Vintage Black Friday

Okay, I have been saving this post so I could join all the fun at the French Cupboard for Vintage Black Friday.

A couple of weeks ago, while camping, I explored some new shops. All last summer, I tried to visit this shop in a nearby town but, every time I went there it was closed. Well, finally it was open!

The guy who owns it makes wood folkart items and sells some antiques. The building is an old bank that was built in 1904. All of the original floors, ceilings and doors are still in place. By the way, the 2 story building is for sale. You can buy it for $45,000. I would love to do that and turn it into my own shop!

Now you have to check out this ceiling. The original tin ceiling. I love it!!

flea market saturday 094

flea market saturday 095

The original bank vault door is still intact.

flea market saturday 096

flea market saturday 097

flea market saturday 098

Totally cool! Okay, now would you like to look around the store with me?

flea market saturday 078

flea market saturday 079

flea market saturday 099

flea market saturday 083

This was on the table as we walked in. And this is why I will always live in a small town. I love this kind of feel in a small community.

flea market saturday 084

flea market saturday 085

flea market saturday 086

flea market saturday 088

flea market saturday 091

flea market saturday 092

flea market saturday 093

Unfortunately, I could never even think about buying anything in here. WAYYYY out of my price range. But, it was fun to look around!

I am joining:

Vintage Black Friday

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  1. That was a grand tour of the shop. It looks like it has some really neat things. I would love to have that rooster.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. The rooster caught my eye too. Loved the tour of the shop. That price for a building with that much character sounds very reasonable. I'd love to buy a building like that and have an antique shop in it.

  3. That was a really cool building. I love the ceiling and the original vault door. It would make one great shop for you!

  4. Oh goodness that ceiling is just stunning. That is just not done any more. I know whay you mean about never buying a thing in a place like that I feel the same way exactly. hugs♥olive

  5. Amazing old building..that ceiling is to die for!
    Happy day!

  6. thanks for the photos. i love old building like this. Rose

  7. Love the photos, thanks for the tour, what a wonderful building, love small towns!

  8. Nope -- you DID get something from this shop... this wonderful visit. Preserved forever. :)

    Isnt photography and Blogging just divine? The best way to revisit our life again and again.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us your beautiful quaint community. I love that post-it note. Just sweet.


  9. Oh, what a fabulous building...where exactly is this located?? That ceiling and vault it beyond "divine". ♥

    I'm visiting for Vintage Black Friday...drop by! I'd love to have you visit.

    Happy Day,
    Stephanie ♥

  10. great post ! where is this building??? (city,state?)

  11. That building is incredible. Where is it located? The detailing alone is worth that asking price. It is only a dream to have a shop like that. Thanks for sharing on VBF.

  12. Oh, my goodness....Your post is just beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!


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