Time For Some White and Red!

Hi everyone!

Time to share some white and reds with you. I found this set of 3 pretty little milk glass bowls at an estate sale. You can see how filthy they are.

I found this pretty white English Ironstone gravy/sauce bowl with attached drip plate at a yard sale.

I got this set of 3 large matching white pottery pitcher, platter and serving bowl at a local SA. I paid $1.00 for all 3! A nice surprise bargain! They were having their featured color sticker sale where you could purchase 5 items for $5.00. Well, since this set was sold as a set of three, I got all three for $1.00.

My reds for today are not for the faint of heart. No, I am not posting more disgusting pictures of Troy's leg! LOL These are a couple of pictures of things you don't want to think about. You're going to be saying, "No Diann! I don't want to see these yet! I am not even close to thinking about it!" LOL You guessd it. CHRISTMAS!

I thought this snowman cookie jar was so cute and cheery! SA had it marked $6.99! Hello? I don't think so! Fortunately it was a yellow sticker and I got it on the sale I mentioned above. So, I paid $1.00 for it.

I collect the larger Santa's and have for years. So, when I saw these two for $1.00 each, I just had to have them!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Ho! Ho! Ho! {{Running and hiding in the corner now!}}

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White Wednesday


  1. LOVE seeing the christmas stuff already! I can't wait for the holidays to get here, this summer has been so freaking hot!

  2. Noooo! You are a wicked woman Diann! I am not ready to admit that Christmas is right around the corner! I am holding onto summer as long as I can!

    Love all your new whites. I especially love the details on your new milk glass bowls.

    ~ Tracy

  3. What great white finds and I love all of your holiday goodies, so charming!

    Happy Rednesday,

  4. Hi Diann~Your whites are just as impressive and pretty as all the Christmas reds!! Congratulations on finding all your wonderful treasures!
    The Tattered Tassel

  5. What a great deal you got on those pretty white pieces. I also love the snowman. You are a great shopper. I wish we had an SA close, but only a GW. Happy Reds!

  6. I am not ready to see Christmas decor yet but I am amazed at the bargains you found. Just when I think I have done pretty good in the bargain dept. I see one of your posts and think again.

  7. These are all awesome, especially the Ironstone. I love that!!
    Christmas will be here before we know it...and I have a brand new Santa to add to my collection. Can't wait...:)

  8. Great finds! I love the Ironstone and your white Santa. I have been collecting white Santa's all summer as I find them. Then I put them away and try to not think of Christmas yet:)

  9. You surely found some great bargains. I wish that we had sales at our Goodwill. I guess we do have 50% off a different tag color each week, but that's only on clothing. I love to decorate with white and shabby chic. Sure enjoyed your post...I'm new to your blog...please visit mine sometime.
    ANDREA at My Feathered Nest

  10. I love the milk glass bowls. Such great detail. Yep, 130 more days til Christmas. I'll probably still not be ready by the 24th. ;)

  11. Love those santas & snowman! Such vibrant reds!

    Happy Rednesday,


    btw My Rednesday is posted if you can stop by… HERE!

  12. You found some really great things! I haven't see one Christmas item at all at my SA.

  13. Some great deals-I'm not ready for Christmas yet-Halloween first, at Christmas I work too many hours!

  14. Wow, Very nice finds. YOu definitely hit the bargains on Dollar day. I like the dollar bill in the picture just to remind us of what they cost you. Hee Hee.
    And I keep Christmas in my heart all through the year, so it's never too early for me.

  15. Thanks for trying to get our mind on cooler days. It will take more than this to make it cooler here. We are into the 19th day in the above l00 degree mark. I loved all your white finds. At least, you get things a little cheaper with dirt on them.

  16. I wish I lived near a SA like yours!! Wow you do get the best $1 deals there! Love the whites, great pieces! Of course I love those milk glass bowls. REDS! CHRISTMAS! Not ready but hey it's always good to buy it when you see it and you got some great deals. Happy Wednesday.

  17. You have some beautiful white dishes and I am loving the Santa's!!! ~~Sherry~~

  18. You really got some great bargains! I really like the white bowls and other tableware you found. I'm not quite ready for Christmas yet! :)

  19. You really got some nice things for cheap. I love the picture of the bottom of the milk glass-just beautiful. And the stoneware gravy boat with underplate is a good thing.
    Hey, the Christmas stuff doesn't bother me....I bought two Christmas pressies yesterday. My DH's b-day is Xmas Eve and buying early really help$.

  20. I'll forgive you for showing, dare i say it, Christmas goodies today. I almost showed some fall leaves, yup, the leaves up here in Maine are already starting to change. Have a great day.

  21. Diane , My favorite of your finds it the little white milk glass bowls!! As usual all your finds are wonderful!!

  22. What fun, you did great, every thing is lovely...And what a bargain!

  23. Wow,You found some great bargains ! I love the bowls !

  24. Diane, Love all your whites, especially that sauce bowl! How you got these for such a song is amazing. Our SA and GW stores are not known for bargains and sales. Or good merchandise,either. LOL Few and far between for good finds. I DO find my Christmas village houses there, though. Just the inexpensive ones- hardly Dept. 56! :-)
    ~ Sue


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