A Little Finial Makeover

Hi everyone!

Last week I posted a fun thrift find of a bucket of cool stuff for $1.00. If you remember, there was a brand new package of ivory finials in that bucket.

These were designed for curtain rod finials. But, I wanted them for lamp shade finials. I didn't want the ivory color. Instead I wanted them to look like old abused wrought iron. So, that means playtime with paints!

First, I painted them flat black.

When completely dried, I added the Burnt Umber. This didn't need to be neat because it was getting blotted off. This is the layer that is going to starting giving it the rusted look.

Then on went a coat of Old Gold. And dabbed that off as well. Just a bit here and there in the crevices.

They turned out exactly how I wanted them. But, for the life of me, I can't get a really good picture to show the "aged" look of them. I just glued the finial to the little cap that holds the shade on. Now I have to redo the lampshades. Geez, one thing leads to another doesn't it!

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  1. Great looking finial after you performed magic on it!

  2. S W E E T!!~It' all about the little details Diann...you nailed it. Thanks for joining in. Debbie

  3. Love this idea. Lamp finials are usualls very expensive and this is such a great idea. Hugs, Marty

  4. Isn't it amazing what a little paint will do? They look great.

  5. Great idea for lamp finials. The finished finial looks like it was meant to be on that lamp.

  6. Diann really great finials! I love how they turned out! You are very creative!

  7. Very nice.....still so jealous of that bucket. Omg I put myself to sleep thinking of all the different knobs and what projects I would complete with them. lol Well done with the finial, nice finish!

  8. I would have commented anyway on such a good job but even better this is chance number one for stealing a prize. Thanks for the fun.

  9. Awesome!!! I love your creative spirit..you are fab-u-lous!

  10. What a fantastic idea. I love the curtain finial being used on a lampshade! Your blog is very adorable. I love the buttons.

  11. You did a great job. I can find great bargains, but I seem to be lacking your creativity as to what to do with the good stuff after I've found it. I've even stood in GW and asked, What would Diann do with this? hehehe

  12. Super cute lamp shades! Such a cute idea to use them for the lamp!


  13. What a great idea Diann! I have a few of those curtain rod finials laying around in my odds n' ends basket and I think I will "steal" your idea.


  14. May I say - I am VERY impressed.
    Oh- and I saw a bucket of stuff at a sale today, and thought of you. (I did not buy it. However I guess I did buy a "grab bag" at the last sale I visited.)


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