Silver and Favorite Sunday!

Hi everyone!

This is going to be a combo post. Today is Silver Sunday and Sunday Favorites. And because I know my friend Chari, our hostess for Sunday Favorites, loves silver as much as I do, I'm pretty sure she does not mind sharing a post with our Silver hostess Beth! A big thanks to both of these lovely ladies for hosting today!

As you have probably already guessed, you will be seeing some more of my thrift finds from last weekend! Let's just go ahead and make this easy....You are going to be seeing a lot of future posts from this particular weekend of thrifting! LOL I have a lot to show you!

At a yard sale we stopped at, the woman had a large box that had a bunch of different odds and ends in it. She had old pairs of sewing scissors, files, nail clippers, misc. serving utensils, some old hand mirrors, bottle openers, corkscrews, know, the odds and ends. well, she also had a bunch of old tarnished and abused silver plated flatware. I picked out all the silver pieces and asked her how much for the lot. She said, "Ummm, I hate that old stuff. It takes way too much time to clean. How about .50 cents for the bunch?" SOLD! She then went and found a little crate box and put them in it for me. Here they are.

This group of silver is all the same pattern.

These are misc. ones. A few pieces match each other.

I see all kinds of fun craft/home decor projects being made out of old silverware and I always think, "Ohhh, I love that look! I need to make some!". But, then I just can't seem to bring myself to cut apart, paint or glue any of my silver pieces! LOL However, I think this is the perfect kind of find to do that kind of project! I won't feel so bad. Most of these pieces are so far tarnished they have damage to the plating. I still love the look all the same!

There was even an old military spoon in the batch.

Both of these spoons are the same pattern.

And also, these three pieces are the same pattern.

These are a really pretty pattern. In case you can't read it, it says "Florentine silver plate"

So, that was my .50 cents box of silver goodies.

"Sunday Favorites" Hosted by Chari at "Happy to Design"

The following repost was originally from early November '09. I knew that I had bought some after holiday Halloween stuff last year but, I couldn't remember what I got because I had packed them up right after I bought them and put them with other Halloween decorations. I knew I posted about it so, a searching I went.

About a month or so ago I posted about setting aside a little money to take advantage of "After the Holiday Sales". Well, I don't really do a lot of Halloween stuff. As a mater of fact, this year I didn't put up any Halloween decor. However, as the Little Princess gets older and she starts to understand trick or treating and all the stuff that goes along with, I will probably decorate more. So, I stashed a $20.00 bill to use to snag some good clearance deals. Here is what I got:

At Michael's, Halloween was 80% off so, I got these 2 tall candstickes:

Over to Walmart which had Halloween 90% off. I got 7 window cling sheets, 4 wall cling sheets and 3 gel cling sheets. Each were .20 cents:

And then a late night run to Kroger landed me with dishware that was 70% off. I got 4 glasses, 4 goblets, 2 mugs, 2 dessert plates and 1 large square serving platter.

My grand total (before tax) was $18.80. I did pretty good. I have already gotten my "After Thanksgiving Sales" money set aside. This isn't money for "Black Friday". It's just for specific autumn/thanksgiving items. And now I am working on puttiing away some money for "After Christmas sales". This really is the only way I buy most of my holiday decor. I rarely pay full price for any of this stuff. I couldn't afford it. This way works for me. How about you?

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  1. I think you more then got your 50 cents worth in silver! Some of those pieces are really pretty and you will have fun doing some crafts with the others. I was in the basement and took a 'quick' look at my fall/halloween decos and found something I bought last year at the after sale. Almost time to haul up the boxes and do some decorating.

  2. I have picked up a few pieces myself but not at such a good price. I really like them but can't use them if my 23 year old son is eating with us because he won't eat off of "somebody else's old stuff". What a goofball.

  3. Hi Diann...

    Girl, you are the best...thriftiest shopper...that I have ever met! Ohhh my goodness, you really did get some great Halloween stuff! I especially like the dishware! Ohhh yes, your little Princess is going to have great fun with all these pretties some day! Hehe! Diann, you know me so well! I love all pretty silver!!! And...of course, you know I don't mind at all that you are joining in with the Silver Sunday party! Hmmm...sure wished that I had thought about it sooner so that I could have participated. Wow...what a great deal you got on all that silver! I love that Florentine silver plated's beautiful! I love the look of old, tarnished silver as just has the greatest patina!!! Can't wait to see what pretties that you make with all that silver!

    Well dear lady, thank you so much for joining in with the fun of Sunday Favorites again this's always a pleasure!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari @Happy To Design

  4. I love old silver and silverplate pieces. I think you got a great deal for 50¢.

  5. I like the old silverware.....but the wooden box she put the stuff in was worth the .50 ! And I too love buying the clearance after the holiday goodies. It's always fun going through it a year later to see what I had scored!

  6. What a bargain.. fabulous stash for 50cents! Lucky you!! Have a great day.. xxx Julie

  7. I agree with the got a great bargain at 50 cents! I have quite a bit of old silverware too. When you come up with a project make sure to post it. I'm looking for ideas.

  8. Great silver, and you have some fun things for Halloween too-enjoy!

  9. Great deal on the old silver. I've seen chimes made out of them and thought about doing one myself . . . someday.
    Bargains on all the Halloween stuff too.

  10. Diane , what great finds!! Since we don't have any small children and all the grands live out of state. I don't decorate for Halloween. My fall decorations or Thanksgiving decorations suffice.
    I rarely buy new decorations for anything but Christmas. All fall , thanksgiving, is all bought at yard sales.

  11. Diann, that was an awesome silver find. I too buy all holiday items on clearance after that holiday. That is the only way to do it as far as I am concerned. Or a yard sale/thrift store! hugs♥olive

  12. I was at the GW yesterday, and the clerk was moaning about a big number birthday coming up. The other clerk and I asked, when is your birthday? Halloween. Halloween? No one should be sad if their birthday is on Halloween. I teach first graders and already, they are asking when Halloween is.
    It is such a fun holiday, since you can plan big or small for it, no presents to buy, no's all fun.
    Smart way to get decorations. I think the idea of putting a $20 aside is neat.

  13. Hi Diann,
    your silver flatware is so pretty. Have a nice Haloween.
    Greetings, Johanna

  14. You get the best deals!! I decorate minimaly for Halloween..I went digging through stuff yesterday looking for my shiney luck, but, I did find my wreath and black cat!!

  15. I'll be on the hunt for all the silver I can find now:)
    yours is terrific~!

  16. Oooooh look at all that halloweeen stuff!!!

  17. Love your blog it is awe inspiring for sure


  18. wow! i can't believe you got all that silver for only .50! what a great deal.

    i'm having a giveaway if you get a chance, stop by:

  19. Loving all that halloween stuff! And what a steal for 50 cents!

  20. Wow...don't you just love a fantastic deal. You racked up on the silver. Great buys on your Halloween clearance items as thing to do. Thanks for your recent visit...hope you come back soon.

  21. What great finds! I have quite a few of that second pattern, also picked up on the cheap. (Think I paid $7 for the whole set.) My husband doesn't like it, though--says it's too heavy, so we use lightweight stainless, lol.

    Ahhh....Halloween. I think it might be my favorite, next to Christmas, especially the vintage art.

  22. Great collection of utensils! Can't wait to see what you do with them. That military one is really interesting (maybe just to me since my husband is in the military!)

  23. OH lucky you! only .50 what a find! Thanks for playing along

  24. Love the silver find! I am so jealous...only fifty cents, what a steal!

    I purchase almost all my holiday decor after the holidays when it is on clearance too. It is the only way to do it :)

  25. I always shop for decorations after the holidays-you can get such great buys

    tiramisu392 (at)


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