Thrifting in Fall Weather!

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

Our holiday weekend started a bit rough. Thursday a tornado ripped through our little town and neighboring towns. It tore a pretty decent swath on it's journey out to the Great Lake. We were very lucky to have very little damage but, just a shout away, others were not so lucky.

Of course all the power went out due to so many electrical poles being uprooted and flung all over. News choppers and vans were swarming us.

We had been wanting to head up to our trailer soon anyway, and we took that as a good sign that this would be the right time!

So, here we are in camping land again. I am kind of happy to be up here. The weather is so much cooler here in Northern Michigan and the trees are already starting to change colors just a little bit. We headed out on Garage sale adventuring this morning. We started out in shorts and t-shirts and within the hour we headed back to the trailer to change into jeans, flannel shirts and jackets. It really feels like Fall here.

So, now I am WAY in the Fall mood! We have a big pot of chili in the cast iron dutch oven over the fire pit. And hot rolls baking. Life is good!

Here are some of the treasures I found today. It started raining half way through taking pictures of my finds. So, you will see other things later.

First up, this cute plaid suitcase. It is in near perfect condition and I thought it would be just right for the princess. And who can beat the price!

This rosewood divided serving dish has a cool retro feel to me. Love the little legs on it. And for .50 cents, it hopped into the sold pile!

I know it's rusty, but I just love old vintage metal lunchboxes. I plan on putting a shelf up in the princess's room and just displaying girly vintage lunchboxes.

These next two items were on the "free" table. This is a heavy cast iron duck. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, but what the heck.

And this wood napkin holder.

Then, across the street was another garage sale going on. I went over to check it out. Okay, I generally post about household/dish finds but, you know I love linens too. Well, I also LOVE vintage scarves and aprons !

These scarves and aprons were all crammed into a box. So, they have not been cleaned and some show stains. I hope I can get them out.

Here are the scarves. Not only do I like to play with scraves in what I am wearing but, I also love to use them as table toppers, to make pillows and other things.

Everything in the box was .10 cents each! Woohoo!!

Loved the deep scarlet of this scarf and with the leaf design, I thought it was perfect for the Fall. It has a couple of stains on it and so I am really hoping to get them out. But, wouldn't this be beautiful on a Fall table as a little table square?

Although the picture doesn't show it very well, this scarf has a pale green background to it. So pretty!

This one is just so beautiful. The sheer fabric makes all the floral details stand out.

I snatched up this polka dot scarf first thing. It is just perfect for a tablescape I plan on doing!

Now, on to the vintage aprons. Okay, these are the sweetest and cutest aprons I have seen!!

"Pretty in green and pink"!

"Purple and sheer loveliness"!

Love the pleating in this one! It is so beautiful!

That's it for now! What fun treasures did you find this week?

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  1. so sorry about the weather up there! Glad it's cooler where ya are at least. It's cooled off here too. :)
    great finds, love that little lunchbox and that pleated apron!
    good stuff
    I hope you have a nice (long) weekend!

  2. No tornadoes out our way, the Pacific Northwest. Our daughter and her family live in Milwaukee so they deal with weather like that from time to time. I just love the aprons, you found some great deals, as usual. Maybe I will get the chance to do a little thrifting this weekend. Enjoy the weekedn.

  3. I hope the tornado didn't leave many homeless!

    Great finds as always!

    Hope you have a Great Labor Day Weekend!

  4. I am so glad you didn't receive tornado damage. Those are so scary and so dangerous. Camping is a good thing. You really did find some great garage sales goodies. Such fun. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs, Marty

  5. You got some super deals! Those scarves and aprons are beautiful! I love the old vintage lunch box and the wooden napkin holder! Woo Hoo! Anne

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the tornado! Glad your ok! You found some great finds, and also made me very hungry for chili and warm rolls! haha!

  7. Hello Diann,

    Glad to hear you did not sustain any damage from the tornado.

    You and your amazing deals! I love the aprons. I thought about you today when I was thrifting during my lunch hours and was looking at a few things and thought to myself...hmmm, I wonder what Diann would do with this.

    I hope you have a fabulous time camping!

    ~ Tracy

  8. Wow you got some great bargains!! So glad you are safe from the tornado..I'm in Oklahoma and we had severe weather last night too..all is safe and sound thank goodness!

    Hope you are having a great Saturday!

    Miss Bloomers

  9. Boy oh boy I hate to hear stuff like that...Mother nature is a beast! Glad you had some fun and found some cool stuff. Love that old lunch box, I think I had one like that, in second grade! Have a great weekend, and as always thank you for joining me. Debbie

  10. Oh my gosh!!! So glad that you are safe and sound.

    Love all your new treasures!!!

  11. Diane I am so glad you were not harmed in the tornado. I lived through a tornado one time, and I thought I was going to die.

    I love all your beautiful scarfs and aprons. I snatch up every scarf and apron I see. I will have to do a post on aprons and scarfs I have picked up over the years.
    Have a good labor day weekend.

  12. You have had some bad weather this year! So glad you have the trailer to go too and now that it's cooler you will enjoy it so much. Love all your fun finds. I really like that old lunch box!! Hey I see you are reading Lean Mean 13, have you read all her books? I just finished Sizzling Sixteen and it was good!! Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

  13. So glad to hear you didn't have any damage. Looks like some great finds this weekend. Your cool temps sound great to me, although we do have cooler air with rain the past 24 hours.
    Have a great holiday weekend. ~ Sarah

  14. it has indeed turned cold here in Michigan. I live on the west side on lake Michigan and it is cold,rainy and very windy here. So glad your were spared damage from the tornado.
    Have a gafe weekend and happy garage have some great finds.

  15. Flannel shirts, aprons, and a rusty lunch box...I am so coveting your life just a little bit right now. Marty, above did a greta post on getting stains out of linens with Biz and Oxyclean. I have done it and it works wonders. Oh ya'll have fun, I see it has started already. hugs♥olive

  16. Diann, Sorry to hear about the bad weather in your neck of the woods! Glad you are all okay!!

    I am so ready for Fall it isn't funny!!

    Once again. some great finds!!


  17. What a haul!!! You did make out like a bandit. That plaid suitcase is just too cute. Love the lunchbox, too, and oh well - it's all fab! xoxo Nancy

  18. Glad to hear that you escaped the havoc, your garage sale finds are great, especially that tartan suitcase, what a steal!

  19. Oh how I wish Fall would make an early appearance here in CA. We would have to go into the foothills as well for that. The lovely little aprons are to die for. The pleated one especially. Purple and so pretty!

  20. Still a bit warm for that big pot of chili here in Tornado Alley. My heart goes out to your community; we deal with twisters so often. You scored some great gets. I particularly like the aprons and the scarves. I buy a product called "Vintage Soak" from a local antique store. It does an absolutely amazing job of removing stains/discoloration from vintage/antique items made of natural fibers. It's more expensive than regular laundry soap, but I think that it is totally worth its price. Thank you for stopping by my post and for sharing your thrifty finds. Cherry Kay

  21. Great finds in Northern Michigan! Love the red scarf and all the aprons! We are Michiganders and it is very cool and windy here but we didn't get any tornados here in the "thumb". Gotta go north for thrifty finds - looks like they almost give their stuff away. Lucky you!

  22. Glad you were safe from the tornadoes! Texas is well known for them and I've been through one...not fun. You are enjoying my favorite weather! It was in the low 60's here this morning and just wonderful. The heat needs to! :-)

    You've found some more great treasures. Love the plaid suitcase and the red scarf. Enjoy your weekend!


  23. Earl didn't blow on the southern coast of Maine as expected and he rained on us, but not too hard or too much. We have had a drought and the rain was welcome. Our trees are beginning to turn but because they are stressed from lack of rain which really pains me to see.
    Happily, the heat that we suffered through the first 4 days of school has broken. I can only say that it was hellish and too humid, so bring on fall, even if I have to go back to work and teach.
    I found some nice treasures. Someone get on my case about learning to photograph what I've gotten so I can share. I have to get with all this new technology!
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  24. What great finds! Especially the Pretty in Green and Pink apron! Thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment. I am still on the mend.


  25. I love all the things you find. i especially love the vintage aprons. They are very sweet and remind me of a simpler time.

  26. Sounds like you are having a fun weekend camping! Your food sounded delicious! Great finds~ I especially love the aprons and the fun suitcase! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comments!

  27. Hope things are improving in your little town. Glad you were able to get away for the weekend. We have had some strong winds blow through but the barn is still standing!
    Good thing because there was a village wide rummage in the next county and I was mind set on going. (Had a good time, will share soon.)
    The aprons and scarves you show remind me of my Aunt emilie. Sweet.
    And love the plaid suitcase for a quarter. Score!!
    Stay warm at night.

  28. You find the best treasures. That suitcase was a steal. My favorites are the aprons. I collect those, too. I went to a big flea market today, but nothing really caught my eye. I came home with a #1 Avon lipstick and 2 Paris post cards.

  29. Glad to hear you didn't have any serious damage from the storm. More great bargains with awesome prices! The lunchbox is such a great find and I love all the pretty aprons too!

  30. 10 cents for aprons!!! What a great find! I did not watch the news today so I did not know you had tornadoes. Glad you were spared. I lived in Minnesota at one time and went through a tornado that did a lot of damage, so now I moved to Florida to get hit by hurricanes. YIKEES mother nature has really been showing her bad side lately!


  31. Oh gosh Diann, you totally hit the jackpot, I also love old metal lunchboxes, and the suitcsse could be used to store craft supplies, too...and the linens and ♥ be still!


  32. wow those are some finds...wish the people on this island would come up with some good stuff during the bootsales etc
    becky bpbajona(at)

  33. Glad you missed the tornados! If you don't mind too much, could you point a really large fan south and blow some of the cool weather down here? Thanks!

  34. Oh Diann, those tornadoes are scary. I'm glad your place wasn't hit, but so sorry some of your neighbors were hit. You've done it again! What finds! That little plaid suitcase doesn't even look like it's ever been used, and oh how I am lusting after some of those beautiful scarves. Those lunch boxes have become such collector items. I can't believe you "stole" that one. Thank goodness nobody around here ever has a free table at a garage sale! I'd probably just load my car with everything on that table. Thank you for linking your fab finds to Favorite Things. laurie

  35. I love metal lunchboxes but I never see them that cheap at the sales I go to!

    tiramisu392 (at)

  36. You are a master thrifter. What very sweet aprons. The one with the pleats is very cute.

  37. I used to have one of those Rosewood divided serving dishes!I don't know where my mother got it from but we used it a lot!

  38. You find the best things! I never find anything around my town. Love the scarves and the aprons.


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