Casa Chaos

You know how so many people have fun or pretty names for their homes? Like "Sweet Lilac Cottage" or "Southern Beauty" ? Well, I have decided to name our little townhouse. Yup, the name that fits is "Casa Chaos". If I named it one of those pretty flowing names, I would so be lying!

I daydream, fantasize of having this big beautiful perfectly decorated and cleaned home. I can see myself sitting on the perfect porch, with a perfect tea setting, a perfect "something significant" kind of book. Oh, yes, and dang do I look perfect too!

Of course, then the beautiful vision is slowly destroyed as I see a 2.5 year old running through the house with a found lipstick smeared all over her face and hands and at least one whole roll of toilet paper wrapped around her and trailing behind her while she sings, at the top of her lungs, "I gotta dog whose name is Bingo....".

Then in comes the hubby covered in sawdust, carry cut wood pieces and a armful of cut herbs. Sawdust leaves a nice little trail along with leaves and twigs from the herbs so that he can easily find his way back out. Muddy shoes get kicked off somewhat the direction of the shoe area. I find out it is starting to rain so the wood project is no being put together in the living room and the herbs are scattered on every flat surface in the kitchen.

Then I look over at the dining room table. Oh yeah, I forgot I was working on that project. Paints, brushes, odds and ends litter the surface. Bags and boxes of much needed crafting supplies take up the immediate vicinity of the table.

The clean pile of unfolded clothes gets shoved over so hubby can sit down on the loveseat and figure his next move in the assembly process. The princess suddenly stops running around and grabs her bag of big Lego blocks because she has decided to "create something just like Papa". Next thing I know a whirlwind of bright reds, blues, yellows and greens go flying everywhere in the living room.

The Hubs decides he needs more room and slides the coffee table over. There goes the vase of flowers, granted half of them are dead. And that stack of a gazillion magazines that I have been meaning to read goes scattering everywhere. I hear a "that's ok, I'll clean it up later". this statement seem to be the mantra of Casa Chaos.

"Mama, whats for dinner?" Oh, that's right, that meal that everyone seems to want to eat in the evening. I'll just get right on that! I open the cabinet to grab some noodles. Out flies numerous bags and boxes of various food products. I grab them and shove them back into the cabinet and slam the door shut. Hoping the entire time that I am not the next person to open that cabin!

Opening the pots and pans cabinet, I wonder again, for the 100th time, how does the smallest pans manage to be on the bottom and the larger ones are vicariously teetering on top of them. Guess it's time to clean out and rearrange them again. Maybe tomorrow.

Okay, things are cooking on the stove. I decide, for reasons unknown to me, this is the perfect time to set up a tea for a tea party post. I start gathering items, moving things over on the dining room table including the stack of uncut coupons. Everything stacked and ready to "create" the perfect tea and I smell something burning. Oh, that's not good. A small fire at the stove. "Mama something is burning!" is repeated 50 times at loud enough for the fire department to hear 2 miles away. "Um, Diann? I think something is burning!". Ya think? no, please don't get up! Let me don fire fighting gear and take care of it. Oh, looks like a couple of popcorn pieces from last nights popcorn making treats were still in the burner. Unlike all the ones being smashed into the couch cushions, these ones are flaming little black balls of fire.

The phone rings. It is one of the companies I do mystery shops for."Diann, I have a secret shops at ____ that has to be done tonight! I can pay you double the normal fee." Who can turn down double the fee? We can use the money. Okay, I can do it. Turning off the burners, I will deal with that mess later. I inform the Hubs and princess we are having _______ for dinner tonight because I have to go do a quick dinner shop.

Running upstairs and whipping off my paint stain shirt and tossing it near the hamper, I grab a clean shirt, run a brush through my hair and out the door I go. As soon as I get the truck heading in the right direction Hubs calls. "ya know that white platter thing you just posted about? That wasn't part of your giveaway was it?" Hands tightening on the steering wheel. "No, that is a gift for Mom". "oh, um you have lots of white platter things don't you?"

Dinner shop done. I am on the way hope and remember we are out of coffee. I cannot and will not start another day without coffee! I swing in the local grocery store, walk out with two bags of stuff. So much for just getting coffee.

Get home and notice that the princess only has a shirt on and is naked from the waist down. I walk past the bathroom, light on and a toilet bowl overflowing with toilet paper. "Mama! I went potty like a big girl!!" So you did. I look for a place to set the food bags on the counter. Herbs everywhere.

Later, after the report for the shop is done, the paperwork for a few product reviews are moved, items are gathered to be packaged tomorrow for a few Ebay sales, the princess is bathed, tucked in, read to, I collapse into bed and grab my significant paranormal romance book and imagine my home is not "Casa Chaos"!

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  1. whew! that wears me out just reading it! It's a lot like that around here, minus the princess and the hubs, they no longer live here.
    My kitchen this morning is begging me to clean it up! It seems it is no longer used for cooking, but has become my craft room. *sigh*
    Hope you're having a great time at the cabin.

  2. Well said. I feel your pain. I'm still waiting for one of those magazine homes, but as long as we're healthy, have people who love us, and are happy, then what the hey!

  3. Wow Diann,, what a day!


  4. This too shall pass. All I can say is enjoy every day of your chaotic home. One day, the kids will be gone and you will miss the noise, the clutter, the cooking etc. It goes all too fast. Trust me...I've been there already and now I am a grandma and it is becoming casa chaos here once again....and I love it!!

  5. fun could assign spanish names to each member, amidst the craziness helps coping ;)

  6. Sounds like our house except instead of the princess it's Trixie the dog.

  7. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Sounds alot like our house except we have 6 grandkids that help create more chaos! It's a wonderful life!

  8. Love it, this is what I call "keepin' it real"!lol. I always thought we should have a linky party about "house names", what would yours be and why? I thought it might me be fun:@)

  9. Diann this cracked me up! This was my life when my girls were little. Now only the stacks here and there are my life. Well and Mr ALC draggin in junk on his shoes. Sigh...I guess some things never change. I cleaned a corner of the dining room table today and it felt so good!!

  10. Thank you for the transparency. This sounds like my house minus the your 2 year old!

  11. Chaos could be a reality are not kidding ha ha!! Great read..and you must be tired!!

  12. I enjoyed reading that! so funny-It's nice to know everyone's life is as crazy as mine

    tiramisu392 (at)

  13. Diann, you are soooo cute! There are a lot of times when we just have to laugh to keep from crying, and I think that's what you are doing in this post! Loved your very witty commentary about Casa Chaos (which is where most of us live, and therefore can relate very well). laurie


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