Market Report

I haven't done a Market Report for quite awhile. I didn't think I would do one this weekend either. I had no intention of doing any thrifting this weekend. I just planned on getting things done.

I told Troy when he left for the Farmer's Market this morning that, no I am NOT going any where today. Just getting things done at home. But, that changed when he called me a little bit later in the morning to tell me he forget some labels for the jellies. He could not sell any with out them. So, I woke up and dressed the princess and we headed to the market to deliver the labels.

When we left I thought, "Okay, what the heck. I have wanted to stop by this resale store for quite awhile now and every time I went there it was closed". Well, it was still closed. However, we saw a large yard sale and decided to stop and check it out. And that yard sale led us to another yard sale then to a moving sale. We didn't get home until 2:00. Which worked nice for me since that was nap time! LOL

I got some really great bargains and got several Christmas gifts and a birthday gift. Woohoo! I love to find gifts for others when I am out thrifting. However, since the people who will be getting these gifts read my blog, I will not be showing them to you. LOL

However, I got lots of goodies to show you. Since the Market Report is a combo post between Troy and I and we publish it on his blog, I Refuse to Recede, that is where you find my thrift finds today. And because I have a couple of new red "Stealable" finds, I am going to include the comments on this post at his blog as a bonus entry in my "Steal Diann's Thrift Finds" Giveaway.

So, I hope you will head over and check out my treasures that I got today over at our Market Report!

Don't forget, we are down to the wire for this giveaway! I can't believe that September is ending in just a few days! Where did the time go??

burglerMy month long “Steal Diann’s Thrift Finds” giveaway!


  1. I read about your non thrifting day and girl you hit gold for the Princess! I did really pretty good staying away from thrifts/yard sales this week!

  2. Wow you did it again. I just love the Halloween lamp shades and many of your other finds. There weren't any sales around here this weekend.

  3. I checked out Market Report and read about all your great bargains!

    tiramisu392 (at)

  4. The money ran out before the month was over this time but I managed to come home with some interesting freecycle items this weekend, and found a hardware store with 75% off what was left, so "the man" agreed we could run back to town on his dime. Well, maybe a litle more than a dime but I restrained myself.

  5. LOL, it was perfect timing. Got to love nap time.


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