First Fall Tablescape

Hi everyone...or should I say "It's fall Y'all!!" I thought that since it is officially Fall and I did my first Fall teascape earlier this week and I did my first Fall craft and decorating, I would do my first Fall tablescape for the year.

Although I love all the fun summery 'scapes, I have to admit, the warmth of Fall colors just fills my heart with joy. So, it was fun to dive into a Fall tablescape. As usual, pretty much my whole tablescape was thrifted second hand with the exception of some clearanced items and Dollar Store items.

I started with this rich colorful tablecloth. I got it last year after the holidays at TJ Maxx. It was regularly $14.99, I paid $3.00 for it. This is the first time I have used it.

I am using my Maple leaf russet red corduroy placemats. I got a set of four of these a couple of years ago at a thrift store. I love them. And I love that that wash up great!

I got a pair of these large heavy stoneware chargers last month at a thrift store for $1.00. I knew they would be perfect for many different Fall and Winter tablescapes. The earthiness of them and the colors are just right.

Either last week or the week before I saw someone use these Dollar Tree Autumn plates in their tablescape and I just loved them so, I ran out and bought 2.

I topped those with these smokey brown clear glass salad plates. I bought these at Walmart last Thanksgiving. They were $1.00 a piece and I think they still carry them.

Then I added these fun crockery double handled bowls to the top of the setting. I got these at a thrift store a long time ago for .25 cents each.

And of course, I had to buy the matching water goblets while at the Dollar Tree store.

I found a set of four of these green tinted leave motif glasses for $1.00 awhile back. I thought they were perfect for this setting.

I also included a smokey glass tumbler to make a trio of glasses for this tablescape.

And then I placed a brown and black ceramic mug and matching saucer for our coffee. I don't remember where I got them but, I remember I paid .50 cents for each pair.

Then to finish off the smokey glass theme, I added this stemmed dessert dish.

I only have 2 spoons and 2 butter knives of this vintage brown flatware but, I thought they looked perfect in this setting.

I added these pretty vintage scalloped linen napkins. They are perfect because they are a solid creamy white with a mossy green edging. I got a set of 6 of these at a thrift store. The woven napkin rings have a glass insert to them. The inserts have a pretty little mossy green design to them and could be used by themselves. I got a set of 6 of them with 2 spare plain glass ones in a bag from a thrift store. They are all different Fall colors. I chose to use two of the brown ones.

And to finish of the settings, I added the small crystal salt and pepper shakers to each setting. I have had these forever and the gold plated tops are starting to wear out. This is the only set I have that has gold tops instead of silver.

So, that is it for the actual table setting. Now it's time to "scape it out".

I decided to use an old picture frame I got at a thrift store sometime this past winter. It is just the frame with the glass, no picture. I just liked the frame. It needs to be refinished but, it works as a nice tray for this tablescape.

Then I draped this beautiful vintage doily over it. This beautiful piece came from Adrienne. So, pretty!

As a centerpiece, I had planned on using one of my white ironstone tureens but, I just had to use this recently purchased (yard sale) cover acorn bowl. The little guy on the top is just too cute. And it gave a fun sense of whimsy to the table. I also included two hurricane gold and glass candle holders bought last year on clearance at Family dollar. Then two feathered orbs and a wooden one (clearance Hobby Lobby and the Family dollar). And two little rustic Dollar Tree votive holder birds. Of course the whole table got a sprinkling of leaves.

***Here is my tiny little tip for the day. NEVER try to place leaves around your tablescape. They always look staged. Just grab a handful and then swish your fingers and let them fall naturally. You get a much prettier natural look.

I added my pretty amber glass basket with one of our white pumpkin gourds from our compost bin.

And lastly, I used my copper pitcher. I love the warmth of the copper on this table!

So, here are random pictures of the overall tablescape. I hope you enjoy it.

And a few candlelight pictures.

Wow! This will be the last post with any stealable items for this month long giveaway! I sure hope I have given y'all a good variety of items to steal from me! I'll tell ya what, I have had a blast doing this giveaway! I wish the cost of postage wasn't a factor because I would have loved to offer some bigger and heavier items. But, I really tried to keep in mind the cost of postage when I chose my red items.

burglerMy month long “Steal Diann’s Thrift Finds” giveaway!

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  1. So beautiful as always. I love how you used the frame in the middle. By the way I am extremely envious of your compost pile!

  2. This is Fall Eye Candy!!! Love these colors and how it layers and oh just everything. It is always fun to see how you take this and that and make the most interesting centerpieces! Love it Diann. Gosh September is almost over. How did that happen?

  3. Wow gorgeous tablescape. Love the salt and pepper shakers.


  4. Great fall table, Diann. Love your centerpiece, that covered walnut is adorable with the little critter handle...the leaf salad plates are really cute.

  5. That is just a beautiful tablescape. and I must tell you that your month long giveaway has been alot of fun for me. I enjoyed seeing all your fun and unique little treasures. Thanks

  6. Diann, This is one of your best tablescapes ever! The colors - oh my. I love your maple leaf placemats and your dollar tree dinnerware, also how you added the pretty soup bowls - the mixing and matching is awesome. Great centerpiece too.
    Hugs, Beth

  7. Boy, there's a lot to love about this table setting. Starting with the table cloth!!! ($3.00!!! What!!) I love the fall leaf dishes and most of all the big walnut shell tureen. I never saw one like that!!

  8. I'm loving the picture frame as the basis for the centerpiece. I also like what you put on it.

    My favorite part of the table is the actual place setting. I ran out and got those plates too. I was so pleased with the colors of the leaves when I got my hands on them. I really like how your little bowls with the handles look so tailor made for those plates. The colors are the perfect compliment to each other. Bingo!

    Great job!

  9. Clever clever with the picture frame. Such a pretty table scape...I loved your layering and did a great job!

  10. Diann, thanks for visiting my table this week! You are the queen of layering dishes with this table! I love the leaf plates and the stemware with leaves on them and now I think I "need" some. What great corduroy placemats!

  11. Great job putting this table together, I loved all the layering and such a beautiful color combination. It goes without saying my eye was on the copper pitcher. Don't you just love finding those treasures, bringing them home and letting the creativity flow. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Love your fall tablescape! I especially love your napkin rings and the small green glasses with the leaves! Great centerpiece idea too! Very pretty!

  13. I loved seeing your table come together. I think sometimes seeing the process helps. What a great idea to use a frame as a base. I will have to try that. great great idea. Your table is lovely.

  14. Hey Diann! LOVE your tablescape, fall colors are just so rich and lucious! I am Dollar Tree doesn't have any of that fall glassware! :)
    I too love my new was such a steal! I have already worn out one of the sticky mats you have to buy to use it! lol The cards were a blast to make, so fun! I REALLY think Santa should bring you a cricut for Christmas...cause I KNOW you've been a good girl! :) I'll put in a good word for you! LOL
    Love ya much!

  15. The pretty fall leaves have fallen upon your beautiful table! Love those dishes and glasses with the leaves.

  16. That copper pitcher is absolutely fabulous! I don't know that I've ever seen one quite like it!

  17. Gotta love that Dollar Tree!!! Your table is darling and really sets a mood for fall. I really like your "tray" in the middle of the table. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  18. I think you were so wise to run out and get the leaf plates, they were the item that pulled everything together and really made your table outstanding. I loved the pairing of smoky plates and stemware. Your centerpiece was so cleverly done. Loved it all, it made me realize I don't really have anything fallish.

  19. Diann, this tablescape is so spectacular. I love every single bargain you put on this table! I haven't seen those $ Tree plates. I'm going to see if there are any left of my store. Great place mats! Great flatware! Great napkin rings. Great tablescape. laurie

  20. What a fun fall table~ enjoyed seeing it come together step by step :-)

  21. Hi Diann! I love you 'nutty' centerpiece and the amber basket is beautiful!

  22. What a great fall table! I love the rich colors of the tablecloth and the maple-leaf placemats!

  23. Such a pretty tablescape, Diann! So festively Fall!...Christine

  24. Oh that's so pretty -Fall inside as well as outside. Could you please come decorate my house?

  25. Beautiful table scape. I love the warm rich colors. I need to go to the Dollar store and see if i can find any of these things. I love the pictures by candle light.

  26. I think this post will look like it's coming from my daughter, but anyway, I really like that flatware. I've also never seen those tiny shakers with anything but silver tops. For my fall table, I found vintage leaf salad plates. I'm kicking myself for not buying the dinner plates as well. The table scape looks great.

  27. PS - Not my daughter but me in the previous post. I figured out how to change her setting.

  28. Diann this all looks very pretty! I adore the mirror vignette and your gorgeous leaf dishes.

    Happy Fall! ~Melissa :)

  29. I bought the same dishes at DT. I haven't used mine yet, but I love how you've mixed yours with the brown glassware.

  30. That was great love all your thrifty finds! The leaf mats are wonderful with the tablecloth! Well done, Diann!

  31. Really like your Fall table setting. I think I need to make a trip to dollar tree - have not been in a while.

  32. How funny - I saw the same plates and came so close to buying them. I vowed something would have to go before I dragged in more plates. I may have to go back...

  33. Hi I was over at Bloggaritaville and noticed the acorn with the squirrel on it and your blog so I clicked. I also bought an acorn with a squirrel on it at a garage sale. That was neat to see another one. Love your tablescapes. Happy Fall!


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