Raiding the Cabin!

While at the cabin last week, my mom asked me if I wanted any of the items in the cabinets over the washer and dryer. These have been slowly filling up with odds and ends over the years and she wants everything gone! Okay dokey mom, I can do that! LOL

Everything that was in these cabinets were originally my grandparents and some of it much older than the cabinet itself which was built in 1964. Afterall, the cabin got stocked with all of their "old" stuff. Of course, all that old stuff is the stuff we are all looking for that is so perfectly vintage! LOL

So, this post is dedicated to my Grandma. And I know she is looking down at me and not understanding why I am taking all her old junk dishes. If she were here, she would just die if she knew I was show all this old unwantd dishware! She would be out getting me NEW dishes to show off! LOL I love you Grandma! ......Hey! Who's to say there isn't internet in Heaven?

Okay, let's see what we have.

Okay, the old one part of a double boiler pan was my Greatgrandma's. I got it and the other old pan because I was looking for a couple that size for Troy to use when trying different herb things. Tired of him using my good pots and pans for that. LOL

All of these cool vibrant colored mugs were all the rage when I was a kid. I have no idea who makes them. They just have numbers on the bottom. Anybody know? I am thinking Anchor Hocking mid to late 60's. But, what do I know. LOL Some are a smooth style and some are a pebbbley style. They are all stackable. If any of my "Steal Diann's thrift find" folks want, they can pick out two of these mugs to steal. Just tell me which ones you would want If you win).

The "pebblely" ones.

The smooth ones.

Both styles of mugs have some wear and tear on the outer color. I decided to use one for my morning coffee today. I keep forgetting how much we have "super-sized" everything these days. These cups were considered pretty large cups back in the day. Not compared to my normal everyday coffee mugs! LOL

This garnet red fruit compote bowl isn't "red glass" because I can see some of the color worn of in spots. My grandma always used this bowl at Christmas for "Watergate Salad". The light green of the pudding in the red bowl always looked so Christmasy.

This is a FireKing yellow and white mug.

Another "manufacturer unknown". A pair of pale yellow and white platters. They look and feel like FireKing pieces. I remember these as "Breakfast platters". They always had a pile of scrambled eggs on one and sausage and bacon on the other.

Yes, an old chipped enamelware red rimmed lid. My mom had no clue why I would want this. I actually have been looking for one to make a windchime with. TaDa! The original knob broke off and Grandma just handed it to Grandpa and told him to fix it. He did! LOL

A pair of old heavy ceramic restaurantware divided plates. My grandparents found an old diner that was going out of business and bought a lot of dishes and cups from them for the cabin way back in the mid 60's.

These were the mugs that my Grandpa like to have his coffee from. Once again, heavy ceramic restaurantware. I remember one mug always in the bathroom with his shaving gear. He used a shaving brush and a bar of shaving soap to lather.

That was some of the cabin stuff. For me, it was kind of a walk down memory lane. I am so fortunate to have had amazing grandparents. They live in my heart and are with me everyday! I know this is just a bunch of stuff but, I see some of the items and they just make me smile.

The old, and I admit, rather ugly heavy mugs, still remind me of Grandpa and his shaving mug (as I said earlier). So, I think that I am going to find one of my favorite pictures of my Grandpa, have a couple of copies made, frame them and then find a shaving brush to put into each of the mugs. I will give both of my brothers this as a gift at Christmas. I know both of them will absolutely love it and will put it in their bathrooms so they can see them and have a daily smile.

Don't forget, we are down to the wire for this giveaway! I can't believe that today is the last day of September! Where did the time go??

burglerMy month long “Steal Diann’s Thrift Finds” giveaway!

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  1. Great finds!! Your mom had it all stashed?? How great! Enjoy your new color!
    Hugs, Lisa

  2. You found some great things in that old cabinet, Dianne! Love the old restaurant grill plates. I remember my mother having some of those colored coffee mugs.

  3. Lovely finds I agree.How nice.I love the colored mugs and the one thats half yellow how unique.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my goodness, I remember those mugs with the bright colors, and white inside. Can't remember who made them, though.
    My mother LOVED old restaurant china. Out at our beachhouse is a pile of those heavy divided luncheon plates. My girls thought they were absolutely the coolest, way back when.
    Terrific memories, and lovely vintage kitchen. I think your grandma would be delighted.

  5. What a lot fun stuff in that cupboard! How wonderful to have things from your grandparents that you can use in your life. (I have some things I can look at, but none that I can actually use.) There's something so touching about the continuation of the things. Enjoy!

    Happy Rednesday,

  6. Wow Diann, love the mugs!!! Yellow and pink mugs, woo-hoo!!! Great stuff.


  7. My dad had a set of 4 green pebbly ones. He drank his coffee from the faithfully every morning. When he passed away each of us girls decided we needed one of dads coffee mugs! It brings a smile when I think of remembering Dad clanking his spoon 100 miles an hour for several minutes (it seemed) to stir in his sugar and cream!

  8. A lot of great finds in that cabinet. Brought back some memories.

  9. Those cups look very familiar. I'm pretty sure we had those when I was little. They make me want to steal them from you! How wonderful that you get to enjoy all those goodies from that cabinet in your own home!
    Happy REDnesday!

  10. Diann some of these items looked so familiar. I think my parents had some of those pebbly mugs. Love the Restaurant ware plates. The mugs, well Carter has one he keeps mug soap in also. I like the vintage look of it.

  11. Oh what a stash! I love restaurantware. It always feels like something that has been and can be used forever. What a great gift idea for your brothers. Another thought - I know there are places where you can have a photo printed onto a mug. I just can't believe your mother had this great stash hidden away, and we are out scouring garage sales for just this kind of stuff! laurie

  12. The red..the red...I'll take the red..oh..and the yellow, the I win???

  13. I have never seen a yellow and white fire-king pitcher like that. I How cool. and speaking of yellow, when I win (cough, cough) I want the yellow and orange please. Thank you. Your little giveawy has been really fun to do this month. Thanks for letting us play.

  14. Your cabin finds are awesome. I want the pink and yellow mugs!!


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