Milk Glass and A Couple of Vintage Reds

Hi everyone!

Well, we are camping and I have no idea if I will get this post linked to any parties, but let's pretend I do! LOL

I went to an Estate sale recently and got some fun very thrifty finds. I thought I would show you a few of the the white and reds ones today.

Oh, a milk glass punch bowl set! Can you believe this is my first punch bowl set?! What's up with that!

This fun vintage amber colored glass pitcher has orange, yellow and red polka dots. To fun to pass up for .50 cents!

Sorry that I didn't clean up my finds before I took pictures. Sometimes, if I don't get the pictures done right away, I forget.

These two hobnail milk glass vintage lamps need repair. Both of the
plugs have been cut off. Troy is going to put new ones on for me. I got the pair for $1.00!

I got this large glass cookie jar with a metal lid and red knob for .75 cents. We are going to use this for our booth at the Farmer's Market.

These two milk glass dishes are shaped like a pear and have a fruit design on the inside and a floral design on the bottom.

This poor pie server has seen better days. The handle is wood. It will be used for decoration.

I thought these two milk glass dishes were just so pretty and could be used many different ways.

Another abused little item. This one has the hard plastic handle (Bakelite?). It too, will be used in decorating.

Well, I thank you for stopping by and sharing my red and whites with you! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Wonderful finds.....I really love all the white milk glass pieces. Have a great time camping.

  2. I still don't have a punch bowl set, but if I did I would want it to be that one! What a great deal you got on those lamps. I just know they're going to be super cute when you're done with them!
    Happy Camping, Rednesday, and White Wednesday!

  3. Diann you really did find some great milk glass. I love the punch bowl set. I have just found my first punch bowl but no matching cups. Love all the little pieces and those red handled kitchen items are very cool. Hope you are having fun!

  4. girl, those milk glass pieces...beautiful!
    i'd be using them to 'press' on my pie crusts for pie toppers...would be so pretty

  5. Oh Diann.. Be still my heart! What beautiful milk glass pieces you've gotten here!! I have NEVER seen a milk glass punch bowl set before, and the pear shaped dishes are the cutest little dishes!.. Have fun camping! ~tina

  6. I love milk glass, too, and you found some great pieces! I especially love the hobnail glass lamps! I can see them with some really cute shades! And I also love the matching dishes that have the neat design on the bottom. Happy camping! :)

  7. Diann I absolutely love all your milk glass!! I just think milk glass is so pretty and versatile.

  8. I have never seen a milk glass punch bowl set! That is really unusual. You will love it for large gatherings, everyone helps themselves. Congratulations on being a big girl with a punch bowl LOL!


  9. OH MY!! I love all your great finds! They are awesome!! Reds and milk glass how amazing!
    Hugs, Lisa

  10. Oh, I got so excited when I saw the lamps!!!! I love those. What great finds. Hope you are enjoying camping.

  11. I love your Milk glass pieces !
    Espacially the nice dishes!
    So many types of Milk glass!

  12. i love your milk glass items. we had those lamps when we were children. thanks for your comment on my blog re playhouse. alot of work and yes it rocks. Rose

  13. More great finds. I love all your milk glass. Hope your weather is great for camping.

  14. Diann, you found some great milk glass pieces. Love those little dishes with the quilted bottoms.

  15. OOOH, I love all your milkglass finds!!! Especially those lamps the dishes with the fruit design.

  16. I have a milk glass punch bowl set that has been used on several, love, the hobnail scored big time


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