Want to go Thrifting with me?

Hi everyone!

Forewarning...Big Honkin' Post ahead!

A lot of you tell me on a regular basis that you would like to go thrifting with me. Well, I would love it if any of you gals lived near me! But, since most of you don't, I thought I would take you on a visual thrifting adventure to my local Salvation Army.

Now, this store is the one that I get all those bargains on dish sets. You know the ones I am always showing you. The whole set of dishes for $1.00. Well, let's see if they have any good deals today!

Here is the store.

Okay, it is blue sticker day! Now, that means that all week long, blue sticker items have been half off. Then on Friday and Saturday, all blue sticker items go to "5 for $5.00". A new color sticker starts on Sunday. But, you must have 5 items in order to qualify for the 5 for $5.00 price. So, we need to keep track of how many items we have.

I check out the store window displays first. No one thinks about checking the little odds and ends that decorate the bedroom sets in the front windows. I do and immediately see these two pillows.

Oh, I love the colors and the textures. And let's face it, you can't even buy the tassel trim for $1.00. Original price is $4.99 each. But, they are blue stickers so, into my cart they go!

Now, straight to the dish aisle we go!

Time to get a little dirty and plop myself onto the floor and start digging.

Oh, these are cute! A set of 16 for $5.99. First off, the plates (one half of the set are gone) but, I still like the little cups and they are all different floral patterns. They are blue sticker. Into the cart they go. I can live with 8 cups for $1.00.

Hum, this is kind of a fun retro-y looking blue and orange set. I could see these as nice mix and match dishes.

A set of 22 for $9.99...wrongo...blue sticker! The 22 pieces are $1.00 and mine!

Oh no! The shelf/basket/candlestick aisle! I so do not need to be in this aisle!

Hey! How did that white shelf jump into my cart?! Oh, okay, for $1.00 I guess you can come home with me.

Okay, I had to take a picture of these two cute white and gold birds. They are blue sticker and marked $1.99 each. So, either way (5 for $5.00 or half off) they are going to be a buck. But, here is my problem with this. First of all, I already have two of these exact same cute birds. And I bought them last Fall at THE DOLLAR STORE for $1.00 each!!! This is ticking me off big time at Salvation Army! They are pricing things full RETAIL price!

I love this gold filigree design. I have two other pieces of this same design. Regular price $3.99..blue sticker...into the cart!

That's right. This store was sent a ton of Christmas decor from Corporate to create a Christmas shop. The other SA I visit didn't get sent all the stuff.

Last week I showed you a few Christmas items I got and this is where I got them. Let's browse shall we?

As you can see, lots and lots of Christmas items. Now it's time to search a little closer and keep an eye out for those blue stickers.

Lots of pretty Christmas pillows. I picked up two Martha Stewart tapestry Christmas pillows that rode around in my cart for quite awhilebut, later got culled out of my cart.

I love the big Santa's. And that large one marked $6.99 was a blue sticker. Into my cart it went.

Let's look at the Christmas dishes!

Ooh, I really like the bright pretty poinsetta's. Set of 4 plates and one bowl and a blue sticker. I got these!

I was trying to remember what I picked up for Christmas at the after-Christmas sales last year and I know I got a blue tablecloth and matching napkins but,I don't think I have any blue Christmas dishes. I thought this set is cute. It came with 4 dinner plates, 4 salad plates and 2 coffee cups. Blue sticker, into the cart.

Two more larger piece sets . Both were blue stickers so, each would be only $1.00 for the sets. But, I liked the other two sets more and so I passed these by.

I had seen this large ceramic platter last week and wanted it but, it wasn't the right color sticker It was today! So, I got it.

This set I also had wanted last week but, I waited until this week when blue sticker were the featured sticker. I had thought the set would have been gone during the week when it was 50% off. But, people aren't looking at Christmas stuff right now. Mostly I noticed folks looking for back to school clothes.

Now, I really liked this set but, as you can see, it is a yellow sticker. So, since last week was yellow stickers that means this is a new arrival. And it will be about a month before yellow stickers are the featured sticker again. But, I will wait and see if they are still around then.

On to ornaments.

I saw this pretty box that said it had Victorian Ornaments inside. I figured there were probably a few in there.

Imagine my surprise when all 12 were in the box in perfect condition! Blue sticker, means $1.00. You got it, into my cart they went.

A large box with 3 silver Christmas tree candles and a tray. I checked inside and it was brand new. Nothing was even unwrapped. Blue sticker!

These were brand new packages of candy garland. They were blue sticker. But, I passed them up.

Okay, let's move out of the Christmas area and head over to the pictures.

Not a lot of blue sticker pictures. I did see these two. Remember, I generally look at pictures for the frames not the actual picture.

I ended up getting the smaller one.

Okay, now my cart is over flowing. It's time to head to the furniture department and sit down and cull out all my stuff so that I am within my budget.

Yup, I find a cozy couch and pull out most of my items and really look them over and decide which thing I really want to get. My thrifting budget had been $25.00 a week. But, due to recent events, I had to cut that to $15.00 a week. This week, I had my $15.00 plus $7.00 left from last week. So, I had $22.00 to play with.

This is my cart after I culled back some items!

Now, it's time to head to the register! My total before tax was $20.00!

So, that my friends is how I get those amazing "$1.00 sets of dishes" and other bargains for $1.00! I do not thrift any more during the week at thrift stores. On Friday I head to this SA to see what I can get for the "5 for $5.00" sale. I am at the point that I can't pay any more than $1.00 for an item at a SA.

Now, unfortunately, this store is starting to price their dish set as individual items! Troy said I have ticked them off because I have bought so many dish sets in the past for $1.00. Well guess what.

A.) these sets sat on their shelves at full price and nobody bought them
B.) they spent a week on sale for half off and nobody bought them
C.) They weren't even snatched up for only $1.00 until I arrived at the store (I am not a morning person. I rarely get to a thrift store before 3:00pm)
D.) these item were DONATED which means FREE to you and you have priced them so outrageously, nobody is buying them!

Now I see these individually priced items in a set and guess what? NOBODY IS BUYING THEM! Oh and some clever moron decided to look on Replacements LTD and print out the price of the different dish sets and post them on the shelf near the dishes! And they are pricing the individual items at $1.00 under Replacements LTD! Hello? Any active cells still in that brain?? Get real! Not going to happen! And yes, the dishes are stilll sitting there on the shelf!

Okay, sorry about that. Got a little worked up.

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  1. Diann that was fun! None of my stores has that 5 for $5 (and I sure wish they did) but I am almost only buying when they are 1/2 off or Sr day at 25-30% off. Even then they can be too expensive. I agree sets or pieces priced too high will sit there for weeks and weeks. Today I bought 4 spoons for 10 cents each at a SA. They had a set of the blue baby shoes like I got on the longest yard sale.. $7.99....that is retail in an Antique Mall...crazy. Guess I had to rant also.

  2. Oh my word. YOu did find a ton of really wonderful things. I don't have a SA anywhere near me,but I really do have to try and find one. So glad you found some really great things. I have that same Santa and he cost me $24.99, so you really did make out. I love mine. Hugs, Marty

  3. WOW our SA never has that kind of sale! EVER! And you are right. They get all these things for FREE and the prices are just climbing. Until people stop buying the higher prices, they will just keep going up. I used to be able to find so many bargains, but lately things that used to be $1, are now marked $8, $9, and yes $10!!! What planet are these folks from??


  4. Oh my goodness! That was a lot of fun, Diann! No wonder you get things so cheaply. Great system and you sure are an expert on it...Christine

  5. The only SA around here prices so outrageous, that I just browse and leave. My GW used to have a blue card program..well, no need to explain..they cut it..even thrifting is nuts!!

  6. Wow, I wish I had a store like that!! I saw a white Christmas tree!! I looked for a white one for a year and then finally found it last March! I do just like you I grab everything I can and then sit down and edit it out! My thrift started marking furniture up and then no one bought it. replacements .com, nobody buy's from them they are about 75% over what you can find if you snoop around the internet!!


  7. WOW, what a haul. I love that candy garland! I am tres jealous.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

  8. Diann, that was the best shopping trip this week...you got tons of stuff! I wish my SA would do the 5 for $5 bit. They price each dish, never the whole set, which is irritating as he!!

  9. Holy cow that is a nice Salvation Army! I do not have one close to my house, just a good will. I would love that Christmas section....you scored some great dishes. Loved it! Thanks for joining in Diann....Debbie

  10. my husband and i LOVE thrift stores and i am completely addicted. Every Sunday when we have the $$...which is most Sundays, we go to the two local Goodwill's....one on each side of our town. One is in a "bad" area and one is near the "rich" end of town. We have been going to thrift stores our entire 20 yr marriage....and 99% of all my clothes and shoes come from GW. Our local Salvation Army went under about 10 yrs ago. We went there weekly too but at that SA, they did not have any policy protecting the customer so the women who worked at the SA would hold back the good stuff and not put it out and you could never find anything there. At our GW's, they have to put out everything that comes in. I am addicted to dishes, teddy bears, linens, hard back books and anything Christmas. My entire house has been decorated in thrift...and 90% of the gifts i give are second hand. My kids just go nuts....they think we are crazy but you could never tell it all comes second hand. You and i friended each other about 2 wks ago on Facebook..i am Lisa Anway.

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this entry....i loved seeing how you shop...you are SO good at picking out things and you have a great talent at putting it all together.
    take care!

  11. stopped by to say Happy Pink saturday -
    WOW! THose blue and orange dishes are cool.
    I get irritated two when places try to get a lot for donated items. I was at the D.A.V. and saw a marvelous step stool, the kind that that has three steps and is pretty enough to just sit in the corner with 'things' like a table when not in use
    but they wanted over $20. My kids loved it but I was not paying $20 for a second hand stool!

  12. I think our GW and SA are trying to compete with the big guys. Their items are almost retail prices. I've about quit buying because of that. You really hit the jackpot again this week.

  13. Diann, I find that my SA has fairly decent prices and does put things on sale but all thrift stores slip up and put retail prices on stuff. Especially GW...I broke up with them here...they are just silly with the prices and never reduce the clothes ever. Recently a "boutique" GW opened and I will never go b/c I imagine the prices will reflect that adjective. olive♥

  14. Our salvation army sucks here. But we do have a good Goodwill. There are several thrift stores in the Myrtle Beach area. I go to the ones closest to me. I would love to take a whole day to just thrift. But when working full time, half my days are spent cleaning.....sight. We have great yard sales! Diane where do you store all that stuff.

  15. Great shopping adventure! Love the plates!

  16. Diann,
    Thanks for taking us shopping with you. How I wish we had a SA like that here. Most of the things in our local SA should have been thrown away and if it is half-way decent they have priced the item waaaay too high. Our GW's are a joke--I know they are supposed to have a policy of putting everything on the floor, but don't you believe it!!! My next-door neighbor's son eBays and he has made friends with some of the GW employees and they call him when something good comes in. I'm sure he is not the only one they contact either. Also,GW's prices just keep going up. Now I will get off my soap-box of complaints.
    Thanks again for taking shopping with you.

  17. Tudo lindo. Onde encontro essas lojas e esses precos? Em november estarei em NYC.

  18. After I picked my jaw up off the table I scrolled back up to the top of the page to try to find out what state you're in (hoping it was PA and really close to Philly!!!). Let's just say my SA is pitiful compared to what you just showed us! They just put out a few Halloween things on Sat, I believe in a Christmas section year round-the whole goal is to sell things-put them out instead of keeping them in the back room till November! Oh well, enjoy yours:@)

  19. Our thrift stores are so tiny compared to this one. The only sales they have are 1/2 price colored stickers. By the time that color sticker comes around there is nothing left..and I do mean nothing! I pointed out to an employeee one day items priced at $3.99 that still have the Dollar Tree sticker on them. Seems that $3.99 is their minimum price for anything. Thanks for sharing with us. Now I am so jealous. Hugs, Sherry

  20. BOY! you are good. all of what you bought for nothing. if i could be this good, my bank account would be larger. thanks for your comment on my blog re military. i hope the young service woman will have a safe and good career. rose

  21. This is quite an impressive thrift store, everything looks to be in great condition and the story is really nice. I can get lost in a place like this.

  22. Wow, look at all that stuff! Great post!

  23. Hi, Wowww...I wish I would have been shopping with you that day! Great store, wonderful dishes! Love your photos and your mosaics! Hope you have a lovely new week! Next time you go there stop here and pick me up and I'll go with you! lol

  24. That was great fun. Thanks for taking me along. Our Goodwills are pretty good but our SA is nothing compared to yours and some of the items are priced as much as retail.Happy Shopping!

  25. ok, now I REALLY want to thrift with you, your store is AWESOME!!! A WHOLE Christmas section! UGH! I hate our local thrift stores, although a new one did just open that is locally owned, the ladies there seem really nice and I bought a coffee table for $3 yesterday, woohooo! {and my 2 year old picked out a wooden bowl and wooden spoon that they sold him for 38 cents} ha, gotta teach em young!

  26. Oh my goodness, Diann, talk about fun, and your cart is jammed packed full! You really do have a good thrift store up there. Our local Sally Ann's (Salvation Army) as we like to call it, has astronomical high prices for most of there things. I went there the other day and I just about fainted at some of the prices... and you are right, the dishes are outrageously priced. I found a set (not a full set, but a very broken up set) of Style House for nearly 50 dollars for only 16 pieces. Some were even chipped. Yikes! So I passed on that one. They were a beautiful pattern, but wowzers.

    I very much liked your super long post. Can't wait to see what you find in the future.

    A beautiful day to you,

  27. Thrift stores near me will only give discounts on clothing and sometimes bedding (but that always has exclusions) and never deep discounts like you are enjoying. And to find those bargains later in the day!!! By noon here the discounted items are pretty much gone.
    GW does have the 50% off color tag once a week, and we were trying to figure out the rotation, what comes in and what will be discounted. When I think I have it figured out they change the order.
    It looks like you had a great time and I am proud of you to sticking to budget.

  28. wow! I think I might need to make a trip to SA to see what kind of deals they do! You got some awesome finds!

  29. You have the touch, Diann. I enjoyed shopping with you, and I agree that sometimes thrift stores overprice their donated items. Still, it's fun.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  30. Hi Dianne,

    You did find some nice things. Wow, what a great store. Yes, I have noticed things from the dollar store, marked .99 and even higher sometimes. Our thrift store used to have a lot of things for .99. I have noticed now, they have been marked up to 1.61 They mark things with the wierdest prices. I agree, they get these things for free, and mark them way up. I am selective in buying now, and don't go as often.


  31. I love the Christmas section. I cannot believe you got that cart full for $20!

  32. Thanks for letting us tag along on your shopping trip. I think you got some good deals.

  33. Ohmygosh, that was amazing. I will have to check the SA store here and see if they do the same. Thank you for sharing and taking us with you. Have a great week.

  34. Lots and lots and lots and lots of goodies-thanks for the tour!

  35. Diann, It was fun shopping with you! I love the pale green and white Christmas dishes, as well as the blue Christmas dishes. You are a savvy shopper! I like to thrift too. Thanks for sharing this post. I really enjoyed it!
    Blessings, Beth

  36. All of your bargains were great. I would love to be able to get entire sets of dishes at those prices! Last time that happened was at regular estate auctions, which are getting over priced as well! I have stopped going to GW and SA regular stores because I am tired of seeing items from Dollar Tree and Wal Mart marked a regular retail or above! I am also tired of seeing branded clothing (Ann Taylor, Chico's, etc) high graded in price when most of the time these items are clearly "well-worn!" Used clothing is used clothing...I don't know how people who absolutely NEED to shop at these stores can afford them anymore. Anyway, I really enjoy your postings and need to get back to blogging myself after my daughter is back off to college.


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