Groovy New Lamps!

Hi everyone!

I have two fun vintage lamps to show you today! I got both of these a couple of weekends ago when I was thrifting while camping. Both need a little help, but, I am okay with that!

This first one is actually the light globe. We will have to get the electrical guts and a chain for it. We have a dark corner in our living room and have been wanting to find a fun vintage hanging lamp to put there. Well, awhile back I visited a very cool junk store. I blogged about it awhile ago. I saw this lamp globe and wanted it then. However, I had spent my "thrifting budget" for the week. So, I was so excited to see that it was still there when I went back a few weeks later!

Here is the picture of it sitting on a shelf at the junk store. It is the green one on the far right corner.

How totally retro & groovy is this green glass and black metal light fixture!

I even love the little bubbles in the glass!

I also picked up this sweet cherub picture. I am not sure if I am going to just tone down the gold frame with a wash or if I am going to completely "shabbify" it.

My other lamp is this fun metal lamp. It is missing the globe that goes over the lightbulb and the shade slides down on. I will just pick one up at a local home improvement store.

I found this at a different thrift store. As you can see from the below picture, this lamp was marked $4.94. I also found a coupon in the local paper for 30% off my entire purchase at this store! Woohoo!

Don't forget about my month long giveaway! We are just past the half way mark. How am I doing as far as offering a variety of "stealable" finds? I am really trying like crazy to be all over the place with my offerings. I want everyone to be able to find a couple of things that interest them!

burglerMy month long “Steal Diann’s Thrift Finds” giveaway!

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  1. I love the bubbles and flaws in old glass. Your glass lamp will look great hanging in your living room. Where will you use the metal lamp? Love the color of it.

  2. I love how excited antique/thrifty hunters find treasures and figure out what they can do with them.

  3. You have found some great pieces. Hope you show us their makeovers.

  4. Love the green glass, can't wait to see it when you get it working! Have a great weekend, Diann!

  5. Amazing lamps! And picture too.


  6. OK, I may be a little warped, but the best part of this is the $4.94 price on that second lamp. How did someone come up with that?
    Not 4.95, not 4.00, not 3.99 -- Yeah, I must be a little odd.

    LOVE that lamp, though. I think the cherub picture would look good with just a toning down of the gold -- it seems to suit it.

    Great stuff!

  7. I love the retro light fixture! What a great find!

  8. Great finds, Diann! I wish I could find what you find so I can sell them in my store, lol. You always get good buys..Christine

  9. what a fun lamp. groovy is precisely the word to describe it!

  10. great buys i like the fun metal lamp-cute design

    tiramisu392 (at)

  11. Diann I really love that green light! I think it will look so good in your home! Cute metal lamp also.

  12. Diann, you have entered the 70's with that green lamp! I can definitely see "shabby" on that cherub print. Have fun with it! Don't you just love getting bargains?
    ~ Sue

  13. I really love the green lamp...I have seen one or two around here....but hubby has said PLEASE finish some of the current projects first.

    I got the book today! Thanks...So excited to read it.

  14. Diann,
    Great finds as always and I adore the metal lamp!! I would love it in my kitchen!!


  15. Those are fabulous Diann...I love the amber glass, so pretty when lit too. Thanks for joining in this week. Happy thrifting! Debbie

  16. You always find the greatest things when out thrifting, the green glass lamp is fab.
    Have a thrifty weekend.

  17. Great lamps and how exciting to know you'll be bringing new life to them.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. we all agree love the lamp. good finds

  19. Something as unique as this lamp is so cool in your home.

    I love someone who has a vision that is a bit out of the box.


  20. Diann, these lamps are great. Normally, when I see those metal ones, they aren't in very good shape, but your lamp looks new! That green lamp is such a great design. Even though my mouth drops open when I read what you pay for stuff, I'm almost to the point where I'm not shocked. I know when I get down to how much you paid for it, it's going to be almost nothing, 'cause you are THE BARGAIN HUNTING QUEEN!


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