Thrifting in a Different Direction!

Hi everyone!

Well, my title is a little odd for a post but, I HAVE to start thrifting for clothes instead of housewares for awhile.

Can you believe I have been putting off thrifting for a new wardrobe! Let's face it, shopping for clothes takes way more time than shopping for household items. but, with Fall coming up, I can't put it off any longer. LOL

Why, the need to get basically a new wardrobe? Last winter and throughout the summer I have dropped 2 sizes. So, I really am at the point of basically having to get rid of the winter clothes I have and start from scratch.

I have gotten out of the habit of checking out all my bargain places for clothes. I used to do it regularly. I had a "route" so to speak when it came to checking out thrift and clearanced clothes.

The bad part now is the best clearanced stuff is all going to be summer clothes. And due to some major medical bills and loss of some income for awhile (Troy's recent injury), my budget it waaaaay low!! I used to give myself $25.00 for weekly thrifting. Now it has dropped to only $15.00.

Fortunately, accessories ALWAYS fit! They can change up outfits pretty easy so, less clothes are needed. And the t-shirts and tanks that I have gotten this past summer work great for layering with different colors through the winter.

I am going to be shopping for a thrifty Fall/Winter wardrobe. If I put off looking much longer, I will end up out of time and spending way more than I want to.

So, have you reviewed your winter wardrobe lately? Where do you look for good clothing bargains?

Something I have always wondered about is do you have a "clothing budget". Whenever I sit down to work out a budget, all the budget systems always have a place for your budget for clothes. I can understand if you are talking about back to scholl clothes or that type of thing but, I rarely think of keeping an actual budget for clothing.

I've always just picked up a great find here or there. But, now I really need everything. Oh, this is going to be interesting!

Since this is something I have been aware that I was going to have to do and I am not going to procrastinate until the very last minute, I am going to join Amy for her Anti-Procrastination party! Do you have something you having putting off or something you know you will put off that you really should be jumping on now?

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  1. Uggh! Diann, With all these kids, any clothing budget goes right to them!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Diann... first, congrats on the weight loss! wooohoooo! you go girl!
    thrifting budget is around $7.00 a week. That's enough for my one $5.00 item and a couple of extras. ;)
    Clothing budget is zilch. Being unemployed and on a very tight fixed income, not much room for clothes. I will buy a few tops (under $7.00) each season, but that's about it. I am procrastinating on cleaning out MY closet after my bedroom makeover. I want to do it, but I'm trying to wait till it cools off. Why? because I want to put the clothes directly out to a yard sale. It is TOO hot for a yard sale right now. Too much info? probably!

  3. First of all congrats on dropping 2 sizes! Good for you! Yes that means you will need a new wardrobe. Just start with basics on sale or consignment and go for it. Especially go to the thrifts now before the season changes. There should be winter at pretty good prices still or I would think so. Me I need to get things organized here at home, that's my big thing I keep putting off. My problem is I need help with heavy stuff...sigh...oh well it will happen!

  4. I echo the other girl's sentiment....congrats on dropping two sizes. I need new clothes because unfortunately I seem to be going in the other direction!
    I haven't done much clothes shopping at the thrifts. Like you I am always too busy in the housewares section.
    Hope you have some luck!!

  5. cong on going to a smaller dress size. i go to consignment stores as well as salvation army. it's amazing the name brand items you can find, good luck.thanks for your comment on my blog, yes there are times we want the wind. rose

  6. Thanks for stopping by, 2 sizes, I don't want to hear it!! We have one wardrobe here in Florida summer. i like to look for dresses that I can cut off and make into shirts. or shirts that are just begging for a ruffle on top or on the bottom. Sometimes I look for shirts that would be great with a vintage lace color added. Remember I am the Romantic fru fru girl! Good luck let us see what you come up with!!


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  8. Congrats on going down two sizes, Diann! I would rather clean a toilet or wash windows, both of which I abhor, than clothes shopping!

  9. 2 sizes!!! Good for you!! I find that I can actually get better deals at garage sales - sometimes a whole bag for a dollar or 2. Also don't forget about altering the clothes that you have that your really like but are too big- sometimes it is a really easy fix. And have you seen in blog land where they take larger clothes and remake them? Some great ideas out there! Here are a few of the blogs that feature these kind of makeovers-

    Tea rose has lots of great remake ideas!

    bee blessed

  10. Dianne, Awesome on the weight loss of 2 sizes. I tell you I envy you. I have three sizes of clothes in my closet or rather 2 closets. I need alot of cloths for work.
    My weight shifts so rapidly depending on my health and the meds I am on at the time. I am proud of myself, I went for a walk 2 x's around the circle last night. I am going to try to do that every evening, now that it is cooling down some. Again Congrats!!

  11. thanks for linking up to "AP Tuesdays!!" Love having you.
    I thrift for clothes all the time, I have pretty good luck finding stuff for my girls. I keep thinking that I will write a post about it one of these days, but then I PROCRASTINATE!! LOL.

  12. First congrats on your dropping 2 sizes. I am going the opposite way so I have told self no more clothes till you start dropping weight.
    I find a lot of name brands at garage sales and then I don't feel so bad.

  13. Diane , Just Google Thrift Store Haul Videos and it will bring up a list of videos on thrift store finds. You can also google Yard sale hauls videos!! I love to sit watch what everyone else finds. Let me know what you think!!

  14. congrats on the weight loss!! that is awesome! and if ANYONE can find a new awesome wardrobe on $15 a week, it is definitely YOU!! can't wait to see what you find!

  15. Woohoo, 2 sizes is awesome. I am right there with you (just in the opposite direction) and will need a few adjustments to my wardrobe. Still I am hoping to loose some over the winter.
    I think I will keep on procrastinating on my shopping and instead stop procrastinating on my exercising.
    Have fun thrifting.


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