Hi everyone!

So, I posted my menu for the week. I was so proud I finally got it together enough to plan out a week's worth of meals. I have been putting off doing this for awhile now. I did the menu while at the trailer last week. Well, best laid plans and all that. What I had totally forgotten was the reason why we had headed to the trailer in the first power do to a tornado hitting in our little community.

I forgot that we lost about 70% of our frozen food. So, when I got dinner ready tonight, it finally dawned on me that we had no chicken for the chicken wraps.

Determined not to dash off to the grocery store and spend money to buy chicken, I went to my pantry and pulled out a large can of chicken. While I was in the pantry I searched for the BBQ sauce. I always keep a good stock of BBQ sauce. I wait for a good sale and then buy at least 10 bottles. No BBQ sauce. I seemed to have been too busy this summer to stock up on the BBQ sauce but, I managed to use it all up just fine. Arghhhh!

So, I am ready to scrap the meal from my menu. No No No, the whole point is to get our food budget under control. Okay, let's see what I DO HAVE!

I did stock up on dressings a few weeks ago when Kroger had them for a $1.00 a bottle. I grabbed a "Sweet and Sour" dressing and made our dinner.

So, instead of BBQ chicken wraps, we had sweet and sour chicken wraps made with canned chicken. Guess what? It was pretty good!

Not only did I save myself the time of running to the grocery store but, I saved myself some money. I used what I had and adapted the menu.I know for a fact that had I run to the grocery store I would not have walked out of there with just a chicken and a bottle of BBQ sauce. So I saved myself money as well. I am so grateful that I keep a well stock pantry (okay no BBQ sauce, but I will change that soon!).

Here was our dinner. this is NOT a tablescape, but instead just our Monday night dinner table.

Everything used on our dinner table was thrifted 2nd hand with the exception of the bread board which my nephew made us in woodshop one year for Christmas and the placemats which were new from Walmart but clearanced to .25 cents each.

I started with a white, light blue and light green "tied" tablecloth I got for $1.00. I added the .25 cents vinyl dark blue placemats.

The dinner plates were bought at a 2nd hand thrift shop last year sometime. They are Gibson plates with a very pretty flower design. I only bought 2 of them and we have used them as everyday plates every since I bought them.

For our salad plate, I used these beautiful "Woodland" Royal Doulton plates. These were part of the surprise box that I got from Mimi (from In the Middle of Nowhere.......thank you again Mimi! these have become part of our everyday dishes as well!). They have a little bit of every color in them and I think they stack nicely with the leaf design showing from the dinner plates!

And here is our dinner. Besides what was on the menu, I also made an Alfredo mushroom penne pasta, loaf of bread and apple sauce. Apple sauce is kind of a stable at dinner here. We have a lot of it and if we run out, apples are the cheapest fruit to buy so we just make more up.

Like I said, this was just our Monday night dinner table. I didn't pull out any little pretty doodads to turn it into tablescape. Everything here is in our everyday dishes. And all of it was thrifted. The meal was cooked from our pantry and was a pretty inexpensive and quick meal.

It just makes dinner time a nicer event if the table looks pretty. It doesn't have to be fancy and it definitely doesn't need to be expensive.

I hope you enjoyed our Monday night dinner!

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  1. I appreciate the fact that you stuck to using what you had on hand. I've been trying to get my husband to do that. He does the cooking but sometimes doesn't like to substitute when he's got his mind set on something. Pretty plates

  2. Diann...a beautiful table and very DELICIOUS looking meal! Good for you for adapting to what you had on hand.


  3. You are such an inspiration to me. I'm using up what we have on hand and stretching it until our once a month payday. Your table looks great and a nice table setting makes the food look wonderful. The chicken wraps sound great.

  4. Your dinner looks delicious...very pretty table, too. I try to keep my pantry and freezer full so that I don't have to shop every week except for perishables.

  5. your place setting and Monday meal look wonderful.

    tiramisu392 (at)

  6. Looks delish! Your family is blessed to have such a wonderful cook and planner.

  7. The Gibson plates are lovely. Everything looks delicious.


  8. Love how you used what you had! I am trying to get much better about that. The table looks good and the food yummy! I really like the plates Mimi sent you!!

  9. You set such a pretty table for an everyday meal. Everything looks so good!

  10. those gibson plates are adorable...i'm making enchiladas tonight from leftover barbecue pork and some it!
    pretty table

  11. I wish I could be more like you. My husband does the grocery shopping (but, only since he retired)! He watches the price of everything.

    Your dinner looks good and the table very inviting.


  12. Such a pretty table and the food looks and sounds so good. I would love to have some. I always modify and use what I have, and sometimes I come up with something really fabulous. Yours sounds delicious. Thanks so much for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  13. Your food and table looks great!!

  14. Hi Diann! Loved watching you build your tablecape and the food. Oh, my, looks so wonderful.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I would certainly enjoy at meal at your house. Lovely table setting and food that looks out of this world. You are making me hungry and I just ate.

  16. Love the table you set and the food looks great too.

  17. Hi!
    It's always a fun challenge to make-do in the kitchen, without doing that "emergency run" to the store. Like you, I enjoy coming up with new creations. Thank goodness I'm able to keep a well stocked fridge and pantry, and I like to cook. I'm so grateful for the farmer's market as well. Lovely, fresh,local, organic food, what could be better?

    Your table looks inviting and warm and pleasant - perfect for Monday or any night!

  18. Inspiring....I am trying hard to break the expensive habit of running to the store whenever I run out of something. Your dinner looked great!

  19. Great job Diann! When my boys hit their teens, they sure could mess up my menus / dinner plans because they would get into items on my menu so I had to do like you and improvise. I also believe in setting a nice table for every meal which is something I learned from my mother. Even the most simple of meals looked great at her table.

    ~ Tracy


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