No Fancy Schmancy Tea Today

Hi everyone!

Well, today I thought I would just show you my tea tray that I make for myself almost every evening. Yup, you get a dose of my reality today instead of a prettified tea.

First of all, I always drink decaf tea at night. I am just not the youngster I used to be. Until just recently, I could drink a pot of dark roast caffine ladden coffee before bed and it wouldn't even effect me. Oh, how I miss those days! LOL

And my absolute favorite tea is English Breakfast tea. The past few days, troy has been adding a leaf or two of fresh lemon verbena and a few peppermint leaves to my English Breakfast tea. Since we grow and sell our herbs, we really use a lot of fresh herbs for differnt things other than cooking. These two herbs are wonderful for their calming effect and they help the nervous system. They have really been helping me at night with my stupid flaring up gall bladder.

This is our peppermint right now. As you can see it is starting to flower. We will need to harvest the rest of the plants soon. To learn more about mints, read Troy's post here.

This is the Lemon Verbena. If you have never used Lemon Verbena before, let me tell you, it is the strongest flavor out of all the "Lemon" herbs. A little of this goes a very long way. And to learn more about Lemon Verbena, check out Troy's post HERE.

This is what my nightly tea tray looks like. Occasionally, I have the tray downstairs while I watch some tv but, more times than not, it goes upstairs to our bedroom for relaxing and reading before bed.

I start with this metal apple tray that I got this past summer thrifting. It is just the perfect size.

I always throw a dish towel down on the tray. I seem to be rather clumsy at times. And these are my favorite towels that my friend Linda sent me.

I grab whatever teapot that happens to be handy at the time. I also seem to always use this white weave pattern china creamer and sugar. Both the teapot and the creamer & sugar sets were bought thrifting years ago.

And then I just pick out one of my teacups. I never worry about going through and washing all my teacups that I display because I use them all of time. I just rotate which ones I pick each day.

This pretty little burnt orange and yellow floral teacup set is one of my oldest ones. I don't remember when I bought it, but I remember buying it at a flea market somewhere. This one is "Phoenix China T.F. & S LTD, Made in England"

T.F. & S stands for Thomas Forester & Sons.This pattern was made from 1925-1959.

Thomas Forester started business at a small works in the High Street, Longton, he took additional premises in Church Street. These he demolished and built the Phoenix works which he completed in 1879... In the beginning of 1883 he took his sons into partnership.

Here is an advertisement placed in the Pttery Gazette in 1882 for Thomas Forester Pottery.

This last picture was the original Phoenix Pottery factory.
Source: The

I have several small misc. china saucers from thrifting adventures that I use to rest a spoon on. I just grab one. I rarely do a "matchy" kind of thing for my nightly tea.

And since I always have this crystal carafe filled each night with ice water for my nightstand, I just put it on the tray as well. This carafe set has etched tulips on it. Troy bought it for me for Christmas years go.

And I am one of those bad people, I have a snack at night while I have tea and read. I have tried and tried cutting out nightly snacks, but I just can't seem to do it. I am a major night owl. I could go all day without eating and then just eat at night. totally unhealthy I know. Oddly enough, I rarely have "sweet" treats with my nightly tea. It is generally crackers or toast. I grew up have tea and toast when we weren't feeling good. So, that is a comfort thing for me. Today, however, I am having graham crackers.

So, folks, this is a look into my reality nightly tea tray. No real "pretties" just noraml stuff.

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  1. I can't drink either coffee or tea at night because of the caffeine. I can't tolerate decaffinated drinks at all. That tray looks very inviting to me with the ice water and crackers.

  2. Diann.....I LOVE your every night, non-fussy tea. Reminds me of my own....although I tend to only take a tray to bed in the cold months, we're getting there. Sorry to hear about your gallbladder...I've been sans mine since 2005. It was great getting rid of the flare-ups. Take care :)


  3. You really know how to pamper yourself. I love your pretty little tray with your sweet little teacup and nightime snack.

    Thanks for the pottery history too.


  4. I like the tray and keeping it real!! I can't do any caffeine in the late afternoon or evening either! My Mom gave us tea and toast when we were sick also so I agree, very comforting! I really like the colors in that teacup also! Hope you are feeling better. I am going to get some Lemon Verbena for sure!

  5. Diann, I like the reality, I like the lemon verbena and peppermint, I like how you set up your tea and snack, and I like the orange and white tea cup! What I don't like is that you are having gallbladder problems. :-(
    Take care of yourself, sweet lady.

  6. So sorry you are having problems, hope you are better soon. Beautiful as usual. You always set the most lovely teas. Thanks for linking to TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. How beautiful is your orange tea cup, Diann. I just love orange! And it's wonderful that you are really making use of the herbs that you grow. Hope your gall bladder problems go away...Christine

  8. Your tea tray is lovely. And your tea cup and saucer is so pretty with those vibrant flowers. I enjoyed reading about the maker. It seems most china companies were in Longton.
    Your herbs look so healthy. I love Lemon Verbena. I had a bush that grew so well it was practically a tree! What a lovely smell and flavor.
    Thank you so much for sharing in Tea Cup Tuesday.

  9. It must just be a knack for you to make such purty tea and table scapes...this one is so fun and I also love the cup! Hope you are feelin better soon...big hugs Beth

  10. This looks like a very relaxing routine, I like the tea cup it hints towards fall!

  11. I like your nightly tea tray. Thanks for sharing the history on the maker of your pretty teacup. Like you, I can't give up my nightly snack (usually a bowl of granola).

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  12. Lovely post. What do you mean “No real pretties"? These are lovely! I love the orange of your teacup. It’s a bit of citrus sunshine. Colors are food for the soul. Though I think your apple tray looks more like pomegranates to me. Take care.

  13. I'm a night hawk myself and I also enjoy my tea! Truth is, I can still drink coffee too which I sometimes do. I like your nightly tea and the white tea things. I have never tried lemon verbina although I have certainly heard of it. I do hope you're feeling better soon, my friend. Thanks for sharing today and enjoy your week.


  14. I love your reality nightly tea tray! Well done! (Especially the water!!!!!!) Interesting and fun post! Happy Tea Day.

  15. Yay...fabulous post! I love tea from the garden too...nothing like it!! Wonderful!
    Beautiful tea sets..gorgeous!

  16. DiAnn, I just love the elegance of yor white tea set!! It goes with any color and style of tea cups!
    Love the sweet tea cup with the orange flowers which is so pulling at my heart strings as it reminds me of Fall and I am so looking forward to Fall.

  17. Thanks for sharing all of those tea items! Connie

  18. Such a lovely tea! I love your burnt orange flower cup. Happy Tea Tues. on Wed~ Theresa

  19. Your reality tea appeals to me! I too can go all day without eating, and am a night-owl. Around midnight though, I get hungry, and reading all these tea blogs showing goodies whets my appetite!Especially the savory treats. Like the use of herbs here, very informative, very pretty, very practical! I am coming back for a visit and some late night tea with you~ thank-you.

  20. Hi: I really loved your post today. Your tea cups are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha


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