Syracuse China Table

Hi Everyone!

On Tuesday, I showed you the set of Syracuse China I got while camping. And I gave you a little history of the company and this pattern which was the first "colored china" they produced in 1926. I did a little tablescape with this set and what I had available at our trailer.

Remember, everything here (except the flatware) was thrifted or bargain bin items.

I started with just a piece of bargain bin $1.00 a yard fabric from Walmart. It’s a 54” wide suede-like fabric.

syracuse china table 025

syracuse china table 001 syracuse china table 002 syracuse china table 004 syracuse china table 003 syracuse china table 005 syracuse china table 006 syracuse china table 008 syracuse china table 009

Now this is either my 3rd or 4th tablescape at this campground. Finally one of the regular campers here came over to ask me what on earth am I doing. Those were her words. LOL She said that she had seen me doing these fancy tables and thought maybe we had special visitors coming over to our trailer LOL And then she told me that she wouldn’t think that anyone who was coming to our camper would expect to have real dishes to eat off of.

Have you ever tried to explain the concept of tablescaping to someone? It isn’t pretty! LOL The more I said, the more she got confused.

I told her that I try to show people that you can seta pretty table with thrifty used items. that it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

She still looked baffled and ask “why would I do that?” I just gave up and smiled and said, “It’s just my weird hobby.”

syracuse china table 010 syracuse china table 011 syracuse china table 012 syracuse china table 013 syracuse china table 014 syracuse china table 015 syracuse china table 017 syracuse china table 018 syracuse china table 020 syracuse china table 024 syracuse china table 028

syracuse china table 029 syracuse china table 031 syracuse china table 036 syracuse china table 034 syracuse china table 033

syracuse china table 038

So, that was my thrifty Syracuse China campground table. I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Well sweetie you do such a great job of it...maybe just show her the blog and she will understand...I sure get it!!! lol Hope you are enjoying your vacation! big hugs beth

  2. I sure do love this china you got. Very nice table and I love the blue you added. I did spy a cute little salt & pepper on a tray? Also love the blue accents! I would have loved to see a video of trying to explain tablescaping to funny. Well enjoy your'fancy dinner' with real dishes!

  3. You do such great stuff with your thrifted items! You are the queen of thrift!

  4. It looks like a great family dinner. And there's no reason not to use "real" dishes when camping. You are following the tradition of the British Colonials who took their fancy stuff with them on Safari!

  5. "LOVE IT"... I KNOW that lady!!! hehehe, everyone here can relate to her I'm sure... Now every time you MOVE, the curtain in her trailer moves, "RIGHT"??? Your table is GORGEOUS, My Dear! and for less than the price of camping with paper plates I'm sure! I have ONE post with my favorite Syracuse dishes, I'm going to have to do one now with my "dogwood set"... You've "Inspired" me!!!

  6. You never know, you might have inspired her to take some real china the next time she goes camping. Love your tablescapes with thrifted items.

  7. Your table is so cute - pretty inspiring!

  8. I've found it hard to explain blogging to non bloggers so I can't imagine explaining a tablescape to anyone who doesn't appreciate it.

    I think it's wonderful that you create such lovely ones and while at your campsite makes it even lovelier.


  9. I had to laugh- I actually used the word Tablescape in a class this week and faced a sea of blank faces- yes, I had to explain this weird hobby! LOL I love the Syracuse!
    xoxo Pattie

  10. Loved the comments from the other camper--great! ha! I really love the pitcher you have on the table--too cooooool.

  11. Yes, you are so right! Trying to explain what Tablescaping is a challenge. People think I'm nuts...but I've explained I do it for fun mostly, but sometimes we do eat at them. I'd rather set a pretty table anyday and let someone else do the cooking. LOL! Thanks for the lovely tablescape amazing what you can do out in the woods camping!

  12. Boas ferias. Acampar é sempre muito bom. Sua locas sao lindas.

  13. I *almost* bought a piece of that china at the Goodwill last week - simply because it was Syracuse and my hubby is from up thattaway and his grandparents worked at SU, blah blah blah. Anywho, I didn't and now i'm wondering what the chances are that it's still there LOL. I shall be popping in there tonight on my way home from work! I do love the colors and you set a mighty nice table with it

  14. Hi Diann
    I am amazed with everything you do, and with little money ... and all so beautiful!
    I'm sure it tough to explain on the table ... but it was funny!

    Tina (Sonhar e Realizar)

  15. i love the china i think it's a cute memory og the table setting while camping. Rose


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