TJ Maxx Clearance~Love it!

Hi everyone!

Well, I have been a bit slow on writing posts lately. I haven't felt up to par. I spent this past weekend mainly laying in bed or on the couch. And that is a very comfortable thing for me. I swear, that put more stress on me than the pain. LOL I am one of those people who are up and down and all around all the time. Oh well, I am slowly starting to feel better so, here I am! LOL

The big thing is, due to pain, I did not do any thrifting this past week. Whoa! Hold the presses! Diann REALLY must have been in pain! LOL But, hey, that means this week I have $30.00 to thrift with if I so desire!LOL

But, of course, I still have a couple of things to show you today that I thrifted while ago.

Now that Fall is fast approaching (Yippee!) I am stopping in some of my favorite "clearance" stores. For some reason, I don't shop a lot during the summer. Oh, I do the thrift stores and yard sales but, regular stores, not so much.

One of the stores I enjoy making regular visits to is TJ Maxx. I popped in there a couple of weeks ago since I was in the neighborhood doing a mystery shop at a different store, and looked around. I didn't find a lot but, I didn't walk out empty handed either.

Here are the few little fun finds I got.

I love to find some leftover items from the last holiday. Since that was the 4th of July, by the time I got to the store, these cute ceramic flag canape plates were really discounted! I got each one for .50 cents (half off the lowest sticker price).

And then I just couldn't pass up these pretty teabag/spoon rests! I love the sky blue background and the bright fun sunflowers. They were $1.00 (half off the lowest sticker price)!

And last but not least, this beautiful Royal Stafford black and white transferware dinner plate. I have been trying like crazy to pick up the black and white pieces here and there when I find them under $2.00. This one ended up costing me $1.00 (yup, half off lowest sticker price).

Can you believe that I walked out of TJ Maxx only spending $3.00! Woohoo!

I hope you all have a great day!

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  1. Nice little goodies! I love the sunflowers too!!!

  2. Hi Diann, I just left TJ maxx....I spent a little more though, however I did have a 10.00 coupon so that was cool, I got a pair of sneaks for free! Ed Hardy's normally not my style but they were cute. Love your festive little will use them too.

  3. Mercy Diann, You are rocking the casba at The T.J. Maxx. The black and white plate is wonderful. olive♣

  4. No one does as well as you!

    I'm so sorry you've been ill; it's good you're a bit better.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann! Check out my book giveaway.

  5. Wow, what great deals you got. I am never that lucky when I go in. Thanks for sharing and showing that thrifty treasures can be found. ~~Sherry~~

  6. I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Holding down the sofa can get tiresome can't it?

    I love the black and white plate. The little flag plates will be perfect for condiments or sandwiches.

  7. Great finds! I haven't been to TJ Maxx in awhile- I will have to stop by! The HomeGoods where I frequent doesn't have too many mark downs :(

  8. I'm not a big store shopper in the summer either. It's all about the garage sales and flea markets! Great deals, especially that gorgeous transferware plate!

  9. Glad you are feeling somewhat better! Good deals at TJMAXX!! Love the black and white plate and those R,W,B plates are too cute! I think the little tea caddies are so sweet! Yep $3 you did good!!!

  10. Diann, I love TJ Maxx, I can never get out of there without buying something.

  11. Wow! What great finds. Love the designs too. Lucky you. :)


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