A Thrifty Fashion Post!

And you guys thought I was just all about the dishes didn't you? What I don't show a lot of, but, I have posted from time to time, is clothes and accessories. Just as with my dish finds and other thrifty treasures, I buy about 75% of my clothes and accessories either second hand or massively reduced clearance sales.

I get requests fairly often from different website or online stores to partner up with them or do a review for their products. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know I don't do a lot of that. Why? Especially "why" if I get free stuff? Here is why...

I have worked really hard with my blog to be as honest and as thrifty as possible. I really do "practice what I preach" for the most part (okay, I do blow some money on Ben & Jerry, my two favorite guys once in awhile. So NOT thrifty but, the mental health benefits exceed the cost!). So, if it is not a company I would actually do business with, why on earth would I tell someone else to do business with them? I wouldn't and I don't.

So, when I am contacted by a company, I check out the company before I agree to anything. Well, I was contacted by Jessica from Fashion to Figure. FTF offers some Fun and Stylish Plus Size Clothing (sizes 12-26).

I was asked to review a dress and they had me pick out the one I wanted to try. I decided to step out of my usual style and go for something new and totally different. I thought what the heck! I chose this little black summer dress. This dress at regular price is $30.00! Not bad for a cute little dress. But, right now, it is on sale for $19.99!

Here was my first thoughts when I tried it on...

"Dang Diann! You are lookin' good girl!"

"Wow, I can't believe how well this dress is made!"

"Check out my cleavage!! Who knew it could be up there!"

And Troy? Well, let's just say he LOVED the dress on me!

Hey ladies, I am just keeping it real. LOL

Well, I have worn this dress to a couple of summer events and have it planned for two more at least. What I was so excited with is this is such a great summer "Little Black Dress"! Seriously, it can be dressed up or dressed down.

I have worn it with a plain v-neck t-shirt under it with cute sandals, a frilly tied top over it with strappy heels and I wore it with a large turquoise sheer scarf and the sassiest turquoise sandals!

I plan on wearing it with a little red knit short sleeve sweater top and matching heels next. And for a day time shower, I am pairing it up with a lime green cotton top, matching flat sandals and an awesome lime green and black purse.

So, if you want to stretch your wardrobe, buy a fun simple dress that can be dressed up with fun thrifty finds!

FTF has some fun fashions to choose from. Here is a sampling:

Thank you again Jessica and the folks at Fashion To Figure! Love the dress!


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you find a dress that you really like and it can be worn different ways.


  2. I LOVE that kind of dress- the kind that goes anywhere!
    xoxo Pattie

  3. The little black dress never goes out of style. That looks like such a cute one! My only request would be a pic of you in it! I know you hate having your photo taken, me too!
    Glad Mr. Troy knows a Va Va Voom girl when he sees one!!

  4. i thinkthat the black dress should be a part of a woman's clothing purchases. thanks Rose

  5. This dress is the kind of dress you want because when closet space is tight, I know, I am an expert on that subject,you can wear this so many ways. I am glad I caught this current post. I know know why I can never catch up with everyone?! Because I keep checking the newest posts! LOL!
    Great post Diann, say hello to Troy and Princess for me! Anne

  6. These kinds of dresses can go anywhere. We don't need to think a lot upon them. I love the collection- it is perfect for women's.

  7. That is a lovely idea...love the maxi which is an old style reinvented again now.It is also possible to add a scarf and other accessories to innovate and work on this look.

  8. Great dresses! LOL! This is summer and I wanna wear them this summer!


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