Everything .25 cents!

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, while at the outdoor flea market, this young woman was passing out flyers to a local church sale that was going on. I told her I wasn't from the area and could she give me directions. She pointed across the field. Well, that was easy enough to find! LOL

So, after I was done with the flea market, the princess and I headed over to the church to see what they had.

Here are a couple of pictures of the indoor sale.

9-10 bargains 0539-10 bargains 0549-10 bargains 055

At the door when you walked in there was a big sign stating, "Every items is .25 cents"! Woohoo!

I got a few things but, unfortunately at this time of the day, the princess was getting very tired and bumped her head on a table twice in a row so, it had to be a short shopping adventure.

Here are a few of the items I got.

9-10 bargains 0319-10 bargains 029

I finally broke down and bought a magazine rack. I have been needing one but, I have been searching for a cool retro one. I have all my magazines under my coffee table and when I vacuum, it is pain to have to move them all. So, this one will get a little redo and will work for what I need it for.

9-10 bargains 038

9-10 bargains 039

I love this red toile charger. I searched and searched for another one. No luck!

9-10 bargains 040I like to find simple white serving dishes because they go with everything. This one has a leaf pattern to it.

9-10 bargains 0429-10 bargains 044

What a pretty white rose pattern creamer.

9-10 bargains 0459-10 bargains 046Doesn’t this milk glass vase have the prettiest pattern to it! I bought this as a gift for a friend.

9-10 bargains 0479-10 bargains 048Another pretty serving dish. Love that gold edging!

8-10 bargains 0678-10 bargains 068This pretty little white ceramic tray was bought at a yard sale for .10 cents. Love those pink little flowers.

So, those were a few of my treasures. A whopping big $1.35 spent! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I think I could have spent all day there. What a great sale. I went to a sale sponsored by a local hospital. No where near the great prices that you found.

  2. Love the creamer! Very sweet with its rose in white. You found quite a great sale at the church.

  3. I'd have probably filled the trunk of my car at 25¢ each. I love that red toile charger. I could sure find a place for it.

  4. The red toile plate and the milk glass are my absolutely favorite!!! A few weeks back I too was able to go to a church where everything was 25 cents...and yes,,I yahooooooooo..right out loud!! lol. I had gone the week previously since they were having a one and bought some vinyl records..when I came back the next week, I was greeted 'oh the record lady'..LOL

  5. I absolutely crazy when everything is so cheap!!!

  6. You found some great items and for 25 cents each whoo hooo can't go wrong. I love the Toile charger too bad you couldn't find another one. Poor Princess she is such a good shopper for such a little girl. Loving the little tray with pink flowers on it also....sweet!

  7. I am swooning...and coveting...and all those thrift-obsessed verbs! Talk about a field of catnip - and so cheap.
    Agree with Angela, the red toile and milk glass are absolute treasures!

  8. I love those church rummage sales! Can't believe everything was .25! I have a red toile pillow just like the pattern on your charger. It's Waverly. You really racked up!

  9. 25 cents for everything??? Jackpot!! LOVE that red toile charger you found, but I'm a sucker for anything toile!!

  10. I would have gone wild at that sale. Could use that magazine rack, and love the toile charger. Love anything toile.

  11. You got a great deal on the magazine rack. It reminds me of the one my grandma had with all of her wrestling magazines in it!! (When wrestling was real!!) LOL

  12. Oh I'm lovin' your RED charger, it would be perfect for one of my "table for one" posts:@)

  13. Oh my gosh!! I would have loved to go there!! Awesome finds!!!

  14. Great finds. I love church sales.... they are usually great.

  15. I love cheap...church sales can be full of treasures sometimes. The weather is cool and I am hoping for some good sales tomorrow. Happy thrifting!

  16. AMAZING sale! Love the white rose pattern creamer.


  17. This kind of thing never happens to me!! I love when a sale if full of glass wear!


  18. Diann, You are the luckiest sale finder! Oh, how I love that toile charger! OOOO, I'd have a hard time giving away that beautiful piece of milk glass. I've said it before -- I want to go shopping with you! laurie

  19. Everything for a quarter? Wow, that's my kind of sale! I really love the toile charger, and the milk glass vase too. Great finds!

  20. WOW! .25 cents!! I love the creamer

    tiramisu392 (at) yahoo.com

  21. I need a yard sale like that. I like the plate with the pink flowers.

  22. Love that milkglass vase, so awesome!


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