Fresh Corn!

I love fresh corn on the cob! And now is the time to get it cheap! However, there is only three of us and we can only eat so much corn. LOL But, I really like to take advantage of seasonal items as much as possible.

When prices are so cheap, I buy as much as I can and sometimes I just schuck the ears and clean them and put several in large freezer bags to enjoy later in the year.

But, full ears of corn can take up a lot of freezer room so, yesterday I removed the kernels and froze individual meal size portions.

Fresh corn frozen is still a million times tastier than package corn from the store. And you know you are getting just good yummy corn and no added mystery ingredients.

Now, you will end up with a plate of this.

Don't even think about throwing all this out right now! No, this has some of the sweetest and richest corn flavor you can imagine! That's what I said! All of the corn milk is still in these cobs not to mention the tenderest little bits of sweet corn are still there.

Grab a large pot and fill with some water and break up these cobs and put on low heat with the lid and just let simmer on the back of the stove for several hours.

You can see from the above picture that the water has taken on a slightly milky look. That is all the sweet corn milk from the cobs. This is so sweet and filled with corn flavor! After you have slowly let it cook down for several hours, drain the water into a container and then squeeze each of the cobs to release the last bits of flavor and take a knife and scrap down the sides of the cobs to get the little bits of corn that is still on the cob. Now you have an amazing corn broth to freeze for soups for later.

Mine is not going into the freezer. This is the base I start out with for my potato and corn chowder. The rich sweet corn broth is perfect instead of adding just plain water.

So, take advantage of the cheap seasonal corn on the cob and freeze some for later in the year and make sure you take advantage of all the goodness that is to be had in these beauties by making some sweet corn broth!

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  1. What a clever idea! I have frozen fresh corn plenty of times over the years but I never thought to simmer the cobs and utilize the broth. I usually just put the cobs outside for the birds and squirrels.

    Thanks for the tip Diann!

    ~ Tracy

  2. Love corn on the cob!! My Dad could make a meal of it! Love corn chowder, you should share your recipe!

  3. I was taught as a girl living in a home of canners to take the knife back over the cobs after cutting the kernals off to get the milk and leftovers. I'm sure some is still left on there so I am gonna try that this year...thank you for the tip and happy eating!!! Big hugs Beth

  4. My dil and I buy fresh corn and then we do the cut it off the cob and place in freezer so that we enjoy it in the winter. I have never done the cob milk, but this year when we do corn I will not throw the cobs away. thanks for the great tip.

  5. Wow, I keep learning things when I read blogs. We recently bought a corn scraper thingy, as my daughter had braces. She just got them off and can now eat corn on the cob again, and I have a new use for the device! I'm looking forward to frozen "fresh" corn this winter!

  6. Wow I never knew that Diann.How good that would be in soups,and Im a real soup lover.Homemade of course.I love making it too.Thanks so much for sharing that info.

    Happy weekend ahead!

  7. I love fresh corn. It's especially good in the winter time when it's cold outside. That potato and corn chowder sounds wonderful. My mom used to make corn cob jelly. Wish I had her recipe.

  8. What a great idea - I've never done this before. Thanks for posting about it.


  9. Diann,

    I was just at the market yesterday thinking that I should take advantage of the fresh corn and the great prices, but I only bought a few ears. I don't know why it never occurred to me to buy lots and freeze it. I think this weekend, I'll do just that!


  10. You're one smart chick! And my hens would beg for the leavings on those cobs you boiled!!!

  11. We actually ate all of the corn that we grew this year...loved it! I use the cobs when I make corn chowder...throw them in while it is cooking and pull them out when it is done...delicious!

  12. What a wonderful idea! I'm going to try the corn stock next time I get to the farmers' market to buy corn!

  13. This is what I so enjoy about blogging. I never would have thought to do that. Maybe you would share your recipe, since the ones that people share are usually the best.
    I also thought how thrifty our ancestors were; I never heard of corn cob jelly. My ancestors were from Sicily and my grandmother could do some amazing dishes without much to work with. And, she was an excellent cook.

  14. Great ideas! Thanks!

  15. What an absolutely great idea. Maine corn is at its best right now so I have lots to find use for.

  16. i've never thought about using corn cobs in that way! very creative!

  17. Yes, yes, yes! I do the exact same thing with the corn.
    Although, after I boil the cobs, I usually make corn cob jelly, which is terrific.

  18. I love freezing my own corn. I agree it is so much better than store bought.

  19. great idea for making the veggie/corn broth. will have to try that. Would be awesome for the potato soup. Thanks.

  20. I never even thought about that with the cobs. Brilliant! I love corn too!

  21. What a great tip! Never entered my mind to do that. Gonna run out and buy corn today!
    Found you at 504 Main and glad I did!


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