I'm going to have to go and see what they have for autumn this year! Great buys!!! Ohhh yes...I love all the pretties at PB...but sheeesh...they really are sooo expensive! I enjoy the creative/creating process of trying to come up with something similar! Hehe!

    Thanks for sharing your pretties with us today for Sunday Favorites! Ya'll have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, Darlin'!!!

    Love ya,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  11. Diann,
    25 cents!! WOWZA!! What a score!!

    I LOVED the Christopher Lowell shows and that God my VCR still works because i have all of my favorite shows of his on tape and still watch them!! I also have some of his books too but not for 25 cents!! I am so jealous!!


  12. I didn't even check to see if there were any yard sales for this weekend seeing it is a holiday.

    I am another that faithfully watch CL...he sure beats anything on HGTV these days...I am sick of seeing nothing but buying houses!

    Cute plates, which reminds me, I need to be pulling mine out of the cupboards and use them in a TT...

    Have a great week, Diann!

  13. Hi,

    I remember his show! I loved it as well! I wonder what happened to him! I love those fall items for the table. Makes me want to go to Home Goods and spend....Thanks for sharing.


  14. Oh I really enjoyed his show too. He did always have some of the best ideas. What a great find in his book. Have fun camping. Hugs, Marty

  15. Wow I might have to go to the dollar store, what a steal! And I love CL too, I have not seen him on tv, does he have a show now??

    Have a blessed Sunday

  16. Twenty-five cents is fab for that book. I am a freak for pumpkins and love those plates. Have a lovely weekend♥olive

  17. I was a big fan of Christopher Lowell, Lynette Jennings, and Kitty Bartholomew. Why don't they still have those shows on? Oh, and Matt and Shari on Room by Room, I think. But I digress.
    I love those fall plates you found last year. It's funny. I never knew much about Pottery Barn until I started reading blogs. And, most of the blogs are full of Pottery Barn knock-offs.

  18. It sue DOES pay to shop round! What a huge price difference. Guess I better visit my dollar store!

  19. i just love the way you shop...just like we do...never just buy, go round and around and then buy the best option....great stuff. love those pumpkins!!
    becky bpbajona(at)maltanet.net

  20. Love the cute dishes for fall. I will have to check out the Dollar Store here.

  21. great buys, I love the Pumpkin Salad Plates and Salt & Pepper Shakers. Fall is my favorite!

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  22. Great finds- I found a couple of Christopher 's books at a yard sale several years ago and he really has some great ideas that can be used even now.

    The leaf plates are so pretty also!

    bee blessed

  23. What great fall things you found. Love those acorns. Very sweet.

  24. Christopher Lowell was also a fav of mine. You got a great deal on that book.
    What beautiful plates you got from the dollar store! I have 3 different dollar stores by me and NONE of them have nice things such as these plates! I want to live near you!

  25. Used to watch Christopher Lowell also. Love the new fall dishes!

  26. The little acorn dishes are just perfect for fall!!


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